The Best Non-Perishable Food Items To Bring On Your Vacation

You can eat to your heart’s content when you are at home. However, while traveling, eating habits cannot remain the same. You are required to be a bit health conscious while choosing what to eat and what not on vacation. Sticking to a healthy diet, especially when traveling for a longer duration, is a tricky task. Since every stop includes a plethora of fast food alternatives, you may be forced to eat unhealthy foods. However, keeping some home-cooked food items in a bag will ensure that you are eating healthy and nutritious food. Now, the real deal is to decide what to pack for the vacation. It is one of the challenging parts of a vacation to choose food and meals to have on the way. 


This article has been curated to make your choice easier and less stressful. In this article, we are going to talk about non-perishable travel food items that are best for staying healthy and fit on vacation while satisfying your tastebuds. Non-perishable food is the one that does not deteriorate if stored at room temperature for an extended period of time. However, it is important to understand that not all of these food items are strictly non-perishable. Some last just for a few days, while others last for months. So, make sure you pick the right food and enjoy fresh food on the go.


Let’s dive in!


Non-Perishable Travel Food Items For Breakfast



Whether you are staying at home or exploring the roads, breakfast is always an important meal of the day. Among all the other meals, it is considered crucial as it helps in providing the body with the energy required to get through the rest of the day. So, if you are traveling and worrying about carrying food, several non-perishable travel food items are available that will fill you up for at least a few hours. 


Some of the non-perishable travel food items you can pack for breakfast include canned beans, raw nuts, hard-boiled eggs, dry fruits, fresh fruits, etc. However, if you are planning to carry fruits, make sure you don’t cut them and pack them in advance. Carrying these non-perishable items will not just promote healthy eating and easy access but also help in saving a lot of money.


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Non-Perishable Travel Food Items For Lunch


While this is one of the meals usually neglected on vacation, having it will keep the person active. It is a little difficult to enjoy a healthy meal while traveling, but carrying non-perishable travel food will make it possible. All you need is a little planning while packing food. You can carry food items like canned meat, canned pasta, canned vegetables, canned gravy, pancake mix, granola bars, rice, cake mixes, etc. Although these items are non-perishable, they require a little cooking. If you are traveling for a longer duration, you can book your stay where you can cook a little and carry your travel kitchen to enjoy scrumptious meals without sacrificing your health. 


If you are not interested in cooking, you can have items like dried fruits, rice cake, pre-cooked roasted sweet potatoes, chicken, or beef pre-cut into strips, granola, packed juices, etc. All these food items will keep you full and help you stay healthy while strolling across the trip attractions. So, next time you plan a vacation, make sure you bring your meals ahead of time. This will not just keep you away from unhealthy eating but also keep you fit.


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Non-Perishable Travel Food Items For Dinner



Dinner is the last and the most important meal of the day. One is required to be wise while choosing what to eat in order to make the journey happy. To make your dining choices easy and healthy, you must carry some non-perishable travel food items with you. There are several food items that last longer without getting spoiled and don't even require a refrigerator to keep them fresh and good for eating. 


Some options of non-perishable items that a traveler can enjoy are starchy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and nut butter; canned proteins and jerky; dry whole grains, and more. One can also keep a few bottles of juices as they are great to consume even at room temperature. Other than this, cup noodles or frozen food items are great options for dinner as they can be used for a longer duration and do not even require a lot of cooking.  


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Non-Perishable Travel Food Items For Toddlers


While traveling with toddlers, parents are always on the lookout for healthy food options to feed them. Unlike adults, children need to be given special consideration while selecting meals as they cannot digest everything they consume. Also, children love munching while flying to the destination or strolling across the trip attractions. Hence it is essential for parents to keep some non-perishable travel food items. This will not just help in satisfying the hunger of the kids but also keep them entertained during the vacation. 


The food items that can be packed for toddlers are non-perishable yogurts, dry fruits, jam, cheese, canned milk, cookies, fig bars, canned meat, banana chips, dry cereals, and a lot more. If cooking is an option, then carry dry foods like brown rice, crackers, cereals, whole-wheat pasta, and oatmeal. These food items will ensure that your toddler will get all the required nutritional value even when traveling. Also, such foods are light and highly digestive, which are great for the little ones. 


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Non-perishable travel food items are always the best choice for fighting hunger pangs when on vacation. Keeping such food with you will not just save you from putting a dent in your budget but also help you maintain a healthy eating habit. Pin this guide and refer to it while packing your meals on your vacation. 


Bon voyage and have a safe culinary adventure! 



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