A 10 Days Ecuador Itinerary

Are you really interested in visiting this South American country? This 10 Days itinerary will make most of your time here in this intriguing land. And, if you have not been to South America till date and want to experience this incredible journey then this itinerary will not disappoint you. Your first day in Ecuador is going to be intriguing enough to attract you. You will get to see the best of Ecuador following this itinerary!

Trip at a Glance

Day 1 & 2: Quito Ecuador

Day 3 & 4: Otavalo

Day 5 & 6: Baños

Day 7 & 8: Amazon Rainforest – Lago Agrio

Day 9 & 10: Papallacta

Trip Highlights

  • Quito - Quito is the perfect place, to begin with!

  • Otavalo - Otavalo is a must-see place in Ecuador! Otavalo is one of the cities in Ecuador located in the Northern Imbabura province.

  • Baños - There are a lot of things to do in Baños Ecuador including white water rafting, canyoning, hiking, thermal baths and much more.

  • Lago Agrio - Nueva Loja

  • Amazon Rainforest - This is a place that every traveler dreams of traveling.


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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 & 2: Quito Ecuador

This is your first day of the 10 Days Ecuador Itinerary! You’ll be reaching to the Quito Airport where your guide will welcome you overwhelmingly. It’s a great idea to learn a few important Spanish words so that you could interact with the locals. It’s better if you have made arrangements for transportation beforehand.

When you are in Ecuador, Quito is the perfect place, to begin with! Here the flights are cheap. Quito is one of the longest cities of Ecuador that stretches a long distance from North to South. Central parks and business districts are not very far from the district. Quito is one of the most loved destinations of tourists. For travelers, there’s a lot do here in Quito! But, if you are short of time, you can enjoy partying around and wandering around. You’ll love the parks here in Quito; one of the most touristy parks are Parque El Ejido where people can gather and watch out for the locals who enjoy with their family and friends. Another one is the Parque La Alameda, which you should not miss visiting. You will have to hike to the top to reach the park. You will be enjoying the wonderful scene from the top of the park! And, there’s no dearth of restaurants, shops, and stores here. Plaza Grande has it all!

Apart from this, South Quito and Quito Sur is also a worth visiting place here! Here you will find Mercado Mayorista, which makes it one of the most fascinating attractions of Quito.


Day 3 & 4: Otavalo

Otavalo is a must-see place in Ecuador! Otavalo is one of the cities in Ecuador located in the Northern Imbabura province. The town is all surrounded with volcanoes that also include the Imbabura Volcano. The Town is popularly known for the Otavalo Market that is located in the central Plaza de Ponchos. Here, indigenous people sell handicrafts and colorful textiles. You will also get to see in the vicinity of the Otavalo Market, the Tejidos El Obraje Museum which has perfect textile & weaving demonstration.

Otavalo is the only city in Ecuador where this Market is held and merchants and farmers come here to sell a variety of things. It’s the largest market in Ecuador. The best time to visit Otavalo Market is during the Weekends, however, you will find it every day. When you are here, don’t forget visiting the farmers market as well as the textile market. It will take just 10 minutes to switch between the two gigantic markets.


Day 5 & 6: Baños

In Ecuador, Baños de Agua Santa is one of the most visited locations! It’s also called Baños, which means baths in English. The name of this place has come from the thermal pools most of which can be found in the vicinity. This is known mostly as the adventure area of the place. And, there are a lot of things to do in Baños Ecuador including white water rafting, canyoning, hiking, thermal baths and much more. It’s also considered one of the most visited tourist locations for partying and chilling.

Also, don’t forget to check on the Casa de Arbol or the swing at the end of the world. This is actually a tree house that is located at the top of the city of Baños Ecuador at the edge of the Mountain. This place is really a great thing to get a view of the surrounding landscape and the Mountains. It’s wonderful here, you will feel like the swinging when the clouds set in!


Day 7 & 8: Lago Agrio - Amazon Rainforest

You are going to spend two days here at Lago Agrio! We have designed your Ecuador Itinerary in a way to make it the best trip of your life. On the seventh day of your Ecuador trip, you will be moving from the Andean region of Ecuador to the Amazon region over the coast. Believe it or not, this is going to be the best part of your trip. This is a place that every traveler dreams of traveling. And, leisure assures it that after visiting this place, you will feel like planning another of the sort for sure.

You will be starting off your tour of the Lago Agrio and it’s going to take around 2-3 hours traveling through many of the areas here at a River. Here you will be taking a boat ride to an eco-lodge in the Amazon. It’s going to be an incredible experience for sure!! You will be staying in the Siona territory. You’ll get to see many of the species of animals including snakes, birds, spiders, monkeys, bats, pink dolphins, and ants. And, it’s an incredible experience to see the Caiman and the Anaconda. It will remind you of the home.


Day 9 & 10: Papallacta

According to this Ecuador Itinerary, you are going to spend your two last days in Papallacta. Although this is one of the least visited places in Ecuador, there’s always one thing or the other to discover when you are at a travel location. Papallacta is located in the Andean region of Ecuador. You are going to cross from the Amazon to Papallacta.

This place is particularly for relaxation, and for serene Mountains where you can go for spa and relaxation therapies. Most people come to this place for geothermal pools, which is one of the fascinating attractions of the place. This is the only place in Ecuador, where you can sit back and look at the majesty of the Mountains relaxing in a warm pool.

Papallacta is located close to Quito Airport and it’s the perfect place to spend the last hours of your Ecuador trip. Give yourself plenty of time here in Papallacta. You will be taking your flight from Quito Airport back home. At the end of your trip, you will feel rejuvenated, revived and reinvigorated for sure. You are going to take back a lot of memories back home. Don’t forget capturing each and every moment of your 10 Days Ecuador Itinerary!

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