Alaska Cruises Travel Restrictions - Things To Keep In Mind

Author: Megha Agarwal on Sep 13,2021

Planning a cruise vacation to Alaska was never so complicated! As the delta variant continues to spread worldwide, we are forced to navigate through the ever-changing rules. Here’s everything you need to know before you embark on your Alaskan cruise adventure. 


Cruise lines have now achieved another milestone in the Covid-19 era. They are now making a comeback to Alaska. A bill passed in the House of Representatives allows major cruise lines to bypass the Canadian ports now. 


President Joe Biden signed the Alaska Tourism Restoration Act into law. The law now allows cruising to Alaska. In his statement, the President emphasized the importance of tourism to the state of Alaska. The legislation can help revitalize the industry and support the people of Alaska with cruise ships returning to the pristine land this summer. The legislation was passed to temporarily relieve restrictions that directly result from the Passenger Vessel Services Act. 


The bill negates the ancient law requiring large cruise ships to first stop in Canada. It comes as a sigh of relief to the tourism industry in Alaska. Earlier, the country had banned cruises from entering its ports until 2022 owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. 


The Senate has passed the bill unanimously and was approved by the House of Representatives. As a result of this, cruise lines are beginning to sail to Alaska. 


Celebrity Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival, Princess, and Holland America have all announced their plans to resume cruising to Alaska this summer. 


Alaska Cruises Travel Restrictions 



Now that larger cruise ships have resumed their sailings to Alaska, it is the right time to understand Alaska cruises travel restrictions. 


Most cruise lines require passengers to receive their vaccination certificates at least 14 days before departure. Of course, every cruise line will have different restrictions and requirements. Still, overall, Alaska cruises travel restrictions will remain the same from a broader perspective. 


The Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) continually provides essential and timely information for cruising and traveling in the context of Covid-19 and its variants. This is essential to ensuring reliable and safe traveling decisions for those visiting the US state. 


As of mid-May, travelers to Alaska do not have to complete any health declarations or undergo Covid-19 testing. As per the officials, the State of Alaska has no particular entry requirements or travel testing requirements. Alaska does, however, recommend travelers be fully vaccinated before visiting. They also recommend unvaccinated travelers get tested for Covid-19 before traveling. The testing can also be done for free upon their arrival in the State. 


Covid-19 testing is not recommended for people who have recovered from Covid-19 before 90 days. Fully vaccinated travelers or travelers who are just out from their final vaccine shots are also not advised to test for Covid-19 or quarantine. All travelers are recommended to keep up with the local and borough travel restrictions. 



Travelers can also get vaccinated upon their arrival in Alaska, either at airports or local vaccination centers. Pfizer vaccine, which is also approved for ages 12+, and Johnson & Johnson are readily available for everyone. 


Travel Recommendations 

Current health advisory by Alaska for interstate and international travelers offers guidance for non-vaccinated travelers. People entering the 49th State by land, sea, or air need to be adequately mitigated to curb the spread and transmission of Covid-19. While Alaska does not require testing for Covid-19, the State recommends travelers read the information available on official Government websites and portals from time to time to stay informed.


The State also recommends visitors complete the optional Safe Travel Travels Form on the Alaska Travel Portal. This travel information hub will allow travelers to choose either of the following options - request a free Covid-19 vaccination upon arrival or a free Covid-19 test upon arrival. They can also get tested before and upload the test results on the portal. 


Special recommendations also come for fully-vaccinated travelers. This includes fully vaccinated travelers or those who have received the second dose of their Covid-19 vaccine more than a week before their arrival in the State. 


CDC states that it is entirely okay and safe for fully vaccinated travelers to travel around the United States. They do not have to get tested before or after unless their travel destination requires them to do so. Fully-vaccinated travelers need not self-quarantine as well. 


Despite all the recommendations, fully-vaccinated travelers should follow the fundamental restrictions by CDC, i.e., wearing a mask over your nose and mouth, practice social distancing, avoiding crowds, washing hands frequently, and using hand sanitizer. 


Cruise Sailings 



Many cruise lines have already started their sailings from July. Among these are cruise lines like Princess, Holland America, and Carnival, which are resuming their cruises to Alaska for a partial season since July for passengers who have vaccination proofs. 


Princess cruise line sailings to Alaska are resuming from July 25th to September 26th with 7-day sailings. Holland America also resumed its 7-day sailings to Alaska from July 24th till October 2nd. 


Carnival starts departing to Alaska from July 27th through September 14th. Most of the cruises by Carnival are 7-day long, with some 8-day Alaskan cruises. 


The Royal Caribbean and the Norwegian Cruise Line also start their Alaskan sailings in August from Seattle. 


Final Words

The Alaska Cruises Travel Restrictions are always subject to change. As the Covid-19 vaccine is widely available today, Alaska continues to open responsibly. Alaska, the families, the businesses, and the Alaskan communities will all benefit from tourism. 


Cruising is safe; everyone needs to follow the recommendations and respect the Alaska cruises travel restrictions. Be sure to check out the official Government websites, your cruise websites, and the Leisure travel blog to be up to date with your cruise news! 


Till then, travel safe! 



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