Here's A List Of Places That Serve Delicious Sea Food With Best Views

Lots of people crave seafood. It’s a fantasy to travel to a place where food and leisure are offered at its best. There are places around the world where restaurants master specific dishes to suit people’s choices and expectations. Seafood is one such food item that garners a good amount of liking from people, who lookout for the best places to consume it.

Let us dive into the places that boast the best seafood availability and spectacular views:

Greece: Athens, Heraklion, Kos

Greek cuisine is rich in seafood as its availability is maximum in the country. Various restaurants in Greece create different and unique recipes to endorse and sell their cuisine to the visitors, thus propagating their rich seafood culture.

The best way to savor a good seafood menu is to find a coastal place in Greece and relish your cravings in the restaurants of that locality. The fishermen on the beach catch the fishes at your sight and that fish will be cooked and served on the shores for travelers on spot. The grilled shellfish attract your taste buds to the maximum. Never miss a rice meal in Greece which is complimented with varieties of seafood options. Anchovies with rice and Cuttlefish cooked gravy with rice are the best servings that can drool your mouths forever.

Greece is also filled with lots of scenic attractions and seaside views that attract people. Athens is a beautiful city filled with remarkable beaches and stunning sceneries.

Thailand: Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi

The most delicious cuisine that people all over the world relish the most is Thai Cuisine. The rich flavor of Thai foods is predominant in their curries and Gravies. They consume seafood with their staple rice. Sometimes seafood is also added to soups and salads for nourishment.

They boast of the best deep-fried fishes and prawns. The shrimps and squids are supplied with spices to be consumed in combination with rice. Tamarind sauce is a commonly used topping in most of their cookeries. Cooked prawns and fishes with tamarind sauce, Tom Yum soup with preferable seafood choices are some items that will tantalize your food fantasies.

Thailand is a country of tourist attractions. It also gives you the ultimate relaxation and beautiful infrastructures to enjoy the beauty of the tourist spots. The beaches there offer beautiful sight-seeing experiences with activities like snorkeling and underwater adventures.

Japan: Tokyo

Tokyo is a paradise for seafood lovers. It boasts of high-quality restaurants that provide a rich variety of seafood. Their preparation of seafood involves a meticulous and elaborate process that uplifts the taste of these delicacies. Anybody who happens to travel to Japan cannot afford to miss the experience of devouring the seafood there. They can feast upon the fishes there and feel heavenly because they render a mouth-watering experience.

Grilled Octopus, Kebab-style fish sticks, and Sushi fish are the best dishes served there.

Tokyo boasts high-raised buildings and magnificently designed architectures and a panoramic view of the city from the 40th-floor would be a lifetime experience. Restaurants in the city are mostly on rooftops which enables the visitors to celebrate the beauty of the richness it possesses while savoring their favorite cuisine.

Chile: Santiago

Chile has long beaches and seafood is abundant in the country. It is also considered as the most favorite tourist spot that has attracted a larger audience. Chile has millions of visitors who come for reveling in Chilean delicacies. The most famous item of consumption there is seafood of different choices. Santiago is filled with restaurants that provide delicious seafood in interesting variations. The clichéd fish and prawns can be consumed all over the world, but to attempt the different water species in different flavors will give perks for a traveler.

Seafood lovers who crave the difference in their menus can fulfill their longing by dwelling in Chilean cuisines. Molluscs, Crustaceans, and algae are some distinct items that you get to eat in Chile.

Long beaches enhance the beauty of the city. Driving near the shores is a joyful experience. Santiago is famous for the traditional architecture of the 18th century. They intrigue travelers with exaltation and excitement.

India: Goa

If someone wants to taste the spicy and classic styled seafood, they should try Goa. They have exclusive varieties of fishes and prawns. Some seafood lovers will fancy the gravy that supplements the seafood. The masala (sauces) that enhances the texture and tang of the seafood would go well with the dish giving it a unique taste. This could entice the taste buds of some people to enjoy the delicacy with a bit of a punch. Sometimes craziness in food choices could intrigue your food fantasy to a different level.

Indian Cuisine is all about spices, and someone who could bear a little hotness in their tongue should crash seafood at Goa, India

Goan fish curry with rice, spicy jumbo tiger prawns, and Prawn masala are some Goan seafood choices.

Goa serves as the best tourist attraction with eye-catching views of the sandy beaches. Having a relaxed view of the unfolding sea and sinking in that ecstasy by leaning back in the beach chairs, gives a heavenly feeling.

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