Exploring The Travel Destination Of The Year 2022: Mexico


Suppose traveling is your passion, and your bucket list is full of unexplored places. In that case, this blog is perfect for shortlisting a great travel destination: Mexico. Mexico is a country that offers budget-friendly sightseeing and a bright outlook on your world. The place provides wondrous beaches, palm trees, significant expansions of terrains, and civilization stored as ruins. This is a perfect place for travelers looking to unravel mouth-watering delicacies and traditions with the mingling of history and colors. With enumerable ways to enjoy in our 2022 travel destination pick, we have shortlisted some popular getaways in Mexico to make your stay worth the expense! 


What does Mexico have to offer?


The destination of the year 2022 lies in the southern part of the American continent and is lined by the Pacific Ocean. With water bodies completely drizzling the country around, one can expect canopies of jungles, palm-lined beaches, and a tropical paradise to greet your presence. The place gives you the joys of water rides or spending long walks on the dry terrains taking a peek in the volcanic mountains, and being mesmerized by the wildlife.


Modernized Mesoamerican architecture brings you the aesthetics of development and urbanization by humans. The country incorporates the 300 years of Spanish habitats and displays them through their art, cuisine, and historical monuments. The most notable feature of Mexican architecture is the Mesoamerican pyramids, the second-largest building after the Egyptians. 


  • The destination highlights Mayan cities through Teotihuacán, Tollan-Xicocotitlan, and México-Tenochtitlan, famous for their structural designs and roadways
  • Want to brighten up your palate with some extravagant food? Mexico has a great tanginess and spices to give your mouth a blast of new flavors and cuisines. The country's gastronomy is unique. Its traditions and culture blend Mexican tastes and Spanish indigenous ingredients like pepper, corn, Calabasas, and more! 
  • An art freak wanting to learn pre-historical culture through paintings and inking? Mexico gives you the freedom to know its history through art, and the country is known for its cave paintings, clothes, and murals.  


The country is remembered as an experience by its people and visitors alike. It gives you a sense of home and affection, which is a great way to spend your holiday and to have a bit of a Spanish fiesta! 


Where should you go for a vacation in Mexico?


Check out all the places listed below for an enjoyable trip to the land of colors and joy! 


1. Ciudad de México


Ciudad de México


Every country has one place, which centralizes the entire meaning of the place alone. Mexico city is that for Mexico, and the capital gives you a whole glimpse of the country in one go. You get to explore art museums, galleries, and architectural monuments to blow your mind! In the depth of Mexico city lies its constitution, the Plaza de la Constitución, which was established in 1813. The place is a common ground for a union of festivities, parades, and demonstrations. Here, the traditions come to life through Aztec dancers in their feathers, shells, and vibrant costumes. The best time to visit the square is during the Festival de México, an annual event held there to display art and academia at its finest through performances and shows. 


2. Plaza de las Tres Culturas


With its historical significance surrounding three different cultures, The Plaza de las tres Culturas is a great tourist site to explore the history of Mexico City.  The square lies within the Tlatelolco district and encompasses the blend of three cultures of Pre-Columbian, Spanish colonials, and modern Mexico through buildings and forms of architecture. The beauty of this place comes from the archaeological remains of the historical city of Tlatelolco, the College of Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco, and a Modern complex constructed in 1964. An interesting fact about Plaza de las tres Culturas is that the museum built on its southern side pays homage to the victims of the Tlatelolco massacre, known as "Memorial 68."


3. The Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlán


Pyramid of Tenochtitlán


A key highlight of Mexico and the ruins of Tenochtitlán is the ancient Great Pyramid which provides an insight into the Aztec culture and heritage. The Pyramid is dedicated as a shrine to the two Aztec Gods, namely Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli, whose altars are made side by side. A notable feature is a sacrificial altar where human sacrifice was performed to pray to the Gods. Hence, the monument is a symbol of the temporal and spiritual beliefs of the Aztec inhabitants. Another incredible sight of this place is the first relic sculpture installed at Templo Mayor, which is 3 meters high and weighs over 15000 lbs! The site is of great historical importance. Thousands of relics and artworks have been unearthed and displayed in the famous National Museum of Anthropology. 


4. The National Museum of Anthropology


The museum is reputed worldwide for its artifact collection and historical significance. It’s the perfect destination of the year. Located at the heart of Mexico City, it is the most popular tourist site and the biggest museum in the country. Constructed in the 19th century, the museum is home to over 10,000 permanent artifacts and relics belonging to the pre-Columbian era and the Aztec empire. Few of the famous displays include the Stone of the Sun, giant stone heads of the Olmec civilization, rare treasures from the Mayan culture, and more. The National Museum of Anthropology is also famous for the variety of events it hosts to familiarize tourists and visitors with the history of Mexico. The place also houses the Anthropological library, which has the rarest of books and volumes to admire.   


5. Chapultepec Park


Chapultepec Park


Commonly known as the 'Bosque de Chapultepec,' the park is one of the largest parks in Mexico City and the oldest in Latin America. The park spans over 670 hectares and is considered the city's "lungs" due to its ecological importance. Inside the park, you will find yourself immersed in the beauty of its flora and fauna, hills, fountains, night museums, lakes, birds, sculptures, and winding pathways. The park is also of greater significance for migratory birds due to its rain-attracting nature. For a bird-watcher, you may get a glimpse of some marvelous species, including kingfishers, hawks, wild ducks, finches, and warblers. Another reason for its excellent tourist attraction is that the National Museum and the Museum of Anthropology are situated inside the park. This makes it easier for visitors to explore the history of Mexico and its inhabitants through knowledge and the ecosystem. 


6. Tulum


Need a luxurious getaway in Mexico? Tulum is the right place to unravel all your stress and tension. The town lies on Mexico's Caribbean coast and is home to some of the only existing Mayan waterfronts. It is a great vacation spot for travelers who adore nature and water bodies. Tulum houses one of the oldest archaeological sites in Mexico, which introduces visitors to the Mayan civilization, their temples, and castles. The coastline town greets you with underground water caverns, the sacred El Gran Cenote, zoos, aquariums, nature reserves, and the biosphere. It is no doubt that Tulum is considered one of the best places to visit in Mexico due to its rich flora and fauna as a beach town. Moreover, what is better than sipping on your favorite cocktail at night while the sea glistens under the moonlight! 


7. Guanajuato




Ever wondered where those beautiful and vibrant buildings lined side by side come from? Guanajuato is your answer. The city is famous for its silver mines and history relating to colonial architecture. Guanajuato mingles streets, alleyways, and tunnels and presents a picturesque visual that would leave you mesmerized. The town is also known for the supernatural tales that linger and the exquisite cuisine at Mercado Hildago. It is certified as a UNESCO world heritage site. An interesting take on this town is the tunnels called Callejón del Beso or the Alley of Kiss. Their construction made the balconies stick so close that people could kiss from one balcony to the other! Suppose colors and history are your take-ups on traveling. In that case, Guanajuato should be one of the top priorities in Mexico for you! 




The best way to enjoy Mexico is to take an organized trip or opt for an entire tour package covering the country's famous attractions and giving you a wholesome experience. Another thing to consider when traveling to Mexico is living expenses and budget-friendly hotels. A planned tour across Mexico will save you time and space and give you in-depth cultural and historical exposure to the country, from museums to beaches and archaeological sites. With a great diversity of urban and ecological significance, Mexico is our pick as the best traveling destination for 2022! Need more help with planning your trip? Visit Leisure.com for the latest information, advice, and vacation ideas.

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