Best European Vacations To Experience The Best Of European Places

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European countries have much to offer to every traveler. At Leisure, we have compiled some of the best European vacation spots to consider when planning a trip. 





One of the best European vacations you should take to experience the best of European excellence; surrounded by forests, mountains, and rivers; the country is a trendy tourism spot.  

The beer and the bread are some of the many delicacies. Along with it is the fascinating history of the nation-state. Germany had an important role in World War I and II. 

Best leisure travel packages to Germany include tours through museums, galleries, and even river cruises. If that is not enough, several castles are waiting to be discovered by you.





Overdose yourself on Renaissance art as you feast on Italian Gelato on your next Best European Vacations. Italy is the land of color, culture, cuisine, and everything classic. 

From the architecture to the art, there are museums, galleries, cafes, boat rides, etc., to go on. Apart from the gelato, do try out the Italian Pasta and Pizzas. And if that is not enough for you, go for wine tasting tours to discover the finest of Mediterranean wines. The Best Leisure Travel Packages offer several specialized trips to Italy depending upon what you seek from your Best European Vacations. 





Norway is well-known for its enchanting beauty, clear atmosphere, and exotic tourist destinations. Best European Vacation deals take you through the mighty mountains, crystal clear fjords, as well as bustling cities. Not only having rich mythology attached to it but this Viking nation is also favored for the Midnight Sun. And even more famous for its exquisite location to witness and marvel at the sight of the Northern Lights. Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights are usually attached to the best leisure travel packages itineraries.  More things to try out are the local cuisines, hot saunas, and Ice baths becoming increasingly popular in Norway. 





Having one of the most excellent Eastern European cuisines, Hungary is for those who are hungry to try new food items. Trendy cafes, eateries, restaurants. And bars provide a variety of food items on their menus. The nation-state also boasts a profound cultural influence on the architecture as well as the Hungarian festivals. 


Hungary might as well be one of the Best European Vacations if you are into Patisseries. Adorable cake shops glitter the streets and are affordable. Best Leisure Travel Packages include exploring the artistry of the region and the Thermal Spa experiences. These Spas have baths that are medicinal, therapeutic as well as relaxing. 





The azure waters, the white and ultramarine buildings, and the sandy beaches describe a part of Greece's sightlines. The others include the tasty cuisines, delicious wine, rich heritage as well as historic architecture that make Greece one of your Best European Vacations. 

Learn more about Greek mythology while touring the Acropolis. Not to mention, all the temples are devoted to the various Greek deities. 

The Best Leisure Travel Packages deals give out tours during the day, but you can explore the nation at night. Greece has an active nightlife that is surreal. 

A very few destinations have the amalgamation of the contemporary world and the ancient one. 





Estonia is the most laid back of the Best European Vacations you will at any point have. Not having an immense populace and just three significant urban areas, the nation is open and not swarmed. Best Leisure Travel Packages take you through the visit through the Soomaa National Park as well as on Cruises that are on the rise in the capital city of Tallinn.

Additionally, Estonia is considered one of the greenest countries on the planet. 

With around 2,222 islands in the country, you can go island hopping. While you are at it, do pick up pieces about the nation's culture and history. Also, individuals in Estonia love sports. They have seemingly the best Olympic players and chess players, so you can anticipate many adrenaline-pumping sports to try out there.





Ireland is perhaps one of the most exciting locations to explore in Europe. Its distinctive culture attracts many travelers. Considered the friendliest country, the art, architecture, breweries, and the food takes the front row seat. 

It is often referred to as the land of magical landscapes due to its lunch greenery, mighty mountains, and bountiful countryside. Ireland is to be considered if you wish to experience one of the Best European Vacations of your lifetime. 

While in Ireland, you can discover more about the Celts, who are said to have one of the oldest histories in the world. Historical monuments are across the nations and are easily reachable. 

And do not forget to visit one of the bars in Ireland, you might catch the popular dance form, River dance being performed. 





Parlor by the seashore or swim in the Portuguese waters. Portugal has a ton to bring to the table to its sightseers. From plunging, swimming, boat riding, travels, wine sampling, and surprisingly top-notch food. Portugal promises one of the Best European Vacations.  

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is notable for its picturesque roads and old-world appeal. The engineering in Portugal mirrors the country's clever past. A few Museums tell stories of the Portuguese and their objective to explore the world's edge. If you are searching for the best Leisure Travel Packages for the Best European Vacations, Portugal ought to be on your bucket list.





Famous for the Mediterranean beaches and the tropical climate, Spain is one of the most laidback nations. Alcohol and drinks are readily available as you stroll through the old Spanish streets. Numerous Cathedrals dot the cities of Spain. 

Not only that, Spaniards are big on celebrating events. Some of the world's top festivals are held in Spain. Some famous names are the Wine Fight Festival, La Tomatina, Bull Racing, and the Semana State. One of the best European Vacation destinations, Spain is a mixture of the old and the modern that did not lose its identity in the process. 

Additionally, the streets are lined up with local artists displaying musical talents and putting up a show for the tourists in the lovely Spanish dance, Flamenco.





Everyone knows that France is popular for the Eiffel Tower, but this nation has much more to offer tourists. The capital city of France, Paris, is referred to as the 'The City Of Love'. The city is known for its elegant style, fashion boutiques, tasteful food, charming streets, and renaissance-era architecture. France does promise one of the best European Vacations to experience. 


Cheese, snails, baked goods like bread, croissants, and pastries are quite popular in the nation. Apart from this, wine and champagne are a delicacy in France. While in France, do not forget to purchase some perfume as these are quite the souvenirs you would want to collect. 





By the Black Sea, Romania has a vast cultural diversity and a rich history to tell. Romania includes both the plains as well as the hilly terrain. Romania has several spots that will make this one of your Best European Vacations. 


Apart from the changing landscapes, the cities change to villages back and forth. 

There is plenty of Western Architecture along with medieval ones. It would, in all sense, appear like taking a trip into the past and then into the present. If that doesn't fulfill all your wishes, then you have Dracula's castle to explore. Located in Romania, it is easy to get to and a top tourism spot. Romania would be one of the Best European Vacations you will ever take if you wish to interact with heritage and culture. 


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