How's It Feel Like Traveling Solo After Lockdown?

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Dec 10,2020

Pandemic must have shattered your peace oozing out all the dormant pressure of being bound to one place for a long time. Anything outside the boundaries of your house must be too captivating now as we have languished indoors for too long a time. However, all these temptations could only settle down if we were to finally flap our feathers and move out, letting go of our guard. 

All this could be a feeling for a normal man, but solo travelers must have borne this static sense too much that they feel the dire need to break their fences. Exploring, meeting friends, and experiencing the oddness of a place has been their life for so long. Locking them up means stripping them off from all the fun they have been experiencing and shutting down their only mojo of life. This could propel a certain sense of sobriety leaving them to reel the pain of loneliness and joblessness.

Many solo-travelers like Andrew Reeves, Janice, Tracey, Ciara Johnson, and Brooke Saward were interviewed to get a peek at their current life as they are currently facing the crisis. They all have agreed to their plight of feeling low and depressed to be homebound for a long time now. Now that this dejection has become a little overboard with constant lockdown shattering their dreams, they have fixed their mind to break the ties and flee out to suppress their urge. 

However, Tracey, a famous travel blogger, feels being home could be a safer option as we prepare ourselves to crash the outside world once the ongoing mess subsides. Ever since this Pandemic crisis aroused, she has been researching places worldwide to travel bearing all the safety options in mind. There are few places which could be deemed safer for travels, and one has to nit-pick on them to settle their vacations.

Fixing places is not the only thing they have to be worried about, other factors have to be validated before they embark on their journey. Their normal travel days must have been a liberated one as they would have enjoyed all the contacts without having to filter any crazy outdoor experiences. The situation now has upended offering them a more subtle outing keeping their guards intact. Let us get into the details of what their safety plans constitute.

Fixing the places correctly:

As we have amply discussed before, the best choice to resume back your journey would be to choose places that have a lesser floating population. Choosing all the offbeat places could be a good alternative to explore safely amid pandemic woes. Reeves feels, choosing a spot where you can unwind and settle your pent-up anxieties could add the lost momentum of vacation. Her first trip to North Carolina and Durham beaches were exemplary to revive back her travel mood. It felt like she grew back her wings to fly and enjoy her solace. Although she missed the fun of social mixing with people, it gave back the promise of her dreams.

Meticulous planning of routes:

Destinations are not the only problems, as the route and facilities available amidst travel would require heavy planning. Driving longer distances calls for shorter breaks and stop-shop experiences. Restaurants and food facilities need to be checked on the routes. Even filling petrol is expected to be contactless to be guarded. All this needs meticulous planning to avoid any on-spot confusion. Being stranded in an island driveway having no way to fill your instant needs would be a travel disaster.

Embrace me-time or get virtual:

Many solo-travelers have this habit of getting tangled with social circles. Their job is to contact and get acquainted with people to get facts about their homeland. This could be a little tedious given the rapid spread of the virus across coasts. The recourse for this is to venture a lonely and safe trip that offers contentment. It could slightly be an unconventional outdoorsy experience given their usual lively environments. However, if they could not be content with a lonely journey, they can still try getting virtual with people of their country. Contact details could be obtained from local travel agencies in that case.

Self-safety checks:

Maintaining your self-safety could be the only veil to protect you from infections. Wearing a mask and distancing yourself from any closer contacts will serve better all the solo-traveling buddies.


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