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The Galapagos Islands may just inspire you to think differently about the world. The creatures that call the islands home, many found nowhere else in the world, act as if humans are nothing more than slightly annoying paparazzi. From Galapago, when you reach Ecuador, you will find postcard-pretty colonial centers, waves splashing white-sand beaches, Kichwa villages, Amazonian rainforest and the breathtaking Andes – a dazzling array of wonders is squeezed into this compact country.


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Discover The Magic Of Ecuador In Latin America Adventure Travel

Ecuador is a land of rich cultural and historical charms, all located within a backdrop of natural wonders, with landscapes that extend between lush, tropical rainforests and glaciated volcanoes. Whether visiting the beautiful churches of the nation's capital, Quito, or whitewater rafting down natural tributaries of the great river Amazon, your Latin America travel adventure will be filled with great travel memories

Visit Ecuador And Enjoy The Best Adventure Vacation in Latin America

As the name says, the nation of Ecuador extends across the equator itself, bringing together the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Ecuador is a lively, captivating country in Latin America, which makes for an incredible destination. In case you are planning a trip to Ecuador, be prepared for everything from colonial cities to volcanoes to lush jungle terrain. So, visit this amazing land today and experience your life's best adventure vacation in Latin America.

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Experience the vibrant countries of Colombia and Ecuador. Explore the buzzing traditional markets, traverse through picturesque villages and tour colonial cities. Taste the traditional delicacies and enjoy the warmth of the local people. Here is our Latin America Journey Guide for you to make your Ecuador journey much smoother as well as everlasting!..

Luxury Ecuador & Galapagos Tours With Reliable Travel Agents

Ecuador is the land of stunning natural views, active volcanos, and ancient mysteries. If you want to spend a few days in the lap of nature Ecuador is the perfect destination. Ecuador is home to diverse wildlife. You can spot many strange birds and mammals in the green jungle. The marine life of Ecuador is also incredible. Before reaching this place you cannot even imagine that a place on our own planet may be so pure and perfect. There are many islands which are almost isolated and human foot rare left any sign there. But the luxury Ecuador travel agents organize camping for the travelers in those isolated islands.

The isolated volcanic island creates unique biodiversity and the place look no less than a paradise. There was a time only the researchers and explorers used to travel those group of islands but now every year a good number of international travelers make their way to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

The Galapagos islands are so pure and serene that one cannot believe those islands are home to a good number of people and there’s a remarkable level of development in the islands’ towns, that draw traveler from around the world for Luxury Ecuador & Galapagos Tours. Here are a few attractions about Ecuador and Galapagos.

Galapagos Islands

What attracts most of the travelers to Ecuador is the stunning group of islands of Galapagos. These islands are situated in the westernmost part of South America. As the islands were formed due to the volcanic direction, They emerge from the bottom of the Pacific ocean. Galapagos is blessed with wonderful wildlife which was never exploited by humans, placing the islands among the world’s greatest wonders and an enchanting destination for luxury tours.

It is only 1800s when people mainly rangers and explorers started to visit the Galapagos islands, till then the islands were intact since their creation 5 million years ago due to a series of volcanic eruptions.

Galapagos islands are home to incredible wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin to research on the origin of life who later published the book ‘The Theory Of Evolution’. These islands are formed due to volcanic eruptions that still continues. Ecuador may be small in size but with respect to the rich natural diversity, Ecuador can beat any of its neighboring countries. The Galapagos Islands are blessed with nature's most beautiful treasure. You cannot experience such a wonderful view of nature anywhere else in the world. The unique wildlife of Galapagos attracted many famous visitors including Charles Darwin who spent a long time in The Galapagos islands researching on the wildlife. So whether you want to immerse in adventure or want to explore the unique wildlife, the Galapagos Islands are the perfect destination.

Ecuadorian Wildlife

If you really love wildlife, you must travel to Ecuador. The Ecuadorian wildlife is really unique with the presence of 1,500 species of birds and 300 species of mammals. This rich wildlife has turned Equador into a place of research for the explorers and scientists. Ecuador is home to many strange species that which is not found anywhere else in the world. This place is a paradise for the frogs and different types of frogs including tree frogs and poison-dart frogs are found here. The interesting thing is that Ecuador is also home to poisonous snakes that creates an opportunity to view the natural climax every now and ten.

Adventure In Ecuador

Ecuador is so diverse that you don’t have to spend a single moment without any activity. There are active volcanos in the Andean mountains, amazing wildlife in the Amazon rainforest and stunning beaches on the Pacific coast. The luxury Ecuador travel agents organize adventure tours for all types of travelers. Whether you want to hike through the Andean slopes, explore the amazing wildlife in the Amazon rainforest or just want to feel the warmth of Pacific water, Ecuador is the one-stop destination to cater to all your holiday expectations.

Unique Experience In Luxury Ecuador & Galapagos Tour

The land of natural secrets Galapagos are blessed with a treasure of beautiful beaches and unique wildlife, these islands are always an amazing destination for luxury Ecuador and Galapagos tours. The unique wildlife of Galapagos has made the place a paradise for nature enthusiasts. These Pacific islands are part of Ecuador and are the witness of evolution. The islands are formed millions of years ago due to the volcanic eruptions and till today active volcanic eruption can be experienced there. Here are some amazing places to visit during your Ecuador and Galapagos tour.


located in the Northern Imbabura province, Otavalo is one of the best cities to visit during Ecuador and Galapagos tour. The city is amazing for adventure as is surrounded by volcanic mountains. Travelers who are in luxury Ecuador tour prefer to stay here as they can avail the facilities of city life while immersing themselves in an adventure. There are two must-see destinations in the city, Otavalo Market and the Tejidos El Obraje Museum. Visit the Tejidos El Obraje Museum to learn the unique weaving style of Ecuador.

The Otavalo Market is the biggest market in Ecuador, so staying in the city allows you to explore the biggest trading scenario in Ecuador. Though the market is open all days of the week the best time to visit is during the weekends. On weekends, the traders bring the highest varieties of goods. The main attraction of the market is the farmers market and the textiles market.

You can buy some fresh products from the farmers' markets. Once you step into the textile market, you will get mesmerized with color. The colorful and traditional Ecuadorian garments turn the market into a spectacular place. All the stalls and lanes shine with beautiful clothes accompanied by the traditional pieces of jewelry.


Banos de Agua Santa, commonly known as Banos is the paradise of adventurous people. What attracts most of the travelers to Banos is the natural thermal pools which also gave rise to the name Banos that means “Bath” in English. Banos offers plenty of exciting activities for travelers. The place is one of the most visited destinations in Ecuador where you can enjoy white water rafting, canyoning, hiking, thermal baths and much more. Join any guided tour conducted by the luxury Ecuador travel agents to enjoy the adventure.

Don’t miss the most enjoyable activity while in Ecuador, the world-famous Casa de Arbol what the world knows as  “swing at the end of the world”. Enjoy swinging amidst the clouds from a treehouse located at the edge of the mountain top. View the beautiful surroundings of land and mountain while enjoying swinging from the treehouse.


In Quito, you can experience the amazing architectural treasure of Ecuador. The city standing high in the Andean mountain is the picture of colonial architecture. Visit the museums that exhibit the country's history in a creative way. Every house portrays the rich architecture of the past. Sit in any of the city’s cafes and view the cobbled street through the decorated windows while sipping a cup of coffee. In Quito, you can experience a blend of traditional Ecuadorian culture with the modern lifestyle. Join a guided city tour conducted by one of many luxury Ecuador travel agents.

Visit the church and monasteries built in the early 17th century. These houses are reconstructed after hugely damaged due to the earthquake. In Plaza de San Francisco, you can see the white towers made in the support of the aged brownstone pillars. The vast complex includes 13 cloisters, three churches, and a large central courtyard which is perfect for a day’s exploration.

Santa Fe Island

If you want to see some really unique wildlife, you must visit Santa Fe Island. The island is home to the sea lions where a male inhabitant rules over a group of females. View the real survival fighting between the wild animals where the male inhabitant has to face a continuous challenge from other males to save his dynasty. Here you can spot Santa Fe iguana, which looks like large prehistoric reptiles. In Santa Fe Island, you can see the world’s only cactus trees standing like guards throughout the old volcanic area. Once you have done enough exploration, relax on the beach or board a small boat to view unique species of fish and beautiful sea turtle. Here you can join one of many luxury Ecuador travel agents who can guide you to enjoy a safe exploration of the island.


Expert Travel Guide for The Best Time to Visit Ecuador And Galapagos

You can visit Ecuador any time of the year as this is a year-round destination. Due to the diverse nature, Ecuador doesn’t have a well-defined nature, and the variation of weather gives rise to many micro-climates. Read the below details to decide the best time for your Ecuador and Galapagos tour.

Seasons and Weather

The climate of Ecuador is highly changeable. The most stable climate is observed in the central  Sierra region. The coastal area and the lowland of Amazon experience much rainfall and considered as a wetland. Northern Ecuador is the coolest in the country.

Peak Season

Peak tourist seasons in Ecuador is in between June and September when Ecuadorian celebrate their public holidays. If you want to visit the Pacific coast, then December to April is the best time.

Wet Season

If you are visiting the Amazon rainforest, then the best time is from June to August. This is the best time for wildlife watching. You can spot the rarest of rare animals if you visit Amazon this time. The rainforest never gets dry even in the driest period from December to March, you will see at least one shower every day.

The majority of the Galapagos' wildlife sites are only accessible by boat, making cruises a popular way of exploring the archipelago. By touring the islands and different wildlife sites, cruises offer an itinerary that comes close to reflecting the complexity and diversity of the Galapagos. You'll visit isolated sites, far-flung islands, and a number of destinations only accessible by cruise vessels. By traveling overnight or through the afternoon, a cruise is able to connect destinations all across the archipelago, whereas a land-based itinerary must stick to those within easy day-trip reach. In particular, iconic islands like Genovesa and Fernandina are virtually impossible to reach if you're not on a cruise.

Hotels are found close to the three major towns: Puerto Villamil on Isabela, Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz, and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal. Each of these towns offers over a dozen different hotels plus a selection of more luxurious lodges that cascade out along the deserted coast. Private boats and public ferries travel between these towns, making it very feasible to use two or even three different bases for your Galapagos exploration. Combining Santa Cruz and San Cristobal is popular, as they both have an airport.


Tips For Tasting The Best Ecuadorian Food

Ecuador is small but diverse and sam with the food available in Ecuador. You can taste varieties of food in all three regions of the Amazon, the Sierra, and the Pacific coast. Here is the best food you should try in your Ecuador and Galapagos tour.


No Ecuadorian event gets completed without this dish. This is the weekend dish of Ecuador. In every family event, this dish takes the center stage. The dish is prepared by roasting pigs and then served with salads


This is especially found on the Pacific coast. The dish is prepared fromturtles found in the region. This is a very popular dish in the Pacific area.


One of the most famous dishes in South America. Fish and seafood are cooked after they are marinated in the acid of the lime juice.

Expert Tips For Hassle-free Trip To Ecuador And Galapagos

Ecuador is a wonderful and diverse place, with many magical places to explore. But, every country has its own rules and regulations, so there are a few things you should know before planning your Ecuador and Galapagos tour.

Health Insurance

You will be asked to show valid proof of health insurance that covers your period of stay in the country.


Tourists who visit Ecuador only for tourism are not required to have a visa. Once you enter Ecuador you will be granted a tourist visa with 90 days of validity, as travelers can stay in Ecuador for 90 days.

Passport Validity

Your passport should have a validity of more than six months from the day of departure from the country. So, ensure that the validity of your passport should not end with the end of your vacation in Ecuador.


Ecuador no longer uses its own currency the Ecuadorian sucre, instead, they use American dollar since 1999 when the country was hit by a big economic crisis.

Tips For A Safe And Healthy Visit To Ecuador And Galapagos

There is no major safety issue in Ecuador, especially for travelers.  If you remain a bit alert you can spend a happy vacation without any trouble. There are some diseases caused mainly by the insects are a concern for the travelers. Here are a few tips for a safe and happy Ecuador trip.

Food and Water

Unhealthy food and tap water may lead to travelers diarrhea. So be careful about drinking water. Never drink tap water, the best option is sealed bottled water or at least use iodine tablets to disinfect water if you cannot boil or filter it. Eat as many fresh foods as possible. Buy unpeeled fruits and have after peeling it. Stay away from salads, because vegetables might not be cleaned properly. Hot food like soup or pasta is comparatively safe.

Mosquito Bite

Don’t let a single mosquito to bite you, they instantly cause malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever. Wear long-sleeved clothes or spray mosquito repellent in your clothes. Ask for mosquito net in your hotel if not provided already.

Doctors, Clinics, and Hospitals

Ecuador offers advanced and modern medical facilities, especially in big cities. Travel insurance is suggested because in case you have some serious medical issue you may have to shift to a different city which might be expensive.


Finding a place without any crime in this world is very rare and Ecuador is not an exception. But with a little precaution, you can enjoy a safe journey to Ecuador. Travelers sometimes face theft but there is no armed robbery but opportunistic theft are done which you can avoid by taking a little precaution.

We the leisure team brings a wide range of customized Ecuador and Galapagos tour to offer you a perfect hassle-free vacation.  The plans are tailored keeping in mind your requirements and benefits. Whatever might be your choice; an adventurous vacation, a luxury vacation, a family vacation or a romantic one, we are ready with the perfect plan for you. We value your safety as well as respect your privacy, and the tour experts plan your tour accordingly, either a packaged group tour or an independent tour. In all cases we ensure a hassle-free experience with magnificent accommodations, authentic local guides, and unimaginable excursions. So whether you wish to relax in a beach while enjoying a glass of wine or immerse yourself in the wildlife, write to Leisure and we will bring you perfect tour from the top tour experts.


Customs Etiquette Tips For A Happy Tour To Ecuador And Galapagos

Every country follows its own habits and to avoid unfair things you need to learn a bit about their customs. It makes them feel you respect their culture. Here is some important etiquette you should know before visiting Ecuador and Galapagos.

Guest Manners

Ecuadorians are very warm and welcoming people. There are many amazing customs that Ecuadorians practice and one of them is inviting outsiders for a meal.

Go To The Invitation With A Gift

Ecuadorians bring gifts for their hosts when invited for a dinner, a small gift like a flower vase or wine bottle make the host happy and it indicates that you are really happy with the invitation.

Clothing and appearance

People in Galapagos are very simple regarding the appearance.  They wear simple clothes and shoes and other things. You can see fashionable appearance only in business meetings. Otherwise, people stay simple but they take care of cleanliness. People wearing a neat and clean dress are always respected.


In bigger places, ten percent service charge will automatically be added to your bill. If you are very happy with the extremely good service you can pay directly to the waiter.


Plan Your Ecuador & Galapagos Tour With leisure.com

leisure.com brings a wide range of customized Ecuador and Galapagos tour to offer you a comprehensive hassle-free vacation.  The plans are customized keeping in mind your requirements and interests. Whatever might be your choice; an adventurous vacation, a luxury vacation, a family vacation or a romantic one, we are ready with the perfect plan for you. We value your safety as well as respect your privacy, and the travel agents plan your Ecuador tour accordingly, either a packaged group tour or an independent private tour. In all cases, we ensure a hassle-free experience with luxurious accommodations, expert local guides, and outstanding excursions. So whether you wish to explore the Ecuadorian wildlife or immerse yourself in the natural charm, write to Leisure.com and we will bring you the perfect tour plan from the top travel experts.

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