Embarking on an Austrian Odyssey: Graz, Salzburg, and Innsbruck Travel Itinerary

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 13,2024

When it comes to enjoying any trip via multi-destination adventure then, the best Austria travel guide is one of the best ways that can be taken into consideration. It holds places like Graz, Salzburg, and Innsbruck that can assist the tourists with a pool of memories and pictures. 

Trip Highlights:

A four moon passion can only be added by having an adventure of blue skies and European sunshine. You could be lost yourself here by exploring the fairy-tale old towns, green mountain landscapes, and historical architecture which are sufficient enough to fall in love with Austria.

Places to Visit: 

Hotel Wiesler

River Mur

Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Innsbruck (the heart of The Austrian Alps)

Nordkette mountain

Swarovski Crystal World

Nordkette Mountain is the Alpenzoo


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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Graz

Graz is a city that has a charming Old Town filled with hidden courtyards and passageways. After arrival, you can begin with Helen Miles. Helen reflects the eclectic mix of local hangout spots and historical sights which also include the rooftop bar of Graz, Kastner & Ohler. It is suggested to also visit the traditional Glockenspiel in Old Town to have some lunch. In the evening, move towards the beautiful Graz Cathedral and spend some quality time. After this, enjoy the local life by visiting the Lendplatz Farmers Market and stroll around it. End your day 1 by towering over the Schlossberg, castle hill which is the center of the city and is well known for its famous Clock Tower.

Day 2: Explore Schlossbergbahn

On the morning of day 2, have a delicious breakfast at Aiola Upstairs Restaurant which is also one of the greatest spots for a glass of wine and coffee as well. After having breakfast, move towards the Schlossbergbahn Funicular which delivers the citys most spectacular views. Here, rewarding yourself with cool beer is praiseworthy at the Scholossbergbahn beer garden. You could easily spend the time till evening to explore all the stunning views of the city. In the evening, board, OBB Rail which would take around 4 hours to reach Salzburg from Graz. The best part of the train is that it provides the tourists with the mountain scenery spectacular views.

Day 3: Visit Salzburg

Arriving here, in the morning, the first destination of the day would be Makartsteg Bridge (love-lock bridge) and on to Getreidegasse (a shopping street in the city). During the afternoon, head towards the Fortress Hohensalzburg. This is also called one of the historical iconic destinations of Salzburg. From here, the path will lead you toward the Museum of Modern Art. The city is blessed with a large number of the least known hidden places with precious gems which you could v

Day 4: The views Innsbruck

The first destination of the day would be Nordkette Mountain where its weather is so stunning to stay here for a lifetime. You could easily stay here till the afternoon and have lunch at Nordkette Restaurant. The views of the restaurant are spectacular and having a lunch with stunning and unique cuisines is a worthwhile investment. Venture higher by hopping at the additional Funicular that would take you more than 300 to Hafelekar. This is the most incredible mountain in the city where you would be all above the clouds and could feel like on top of the world. Probably, you would be reaching here in the evening so you can easily say goodbye to the country at night visiting and exploring all its places in 4 days.


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