Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Save Money While Traveling

From solo travelers to students and working professionals, everyone loves to travel. There are multiple reasons people feel that their dreams to go globetrotting around the world cannot come true! The first of these reasons is the price tag that comes along with traveling so much! 


Yes, travel does involve a huge cost sometimes; for your airfare, activities, food, and accommodations, there are multiple ways to travel if you only know these 6 easy ways to save money while traveling. You can have new experiences and follow your wanderlust if only you are fully acquainted with these 6 easy ways to meet your budget and spend less. 


PS: These changed the travel game for me; I hope they do for you too! 


1. Reaching Your Location 



During summers, several destinations are going to be at their most expensive! So, if possible, try to travel during the off-season. Places like Europe are perfect even during the shoulder seasons. The weather is great, all the famous places are much less crowded, and you will end up saving so much. 


Looking for great deals on your flight tickets is another art that one should definitely know, any time of the year. The best strategy for this is to be as patient as you can. Finding a great deal means you would have to do some extremely serious searching. 


Here are a few ways you can find cheap flights:


- Using apps like Hopper App to keep an eye on airfare deals as and when they arise.

- Using airline’s specific low fare calendar 

- Checking out Skyscanner to compare different airlines when booking flights

- Booking indirect flights or flights to nearby airports 

- Avoiding any extra fees like priority boarding, choosing a seat, or a checked bag, etc. 


If you are still debating more ways to save money while traveling via airlines, you can combine your means of transportation. You can combine airfare with train fare and still end up saving. 


If you are going to be traveling on the ground, look for a multi-way pass. This comes in handy when you visit Europe especially. You will get amazing deals for a continent that big. Multi-way passes like Eurail offer you some amazing bargains that will still help you cure your wanderlust! 


Leisure Travel Guide Tip - If you are looking forward to getting traveling rewards, get a travel reward credit card. It is great before big trips and purchases. The biggest benefit of having such a card? You can use the points you earn to book free flights and hotels! It is one of the best ways to save money while traveling. 


2. Booking a budget accommodation 


We all love Airbnb! Yes, you can find some of the best accommodations, cheaper than hotels. Airbnbs are much cheaper, fit all kinds of budgets, and offer you a place where you can save money on food as well (since most of the places come with a kitchen you can cook in!). 


Just like Airbnb, you can check out to get amazing places you can stay in and live and explore new locations like a local


If you want to save even more money, consider staying in hostels. One thing to keep in mind here: some hostels offer private rooms. Check out these hostels before you book your accommodations. 


And, if you are looking to stay in a hotel, look for the ones located farther away from the city centers. They are bound to be cheaper. 


3. Getting Transportation



Means of transportation in a new city, usually taxis can be somewhat expensive than other options. Uber is a great way if you cannot figure out getting around the city initially. However, metros and subways turn out to be the best ways to save money while traveling and exploring a new location. Try to go underground as much as you can to save up those extra dollars. Google maps show all available public transit options. So, just type in wherever you want to go, and the app will help you reach the location with all the necessary lines, buses, and information you require. 


Of course, walking is the cheapest option, especially if you are in an exotic, small location. 


You can also go for car rental services or bike rentals if they are cheap. There are plenty of services that allow you to pick the vehicle and explore the location. 


4. Enjoying Activities


The manner in which you go about organizing your daily activities while traveling can actually make or break your bank! Some of the best memories we, at Leisure, have made while traveling are adventures that actually did not cost a dime. 


Here are a few fun ways to save money while traveling on activities:


- Skip all kinds of pricey “touristy” tours. Instead, download some audiobooks and the best travel guides. Listen to them while you are exploring the locations. There are other free mobile apps that also help you explore the new location at your own pace. You can also rely on Google to know about things to do and explore. 

- Ask for discounts at all times. Be on the lookout for any special offers and rates going on for seniors, students, or groups. Whatever applies to you, just grab that discount. It never hurts to ask! 

- Check out online travel forums and websites for special deals and discounts before visiting a location. Websites like Groupon are a great source of information on these discounts. Check these out to get major discounts while you explore the entire world. 

- Look for free activities you can indulge in. Go to major tourist attractions, museums, and other absolutely free locations to view and explore. You can find an endless list of places to explore for free in any new location. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals. 


5. Hearty Eating


Forget all those overpriced touristy restaurants that are always crowded. The best way to get those authentic flavors in you is to travel on a shoestring budget. 


Here are a few ways to save money while traveling on food:


- Don’t start your day on an empty stomach. Most hotels and hostels offer complimentary breakfast. Ask about that when you are checking in. Go out of the hotel after you have a fuller stomach. 

- Try to cook your dinner on your own. Go grocery shopping, buy a few ingredients, but only if you have a small kitchen in your accommodation. 

- Go for a picnic in a nearby park instead of spending extra on a sit-down meal. 

- Alternate between going out for a meal and eating cheap at times. You can opt for sandwiches and deli meats to curb extra hunger pangs. Even when you cannot cook, you can rely on ready-made meals as a great, budgeted solution. 

- Eat during the day instead of specific hours. For example, in most places, lunch is cheaper than dinner. So, choose the right time before you visit a fancy restaurant. 

- Carry a refillable water bottle with you at all times. Plastic bottles can add a lot to your overall budget. It is also an environmental waste. 

- Check out a few food tours if there are any at the location you are visiting. Most cities offer great deals on food tours, and you get to taste a few delicacies for free at times. 

- Get a whiff of local house wines. They are often delectable and interesting in terms of taste and a lot cheaper. 


6. Shopping


It is always fun to treat yourself to some retail therapy while in a new location. It is often the best form of therapy for some of us! 


But there is always a cost-effective way to go shopping while you travel. 


Here are some ways to save money while traveling on shopping: 


- Get your hands away from those souvenirs. We beg you not to bring another one home if they are extremely common. Only get something if you think it is going to be extremely symbolic and special. 

- Take multiple pictures of your vacation and create a DIY souvenir when you get back. You can find multiple collage inspirations on Google and Pinterest. 

- Don’t visit major stores when in a new location. Instead, choose local street markets. Take the off-beaten path. 

- Opt for stores that are homegrown and local in your travel destination. They will house some special items. 

- Remember to save all your receipts. You might get a tax refund on those items at the airport when you come back. 


So, there you go! Here are the top 6 easy ways to save money while traveling. Bookmark this article for future reference, or share it with your friends and family who need it! 


Happy vacationing to you!



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