Choose European Vacations For Happy Vacations

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 07,2021

Reasons for traveling to Europe


Europe is the second smallest continent. There are 50 countries in Europe. This continent has a historical culture to show. Europe is the home of some of the world's fashion capitals, so here you can find numerous ways of Europe that can be the best spot for vacations, so, you can find your European Vacations as happy vacations. This destination also attracts many tourists as a famous vacation spot in the world.


Best 9 to visit during your European Vacations:


1. Paris

2. London

3. Amsterdam

4. Rome

5. Barcelona

6. Bulgaria

7. Switzerland

8. Denmark

9. Iceland


European countries are full of vibrant cities well known for museums, architecture, culture, restaurants, and Nightclubs. So, it is difficult to choose a specific destination for your visit during European Vacations.


Places to Visit:


1. Italy



This place can't be ignored to visit during your European Vacations. It is the most valuable destination for families. Italy offers a mixture of culturally interesting cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice which are full of art, history, and architecture. Another famous spot that attracts tourists towards its sparkle is the leaning Pisa tower in Italy.


2. Switzerland



Adventurous families should consider a summer trip to this remarkable country which is one of the best European vacation spots for everyone. This destination is famous and has an efficient train system. It is surrounded by small villages and the ski resort offers great fun activities to the visitors. It is a mountainous, central European country with about 7000 lakes. This is the most innovative country in the world.


3. Austria



It is a landlocked country surrounded by 8 different countries. It has also become a famous place to visit during European Vacations. Austria is famous for castles, palaces, and buildings of architectural design. Their local people value their traditions more than anything else. Vienna is the capital of this country. Skiing, caves, dinosaur parks, and music are some excitable things Austria would offer for families to enjoy during European Vacations.


The other reason to choose these spots for your adventure and enjoyment is European people welcome visitors with open hands. They consider hospitality as an essential element of life. Moreover, European culture has a lot of cultures to celebrate everything music, film, food, comedy, and fashion have a lot to celebrate throughout the year by local people. On the other hand, Europe is also famous for its fashion sense, so here you can find large markets to small local vendors, which provide you with more shopping options. For these reasons, you should visit these places for European Vacations.


4. United Kingdom



The UK makes for a popular location for a family trip to Europe. It is always the first option for traveling as a European Vacation spot. This destination has an iconic landscape. London is famous for various universities. It is on the top list of Most visiting places in European England containing many small islands. Much of the UK is covered by knife-edged mountain ridges separated by deep valleys. It occupies historic countries like Wales, Scotland, and England. England has its popular and beautiful rural locations that win the heart of visitors as famous European Vacations. England includes many small islands such as the Isle of Wight and Hayling Island.


5. Norway



It is one of the mountainous countries in the world with fjords and mountain-water landscapes formed by the glaciers. This place is the home to hell. The world's most remote island is Norwegian territory.


The Best things Norway is known for: 


1. Fjords

2. Islands

3. The scream

4. Vikings

5. Skiing

6. Winter Olympics


The best time to visit this place during European Vacations is spring (May, June, September, October). These days the weather is amazing, and there are few tourists to visit. Norway encompasses mountains, glaciers, and fjords. Oslo is the capital with green spaces and museums. Popular destinations are Oslo and Bergen.


Top Sights in Norway consist of :


1. Garner fjord

2. Landmark fjord with cliffs and waterfalls

3. Pulpit rock   

4. Landmark outcropping with fjord views.

5. North Cape

6. Globe marking continental northern point

7. Lase fjord

8. Ice age fjord with waterfalls and seals

9. Lambada Waterfalls 



The capital of France and the city of lights and the city of love is the most popular location you could ever find during European Vacations. It encompasses the world's famous building the Eiffel Tower and is considered the world's most visited place in the year. It is highly filled with museums, monuments, and churches. It has the world's beautiful green space at Luxembourg Gardens. This city is always glittering and sparkling and attracts the viewer's eyes by creating glamour. Art and culture galleries are also a pull of tourists.


Paris has a great fashion house to offer to its visitors to add to its culture and history. It occupies the world's most iconic landmarks.


Things that attract you to visit Europe:


1. Nature



Europe has a lot of natural beauty to soak in. It has mountain ranges, lush ranges of the countryside, and arctic scenery. It is surrounded by green spaces all around. Because when you are connected to nature, you explore more about the world and yourself.


Romance is the other reason, Europe is the best continent in the world when you become a part of the EU, it gives you freedom of living, study, work and so on. You can stay in European countries for 3 months without a visa to explore the world.


2. The islands and seaside:



Europe stays along the Mediterranean coast and Aegean seas, it occupies the most beautiful islands and towns in the world.


Top 5 Famous Island in Europe:


1. Mykonos

2. Islands of Aegean

3. Grinds, Sweden 

4. Corfu

5. Beautiful beaches


Europe is blessed with some of the most sensational coastlines in the world. If you are planning for a trip during summer, then choose a beach and seaside location to enjoy a beautiful sunny day. The blue water, the Atlantic waves, dunes, and pretty seaside villages can be the best option for you.





European are warm-hearted people, and their hearts are filled with joy, happiness, and pleasure. They are born to celebrate every single moment of their lives, so they do so.


They always indulge in creating different activities and events to create fun and joy. They celebrate food, cultural and music festivals every year. Likewise, they create their moments, and they capture every single moment.


Unique architecture:



Europe boasts some famous artistic art culture and architecture. The artwork is incorporated on wall hangings, ceilings, and glass cases. There are several museums in Europe well known for their artwork, culture, and history. You can find popular art designs on even small things.


Cities of Europe are living, breathing reminders of the past. This continent has a vast culture to show which anybody can consider during European Vacations. 


The Alps and scenic train journeys:



Europe has excellent transport links to get around easily and quickly. Whenever you travel by train, you can get a chance to see beautiful countries from another angle. On the other hand, the Alps are the most beautiful and accessible mountain ranges in the world. If you are fond of hiking and want to enjoy skiing, France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland have great slopes and trails. There is nothing in the world quite like the holiday season in Europe. There is hustle bustle everywhere in the streets, shops, houses, and markets.


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