How To Make Vacation Hassle-Free Post Pandemic?

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Sep 06,2023
tourist enjoying beach vacation

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the regular normalcy of our lives. It has almost been a year of stringent lockdowns and social distancing. The tourism and travel industry had to close-down and hibernate for several months.


After months of self-quarantine, various destinations in the world have given a heads up to travel. Every precautionary measure is being diligently taken for the safety of the travelers. They are waiting for tourists to kickstart their vacation packages. 


Yet, tourists have several questions on how to undertake and plan a post-pandemic trip. Here are some useful tips for you that will help your planning. 


Opt for short trips:

As a tourist, you need to be prepared for the fact that travel and tourism have forever changed. Fret not, because people can still make vacation packages and get on their feet as usual. 


But if you are still bound with fear about the virus, then you can first take a test trip. Consider undertaking shorter vacations, such as a road trip. You will have more flexibility with diverse options. This way you can get to know how the post-pandemic world and tourism scenario is. It will also help you to maintain social distancing. Before you prepare that luxurious vacation package, a short trip will give you the basic idea you need.


Avail travel insurance:

Ideally, every tourist and traveler should be already having valid travel and health insurance. But if you still havent availed of one, then this is the correct time to do so. 


The insurance should include packages for COVID-19. Since the rules, and regulations are bound to change at any moment, so, it should be inclusive of the flight cancellation, and other emergencies. 


Consider affordable rates and discounts:

Needless to say, the tourism industry had to close down for many months. To make up for the losses, almost all destinations have put up exciting offers and discounts. Search for discounts, so that you can save your money and travel more at less expense. Also, many flights and vacation packages offer cancellation policies. Go for them since you can cancel at any moment and get your refund back. 


Let the travel agency hold your back:

A travel agent knows the knack of preparing vacation packages according to the changing times. The post-pandemic vacation is not going to be easy. Hence, tourists can let the travel agency take responsibility for their trip. 


Since flights and destinations are bound to halt at any given time, you shouldnt be left stranded searching for other options. Travel agencies equip themselves with the on-going scenario and guide you accordingly. So even if theres any discrepancy in your vacation package, they can replace and sort the options without causing any damage. 


Stay updated about the frequently-changing rules:

It is crucial to keep yourself updated every minute about the on-going situation especially if you are far from home. Whats more important is to avail information from reliable sources. Every destination has its portal that keeps updating the relevant information. Such sources come with data and stats rather than hoax forwards. So tourists need to check facts and plan accordingly. Dont miss to frequently check the travel and health advisories issued by the respective country governments. 


Pack the essentials:

The new essentials are not just portable charger and water bottle, but masks, disinfectant wipes, sanitizer, and tissues. The only time you are supposed to remove your mask is when you eat and while taking photos. Lest your face is to be covered always. You never know how much you will be fined if you remove your mask so dont! 


Get ample tissues and masks, so that if they get misplaced you are still well to go. 


Pledge to be a responsible tourist:

We are not yet over the pandemic. Several regions have reported a second wave and a raise in the transmission rates. Hence, as a tourist, you must keep yourself safe. When you pledge to take care of yourself you also make sure that others are not put at risk. Wearing a mask is mandatory and practicing distancing at all times is necessary. Follow the guidelines without fail. 


Places such as airports and railway stations are a hub of viruses. Despite constant disinfection and cleaning done by the authorities, the virus can still transmit if proper care is not taken at the individual level.

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