World Peace Day In November - Here's How You Can Celebrate

Have you ever thought that you could make a positive impact on the planet? You can give it a shot on World Peace Day in November. This is an event that is celebrated every November 17 around the globe. World Peace Day in November was created more than two decades ago. World Peace Day in November is dedicated to world peace, and specifically the absence of violence and war. It might be occasioned by a ceasefire in a combat zone for access to humanitarian aid. The day is celebrated by many people, military groups, political groups, and countries around the planet. To inaugurate the International Day of Peace, the United Nations Peace Bell is rung at the headquarters of the UN in New York City. The bell is created from coins donated by kids from all continents except Africa. It was a present from the United Nations Association of Japan. It is a reminder of the human price of war. The inscription on the side exclaims long life to absolute world peace. In previous years, a searchable map of events has been present at the official website of the United Nations.


One of the proponents of World Peace Day in November is Don Morris. He has a website with tons of inspirational info. It also has a great project that people like to try out on World Peace Day in November, also called the International Day of Peace. The website also has a quick and simple diagram for creating origami cranes if you want to try your hand at origami. According to the website, "if you fold 1000 cranes, you will be granted your wish. Let us fold a couple of million cranes and wish for world peace. I want you to start hanging origami cranes around in public…so everyone gets a chance to be reminded about peace." One thousand cranes will take a lot more time than you may have at present. But you can create one for you and an acquaintance. The origami crane diagram is quite easy. There are only 14 steps. So, you can make a few to give as presents and celebrate World Peace Day in November.


Importance of World Peace Day in November



World Peace Day in November is important because peace is a symbol of harmony characterized by freedom from the fear of violence, conflict behaviors, and the absence of violence. It is commonly seen as a working political order that is present for the true interests of everyone, the establishment of equality, prosperity in matters of economic or social welfare, the presence of newly healed or robust international or interpersonal relationships, and the lack of hostility. Several theories of peace are there in the world of peace studies. These involve the study of cessation of violence, disarmament, and conflict transformation. The definition of peace can differ with the subject of study, culture, or religion.


One definition is that peace is a balanced state and understanding in your own identity and between others. Here, respect is gained by an understanding of differences. There is tolerance, conflicts are removed through dialog, the rights of the people are respected, and their voices are given attention to. Everyone is at the biggest point of serenity without any social tension. This is why this international movement is important.


History of World Peace Day in November


The United Nations General Assembly stated in a resolution sponsored by Costa Rica and the United Kingdom about World Peace Day. It was to be devoted to strengthening and commemorating the ideals of peace. The date chosen first was the usual opening day of the annual sessions in the General Assembly. Subsequently, it is celebrated in the present annual celebration. Starting nearly 40 years ago, at the behest of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Pathways to Peace gave an Initiative Annual Report to the United Nations. It summarized the activities of World Peace Day. The reports are available as archives. For its initiative for World Peace Day, the Pathways to Peace was given Peace Messenger status by the UN Secretary-General Pérez de Cuellar. In the subsequent years, the name was modified to the Culture of Peace Initiative from We the Peoples.


A premise for expanding the World Peace Day included Reconciliation. In it, many emblems in the form of White Doves would be given after a formal presentation at the UN. The proposal was put ahead by Vincent Coyle of Derry, Northern Ireland. It was argued at Seanad Eireann. It would not be practical for a single member state to ask for a specific slot at the general United Nations ceremony. But events were celebrated at the United Nations in New York with the active support of Kofi Annan. A diplomatic stir took place when the Lions Clubs International organized a competition for various posters for World Peace Day commemorative stamps issued by the United Nations Postal Administration.


One of the winners of the competition was announced as a teenage Taiwanese school student Yang Chih-Yuan. But the announcement was later withdrawn. The Government of Taiwan, Taiwan Lions Club, and Taiwan media reports said that not utilizing the poster resulted from the pressure created from China. The rejection of the student's painting on political grounds did not show the ideals of World Peace Day. The United Nations issued a clarification that, although on the shortlist of candidates, Yang's proof got publicized by mistake as one of the various stamps to be issued due to an internal miscommunication and misunderstanding. The Government of Taiwan later released a stamp that contained the image.


Fifteen years ago, Kofi Annan, the then Secretary-General Kofi, rang the Peace Bell for the final time in office. The United Nations said that the "many ways it works for peace and encourages individuals, groups, and communities worldwide to contemplate and communicate thoughts and activities on how to achieve peace." 


In the International Year of Reconciliation, the occasion was marked by many white doves distributed after an official presentation at the United Nations. It bore in mind that the Charter of the United Nations, including the principles and purposes, present inside in, and in particular those of securing coming generation from the problems of war, getting resolutions by peaceful means, and per the principles of international law and justice, settlement or adjustment of global situations or disputes which might cause to a disruption of the peace, and practicing tolerance and living in harmony with one another as great neighbors. Thus, it creates friendly relations among countries and promotes global cooperation to remove global humanitarian, cultural, social, and economic issues. 




Suppose you want to create an impact that goes beyond your community. In that case, the website by Don Morris suggests that you can mail an origami crane to any world leader. You may have wanted to send a message to the President of the United States. You may have liked to tell your teachers or friends that you sent a message to the Secretary of the United Nations. You can get the addresses on the website. Of course, before you act on the above-given suggestions, it is a great idea to take some help from friends or family. Who knows, they may like to assist you in getting started on your initial batch of hundreds of cranes.




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