What To Explore When In Poland?

Poland is one of Europe’s surprising destinations. It gives a tint of German and Russian hue at first. But it is only when you get closer to the place that you get to know how unique Poland is. 

A Poland vacation package assures the tourists of wild adventures as well as a fun time in the nation’s old towns. Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Reszel, etc. are historically affluent. The museums in these towns speak volumes about Poland’s past. There are various natural landscapes too which allure tourists who want to experience adventure-activities such as hiking and mountaineering. The food scene is gallant as it should be!

Here are the top six things you should do when you visit Poland.

Start from Warsaw:

Your Poland vacation package will be incomplete without Warsaw in it as it is the capital city of Poland. But that’s not the only reason you should be visiting it.

Warsaw comes with a blend of its historical past and interesting present. This city is a living testament to the World Wars, and the lives of the Jewish community. The Warsaw Rising Museum and POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews are two important museums to be visited. Several day tour vacation packages include a visit to other prominent monuments in the city.

Explore the Wieliczka Salt Mine:

The Wieliczka Salt Mine dates back to several centuries of mining. This salt mine was once the major source of salt to the entire nation and beyond. It is one of the very few oldest mines on earth. It is an entire city and structure made of salt. There is a chapel, restaurant, the crystal grottoes, and endless corridors and alleys to see. Till today, miners not only undertake mining work but also assure that the place is renovated and safe for tourists. It is nothing less of a wonder!

Visit the Białowieża Forest: 

This forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its importance to Europe is unmatchable since it is one of the last and huge primeval forests in existence. It is home to various succinct creatures, especially, Europe’s largest wild animal, the European Bison. Almost all the trees in this forest are more than 500 years old. It was once the hunting ground for the monarchs, and princes of Poland. 

Today, tourists and adventure seekers can explore this forest. They can spot wildlife and birds, hike, mountaineer, walk, and cycle. 

Experience the flavors and tastes of Poland:

What’s better than tasting a country’s dishes when traveling? If you are a gastronome, then you will fall in love with the varieties of Polish cuisine. The Polish people use beetroots, pork, meat, sausages, sour cream, cucumbers, etc. in their dishes mostly. 

The first dish to try is the Polish dumpling known as pierogi. If you visit Poland in December, then you will find this dish everywhere. Pierogi is especially eaten during Christmas. It is filled with meat, pork, cottage cheese, and also berries. The Rosol is the famous chicken broth from Polish cuisine. Other must-try dishes include Polskie nalesniki, bigos, kotlet schabowy, gulasz, etc.

Explore Poland’s aesthetic castles:

Poland’s castles are not to be missed in your vacation package. Right from imperial to the most undiscovered ones, Poland has a rich amount of castles at your disposal. There are a lot of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland.

The Wawel Royal Castle of Krakow is prominent. This giant fortress was where about 36 Polish monarchs and queens took the oath and ascended the throne. It has contributed to several world incidents and events such as the Renaissance. The gothic-style castle located in Malbork by the Teutonic heirs is another charm. Tourists never fail to miss this one as it is known for its architectural style. The other famous castles include the Lancut Castle, the Royal Castle of Warsaw, Moszna Castle, Kornik Castle, etc. 

Check out the painted houses of Zalipie:

Zalipie is known as Poland’s painted village. What started as a technique to hide the black soot emitted from the stove has now become an enriching tradition. Tourists are allured by the charming painted houses. More than art, the paintings have several hidden meanings and leitmotifs which describe the Polish culture. This old vintage town will help you escape the buzzing reality of the noisy cities. Vacation packages offer day tours to Zalipie at reasonable costs. 

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