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Author: Maharshi Soni on Sep 05,2023

Nothing is better than planning an adventure to the heart of Eastern Europe with our Poland 8-Day Luxury Tour. This exclusive experience promises to unveil Poland's diverse and captivating landscape, steeped in history and culture. From Warsaw's bustling streets to Gdansk's charming allure, our meticulously crafted itinerary offers luxury and comfort in every aspect.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 & 2: Arrival and exploring Warsaw

You can take a long journey in Warsaw, where you can have a royal stay in one of the best 5-star boutique hotels in the city's heart. These luxurious accommodations offer comfort and easy access to Warsaw's historic sites and vibrant nightlife. Explore the meticulously reconstructed Old Town with its cobblestone streets, bustling Market Square, and the Royal Castle. The Warsaw Uprising Museum pays tribute to the city's WWII history, while Wilanw Palace showcases exquisite Baroque architecture and lush gardens.

Day 3 & 4: The irresistible Krakow

In Krakow, your stay will be in a charming boutique hotel near the Main Square, ensuring you're never far from the city's attractions. Begin exploring the Main Square, where you can stroll through the Cloth Hall. Visit St. Mary's Basilica with its stunning Gothic interior. Dont miss out on the Wawel Castle, where you can explore the cathedral and royal apartments. Remember to experience the poignant narrative of WWII at Schindler's Factory Museum.

Day 5: Auschwitz or Wieliczka

After a thought-provoking day, return to your comfortable Krakw hotel. Moving the next day to Auschwitz-Birkenau, located approximately an hour's drive from Krakw, is a place that bears witness to one of the darkest chapters in human history. This former Nazi concentration and extermination camp is a stark reminder of the atrocities committed during World War II. A visit here is a solemn and sobering experience that pays tribute to the countless lives tragically lost.

Wieliczka has some of the deepest salt mines, which have been in operation for over 700 years, and marvel at the intricate chambers and sculptures carved entirely from salt. As you venture deeper, you'll encounter chapels adorned with salt chandeliers, altars, and even an underground cathedral where concerts are occasionally held. The mine's saline lakes and expansive caverns add to the otherworldly ambiance, making it a unique underground wonderland.

Day 4: Discovering Krakow

Explore the treasured furniture, unique objects, valuable art, the seat of three monarch dynasties of Poland, and the Royal Castle in Wawel. Later, admire the 18 chapels, which are like true perfection at St. Stanislaus and St. Jadwiga, which is the place of the cult of the Queen of Poland. Be amazed by the Zygmunt, which is a massive bell that is ranked as the biggest in the entire world. The various Polish kings were crowned and buried there.

Day 6: Zakopane

In Zakopane, you'll find refuge in a luxurious mountain lodge, providing a cozy living amidst the natural beauty of the Tatra Mountains. Embrace the outdoors by hiking through Tatra National Park, or take a cable car to Kasprowy Wierch for breathtaking panoramic views. Polish mountain cuisine, including oscypek cheese and hearty soups, is a must-try during your stay.

Day 7: Gdansk & the Tri-Cities

Your final destination offers a waterfront suite in Gdansk, providing picturesque views of the Baltic Sea. Explore Gdansk's Old Town, featuring colorful facades, the iconic Crane, and Neptune's Fountain. The European Solidarity Centre is a captivating tribute to the nation's fight for freedom. Nearby Sopot offers a relaxing seaside escape, while Gdynia's modernity complements Gdansk's historic charm.

Day 8: Return to Warsaw

As your incredible Poland 8-day luxury tour concludes, you'll return to Warsaw. This final day allows you some leisure time for last-minute shopping, exploring any sites you might have missed, or simply savoring a farewell meal at one of Warsaw's top-notch restaurants. With the city's well-connected transportation network, you can make your way to the airport for your departure, or if you're inclined to extend your stay, Warsaw has a wealth of cultural attractions in Poland, from its world-class museums to its lively arts scene, ensuring that your final day in Poland is as memorable as the rest of your journey.


Best Time to Visit Poland

There is always an intimate time to take a weeks vacation, and it is best taken in May and September to enjoy Poland at its finest. The weather is pleasantly mild during these months, with temperatures ranging from 60F to 75F, making it ideal for exploring outdoor activities. The lush green landscapes and blooming gardens enhance the charm of Poland's cities and countryside, while longer daylight hours provide ample time for sightseeing and outdoor adventures.


Must-Try Food in Poland

Some of the renowned dishes that are famous in all of Poland should make the highlight of your adventure covering all the places. These include:



These dumplings consist of thin pockets of dough filled with a variety of ingredients. The classic pierogi filling includes a mixture of mashed potatoes and farmer's cheese. Popular savory options include mushroom and sauerkraut, ground meat, or spinach and cheese. There are sweet pierogi filled with fruits like blueberries, strawberries, or cherries boiled and can be served with sour cream, butter, or even fried onions for added flavor.



Kielbasa, or Polish sausage, is known for its smoky and savory flavor, which varies depending on the region and type of kielbasa. There are numerous varieties of kielbasa, but some popular ones include kabanosy (thin, dried sausages), kielbasa krajana (country-style sausage), and kielbasa wiejska (village-style sausage). Polish sausages are enjoyed grilled, fried, or served in stews and soups, making them a versatile and delicious option for meat lovers.


Bigos (Hunter's Stew)

Bigos, referred to as the "Hunter's Stew," is a hearty, cabbage-based stew that combines sauerkraut with fresh cabbage, along with an array of meats such as pork, beef, and sausage. The ingredients are simmered together with spices, mushrooms, and sometimes dried fruits like prunes for a unique sweet and savory flavor. Bigos is known for its complexity of taste and is often enjoyed during festive occasions and holidays in Poland.



Barszcz, or beet soup, is traditionally made with beetroot as the primary ingredient, giving it a deep red color. The soup can be served hot or cold and is often garnished with a dollop of sour cream and fresh dill. Barszcz is a popular choice for the Christmas Eve dinner in Poland and is celebrated for its refreshing and tangy taste.


Sernik (Polish Cheesecake)

Polish cheesecake, known as sernik, is a delectable dessert enjoyed throughout Poland. This cheesecake uses farmer's cheese (twarg) instead of cream cheese, resulting in a unique texture and flavor. Sernik is velvety and rich, with a slightly tangy undertone. It can be garnished with a fruit compote, such as cherry or raspberry, or drizzled with chocolate for added sweetness. It's a delightful way to end a traditional Polish meal or to satisfy your sweet cravings while exploring Polish cuisine.


What to Pack for Your Poland Itinerary

When preparing for your adventure in Poland, packing becomes a crucial aspect of your journey. To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip, remember to pack comfortable walking shoes for exploring the diverse landscapes. Given Poland's unpredictable weather, it's advisable to bring layered clothing to adapt to temperature changes swiftly. Don't forget the necessary adaptor to keep your devices charged for your daily adventures and a comprehensive travel guidebook or smartphone app for insights and historical context. Additionally, include swimwear for lakeside dips and seaside explorations, as well as a camera to capture the picturesque landscapes and historic sites that Poland has to offer. Lastly, keep your travel documents, including your passport, visa (if required), travel insurance, and reservations or tickets, in a secure and easily accessible location, as they are vital when traveling internationally.


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Embark on this unforgettable 8-day luxury tour of Poland, where each day promises new adventures, tastes, and experiences enveloped in the luxury and comfort befitting a journey of this caliber. Poland's history, culture, and natural beauty await, ensuring a vacation filled with memorable moments.

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