Plan a Vacation to These Amazing Countries After Lockdown

Why travel to the overrated and crowded countries when you can go for someplace which will not harm your budget and give an experience of a lifetime. All the world's popular destinations attract Travelers from all around the globe every year but there are few countries which are worth visiting. They may not be as popular as other tourist destinations but they have a lot more to offer and the crowd is pretty low. Currently, every country is going through a serious situation where we all have to maintain social distempering and need to stay home. Instead of traveling around the globe, we are traveling from one room to another. The most important thing to take care of right now is our health. However when the travel restrictions are uplifted and it is healthy to travel one must consider these underrated places for their next big vacation. These places are surely going to give you peace of mind without placing you in an overcrowded situation.


Myanmar was on the radar of every traveler but due to its highly restrictive travel restrictions, it was a challenge to travel here. But it was later in the year 2015 that a democratic government came into being and traveling hair became easy. The country reconsidered The Tourist restrictions and eased it out so that it can attract more travelers. Myanmar was earlier known as Burma and is home to an array of languages. The different festivals and celebrations throughout the year are mesmerizing and attract lots of travelers. All the celebrations and festivals are related to one or other religious significance. When a person is in Myanmar they can visit many attractions. The city of Mandala must be on the bucket list of your vacation. If you are into religious traveling then the temples of Bagan are surely going to lure you. It is a Landmark that attracts many travelers. Also for the people who are into adventurous activities they can take different fast-paced activities like cycling, checking, Scuba Diving, and boating. Myanmar has a lot to offer for your retreat.

Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico is a famous tourist attraction that is gaining popularity year by year. If someone is looking out for a vacation filled with relaxation and rejuvenation then this is the place to be. It is the Caribbean Nation and is home to an amazing landscape. One is going to find beaches with white sand and crystal clear water. Also, in the mountains, it is quite greener. Anybody who is looking out for a tropical vacation needs to pack the bags for your Puerto Rico. There are miles of beaches that are going to attract any kind of traveler. It is a perfect location for a beach vacation. One can travel here with both and can experience the amazing colorful coral reefs. One can even enjoy water activities like surfing. If you are a partyholic then be prepared to see some of the biggest parties in the Arabian Sea. It is a unique combination of cultural influences from a variety of places. If you are a foodie you are surely going to love this amazing place. One can even find a mix of Caribbean, African, and Spanish food. When it comes to food one is going to find endless options into a variety of International cuisine that is searched almost everywhere on this Island. Before traveling know the “Best Time To Visit Latin America in 2020”.


Iran is considered to be unsafe for the American. In fact, The U.S. The Bureau of consular affairs has placed Iran under level 4 of the travel advisory. But even after these restrictions, it is the third fastest-growing traveler’s destination for the vacation. Everybody who is in love with History loves to travel to the Middle Eastern countries and Iran happens to be the best place. Iran has played a very major role in the lives of many famous historians. If anyone wants to visit the ruins of ancient cities and taste the life of the Persian Empire then they can't stop themselves from visiting Iran. Even after being issued multiple travel warnings, Iran is still gaining popularity for its hospitality. The local population here has diversified cultures and includes a touch of different centuries. One may find the culture very resonating with the greek, Arabs, Turks, and mangoes. The Iranian people are known for their hospitality and social behavior.


Uzbekistan is a country that is no less than a Marvel. In the year 2020, there was a surge in travel bookings to this country. It was a Soviet republic and a central Asian Nation both. It had a very vital role in the history of East and West relations. Even today the buildings and the architectures speak aloud the ancient Silk Road route. The architecture is still influenced by the ancient trade practices that happened from this root. Uzbekistan is a perfect travel vacation destination for everyone who loves architecture. If you are someone who wants to get inspired by the Islamic designs and want to hope on the journey of mosques then this is the place to be.

In today's scenario, it seems that traveling in 2020 will not be possible. However, don't leave your home and try to go on virtual vacations so that you don't feel bored at home and self-quarantine becomes easier for you.

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