6 Best Caribbean Beers- Enjoy The Brews Of The Tropics

Author: Megha

It is no surprise that the Caribbean islands are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The region's idyllic islands are surrounded by striking white, black, and even pink sand, enhancing its beauty. Enjoying a locally brewed beer on the beach will only add to the intangible yet palpable magic of these stunning locations.


Although the Caribbean boasts a long reputation for its rum, it has a history with beers too. Beer was first served in the region in the late 19th century as a British import, but it has gained immense popularity in recent years. Most of the best Caribbean beers are the yellow lagers, amber lagers, and pilsners. This is because of the deep and rich stout, which fits perfectly with the tropical beaches. 


Every island here brews its own unique pale lager, which serves the travelers with plenty of options to choose from. With dozens of beer varieties available in the market, choosing the best one is quite a daunting task. This is why we have narrowed down the list to the top six beers that will definitely enhance your taste buds. Now, read this article and grab a drink to make your Caribbean vacation even more perfect.  


Read on and experience the taste of the island through the best Caribbean beers.  



Best Caribbean Beers Checklist

1. Red Stripe, Jamaica

2. Banks, Barbados

3. Carib, Trinidad and Tobago

4. Piton, St. Lucia

5. Kalik, Bahamas

6. Presidente, Dominican Republic


1. Red Stripe, Jamaica



When it comes to the best Caribbean beers, it doesn’t get more Caribbean than this beer. Red Stripe is Jamaica’s most iconic and famous beer that was first brewed in 1928. This American-style lager is a clean, refreshing, and easy-to-go-down beer that you can find almost everywhere on the island. It comes in a big brown bottle and is one of the first beers that come to mind when someone talks about tropical beer in Jamaica. To better enjoy this beer, you must pair it with Jamaican jerk chicken or pork. If you are planning a vacation to Jamaica, make sure you grab a chilled glass of Red Stripe and sip in the drink for a while, taking in the vistas.


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2. Banks, Barbados


Next on the list of the best Caribbean beers, we have a premium Pilsner-style lager called Banks. It is a refreshing frosty glass of beer that has been ruling the Barbados market since 1961. This drink can be perfectly described as having a pure, smooth, and fresh aroma. It is a classic brand of 2-Row British and Australian malted barley, which is innovatively flavored by Yakima Cluster hops. Sometimes it is also flavored with noble Styrian Golding hop. The secret behind the delicious taste of Banks is the water that is purely filtered through limestone rock and a special strain of yeast. Next time you visit Barbados, you must enjoy a glass of Banks and complete your idyllic beach experience.


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3. Carib, Trinidad, and Tobago



Want to enjoy one of the best Caribbean beers that are on the lighter side? If yes, this is the beer for you. It is the official beer of Trinidad and Tobago that you can consume all day long. The roots of the Carib beer dates back to September 1950, and today, it is known for producing a large quality of over 26 million gallons. This beer is not just famous in one region but is exported to over 30 countries worldwide. When you try this beer, you will get a hint of tequila with some citrus flavors. It is a little watery, which makes it easy to enjoy all day long. When you visit the Caribbean, get a glass and offer your tastebuds an experience of a lifetime. 


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4. Piton, St. Lucia


Piton, the national beer of St. Lucia, is one of the most served drinks on the Caribbean island. This drink got its name from iconic peaks of the island’s southwest, Gros Piton, and Petit Piton. It has been around the market since 1992 and is known for using locally grown organic ingredients in the brewing process. This not just makes it sustainable but also offers it a rich, unique, and exceptional flavor. It has a flat golden color with a malty aroma and is vaguely floral. Unlike other beers, what makes it stand out from the rest is its unique taste. In addition to the regular beer, Piton beer comes in four different flavors named lemon, passion fruit, ginger, and sorrel. Trust us; it is one of the best Caribbean beers to end your day of fun in the sun.  


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5. Kalik, Bahamas



Kalik is one of the most recognized and the best Caribbean beers, which is the national drink of the Bahamas. It is a drink that has a strong alcoholic kick with approximately 7% of alcohol. Various studies have found out that this drink controls over 50% of the total beer market. This drink has a golden color, grainy nose, a slight and sweet finish with the smell of corn and lemon. The name Kalik comes from the sound of the cowbells that are made during the annual festivals. For its fantastic taste, this drink has won three consecutive Gold Medals from Monde Selection. This outstanding drink is brewed by Commonwealth Brewing Ltd. who also came up with Kalik Light and Kalik Regular, which are the two lagers lighter than the original beer. 


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6. Presidente, Dominican Republic


There is a long list of the best Caribbean beers, but only a few of them are termed iconic. One such beer is the Presidente. It is brewed in the Dominican Republic but is easily available all across the Caribbean. This beer is the most exported in the region. It’s been more than 85 years that Presidente has been ruling the market because of its unmatchable flavor. However, with passing time, the recipe of the drink is evolving. Earlier it was a more profound and darker brew, but today it has changed to a lighter pilsner. When it comes to taste, this is one of the best Caribbean beers with corn notes and a crisp, sweet finish. If you are looking for an unforgettable taste, this is a beer to try on your vacation. 


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Final Words:

It’s rightly said, “Nothing better than sitting on the beach with a bucket of brews.” Those mentioned above are our top six picks of the best Caribbean beers ideal for quenching the thirst on a beautiful beach. When are you trying them? 



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