Your Complete Travel Guide To An Exotic Czech Vacation

Situated in the center of Europe, the Czech Republic is a nation that is steeped in history. It is a country that has many world-class wineries, ancient ruins, gorgeous mountains, medieval facilities, and castles. Every year, more and more tourists go on a Czech vacation, but they mostly remain in Prague. They leave the rest of the nation unvisited during their Czech vacation. But, once you go past that crowded and beautiful city, you will get an inexpensive nation with several of the most rugged and striking landscapes on the continent. During your Czech vacation, you will love taking the train from location to location and just looking out of the window at the meandering countryside. This travel guide to a Czech vacation will help you find out how to plan a great trip, save a lot of money, and learn what to see.


How to Get Around During Your Czech Vacation



During your Czech vacation, you will find that the ticket fares in the capital city are based on the time. The tickets range from half an hour to a full three-day pass. Several lines run from early morning till a little past midnight. The costs are comparable in other towns around the nation as well. In several cities, the buses operate round the clock. Domestic flights are present, but they are typically costly compared to the bus and the train. A round-trip flight from Brno to Prague takes less than one-and-a-half hours. But, by the time you take in the costs of traveling to and from the airport, the train or the bus will seem more affordable, and also quite fast. Traveling by bus is the best method to get around the nation. The journey from Brno to Prague only takes a couple of hours. From Karlovy Vary, the ride is more than two-and-a-half hours. From Berlin, Germany, to Prague, the ride is around five hours. The tickets sell out rapidly, especially in the summer season. So, book the tickets early if you can.


Trains are costlier than buses and do not get to as many cities in the nation. But they are very quick. Pilsen to Prague takes around one-and-a-half hours. The four-hour journey to Ostrava does not cost a lot. But the seven-hour trip from Budapest, Hungary to Prague is a lot costlier. The same is with the journey from Nuremberg, Germany, to Prague. Car rentals are quite inexpensive in the country. To rent a vehicle, you must be more than 20 years old, and a surcharge might be levied for a driver under the age of 25. Hitchhiking during your Czech vacation is safe, and you can typically get a ride pretty quickly. Note that it is banned on major motorways and highways. Also, keep in mind that younger citizens speak English, but the older citizens typically speak Czech. You can go through some hitchhiking websites to get more info.


When to Go on Your Czech Vacation


The country has some distinct seasons. The summers are dry and warm, while the winters are pretty windy, snowy, and cold. The temperature reaches 32 Fahrenheit easily. Unless you want to ski, the best time to visit the nation is from May to September. But this is also the peak season for tourism so everything will be crowded and busy, especially in the capital. Thus, the prices will be much higher than usual. If you want to go there in the summer, expect temperatures of around 67 Fahrenheit. During the shoulder season, you will not get the crowds and the heat. March to May and September to October are great for exploring and hiking as you will get cooler temperatures and see the trees change color. You can expect the temperatures to be around 60 Fahrenheit.


How to Stay Safe During Your Czech Vacation



The country is one of the safest to visit in the world. It ranks amongst the top 25 safest nations on the planet. Violent crime against tourists is nearly non-existent. Petty crimes such as pick-pocketing and theft can take place. This is especially true in high-traffic locations such as the city center in the capital. Keep all valuables safely when in public so you are safe. This is going to be the biggest issue. So you have to be careful. If someone starts a conversation with you trying to make you buy something or if young kids approach you, you should be very careful. Their friend may be trying to get your wallet while you are looking elsewhere. If a stranger comes to you and offers to exchange your cash and Czech currency, decline and walk away. They want to give you counterfeit currency. Always think of your surroundings and keep your guard up when in huge crowds, and you will do just fine. There are tourist scams in the nation, and you should be aware of that.


If you have an emergency, you can easily contact the police, ambulance, and the fire department. The most vital piece of advice that we can give is to buy good travel insurance. Travel insurance gives widespread protection against any mishaps that might happen during your Czech vacation. We always recommend going for it as it can prove quite handy.


Other Things to See and Do During Your Czech Vacation


You can try a little pilsner in Pilsen. It is where Pilsner took birth, and it is the home of the original Urquell Czech beer. Going to the city makes a good day trip from the capital. During your visit, make sure to go on a tour of the Pilsner factory and check out the other beer spas where you can go in a tub of beer. Do not lose out on the botanical gardens and the Gothic cathedral Saint Bartholomew while you are here. Also, you can go on a tour of Karlstejn Castle. This castle is only a quick train ride from the capital city. It started in the 14th century by Charles IV of the Holy Roman Empire. The Gothic castle helped to safeguard the holy relics and the crown jewels of Bohemia. Due to warfare in the subsequent castle and fire damage in the following years, the castle underwent many reconstructions. The final reconstruction took place in the 19th century. It revived the signature Gothic appearance of the castle.


Attractions at the castle are a replica of the royal crown and original wall decoration. The charges of admission with a tour are reasonable. Finally, you can look for adventure in Krkonose. This gorgeous mountain range is called the Giant Mountains. It runs along the Polish-Czech border. It houses the highest peak in the nation. There are multi-day and single-day cycling paths and hiking trails to explore in the summer. The winter season also gives skiing and a lift pass for little money. 




The Czech vacation will take you to a historic country located at the heart of Europe. The Czech Republic has many things to offer for such a small nation. There are scenic national parks, gorgeous spa resorts, medieval cities, and majestic castles. The country has much to give for international tourists. It is also the birthplace of the finest beer in the world.



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