Experience Romance in Europe: Discover Austria's Hidden Gems

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 09,2024

When it comes to having romance in Europe, most of the people think of famous destinations like France and Italy. However, they do not even give a thought to Austria which is rich in art and cultural center. There is one thing that cant be ignored is that the worldwide famous artists like Mozart and Oskar Kokoschka were born here in Austria. With Austria tours, take a virtual tour around Salzburg to explore the best places to visit in Austria through this a week-long travel itinerary.

Trip Highlights 

- Uncover the beauty of Mirabell Palace and Garden

- Discover the new love lock culture

- Observe the art and culture by giving a visit to the museum


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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Stroll around Mirabell Palace and Garden

On the first day of your trip, keep Salzburg on your travel itinerary. Simply walk to the Mirabell Palace and Garden. This is a high tourist destination that allows the couples to enjoy the walk around the royal garden and grand palace. Afterward, you can also visit the tremendous Hohensalzburg Castle. 

Day 2: Lock your love on the famous bridge, Staats Burke

Staats Burke is certainly a famous place for the love locks, and the most stunning thing about the site is not the bridge itself, but the picture-perfect view of the castle. Most of the couples believed to be visiting this place for locking their love. This bridge looks exceptionally beautiful with these locks locked on both sides of the bridge.

Day 3: Visit the Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral is a must-visit place if have been traveling to Europe. When turning back some pages of history, you will get to know that this is the 17th-century Baroque cathedral, with a museum housing sacred treasures inside, which is a large piece of artwork to view. It won't be a bad idea to spend a day exploring the entire place.

Day 4: Old Town

The old town is full of cafes, bars, and restaurants, but quick kebabs or fries at a street food stand are the best places where you can get a handful of delicious delicacies at the most affordable prices.

Day 5: Walk to the Salzburg Fortress

On day 5, you can have a walk around the Salzburg Fortress, which is a precious monument of the city that is built high above the hills. Apart from this, it is the most beautiful Gothic castle in Europe, with its hidden associated legends.

Day 6: Visit the birthplace of Mozart

On the last day of the trip, you can visit the birthplace of Mozart where you can find several museums and concert halls dedicated to the life and work of Mozart including Mozarts Geburtshaus (Mozarts birthplace) and Mozart-Wohnhaus (Mozarts home), to name a few.

Day 7: Departure

It is time to pack your bags and get ready with your luggage and memories to say goodbye to the best Austria places to visit during Austria Tours.


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