6 Best Travel Tips For Your Toronto Vacations

Toronto vacations are a great option to go to a vibrant location that is always filled with energy. In summer, the city comes alive. But there are many things to do on Toronto vacations the whole year. There are attractions for all ages and catering to every interest. Many dining options are great for every budget and taste. You will get the chance to explore many lush green parks. There are also several art galleries and museums.


Are you interested in Toronto vacations? Read on for information and tips on what to drink and eat, where to stay, how to get around, and more on Toronto vacations. 


1. Planning Toronto Vacations



- Best Time to Go on Toronto Vacations


A great time of the year for Toronto vacations is usually from April to May. They may also go during the fall. That period is from September to November. You will get fewer tourists during these times. It is neither too cold nor hot. Thus, the weather will suit everyone well. The accommodations are cheaper too at these times. 


- Language


Canada’s two official languages are French and English. There are several other languages spoken as well. These include Spanish, Portuguese, Tamil, Italian, and Chinese.


- Currency


On Toronto vacations, the currency most used is the Canadian dollar. But, US dollars are also accepted by several stores. But you will receive the local currency in return.


- Getting Around on Toronto Vacations


The city has the Toronto Transit Commission. This makes it very simple to traverse the entire city through streetcars, subways, and buses. A single fare will help you take a one-way trip to any location in Toronto. The Commission’s trip planner can be utilized to plan the places you want to go on the Toronto vacations.


- Travel Tip


On Toronto vacations, you may choose to find accommodations near downtown Toronto. This will help you to be in close proximity to several of the main attractions of the city. Toronto has wonderful neighborhoods that have special attractions and charms of their own. Some of them are Little India, Leslieville, and Kensington Market.


2. Getting There


Getting started on Toronto vacations is very easy. You have to arrive by air at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. It is the country’s busiest airport. The airport caters to nearly thirty airlines flying to nearly two hundred destinations the world over. The airport has two terminals which are linked through the Terminal Link train. These are the T1 and T3. Airport shuttles, limousines, taxis, and rental cars are available here. But the best choice for most tourists is to take the UP Express or the Union-Pearson Express. It is a dedicated rail service that connects Toronto Pearson airport and Union Station in less than half an hour.


You can also land at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. It was earlier known as the Toronto City Centre Airport. It is situated on Toronto Island. The city is linked to the island through a pedestrian tunnel or a short ferry. Air Canada and Porter Airlines serve the airport. Porter Airlines gives service to US and Canadian destinations.


3. Where to Stay on Toronto Vacations



You may have a high or a low accommodation budget. But it will not be an issue on Toronto vacations. In Toronto, there is a hotel to suit every kind of need of tourists. Many high-end hotels are situated in the downtown itself. These include the Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La Hotel, and Fairmont Royal York. The downtown, west, and east areas also have many boutique and mid-range hotels. The Queen West has plenty of live music venues, shops, restaurants, and bars. The Drake Hotel is wonderful for couples and solo tourists. The fancy Thompson Hotel has a rooftop pool. Shoppers may also be highly enthused by Yorkville. There is a range of boutiques there. There is also the Bata Shoe Museum and the ROM. You can also try to stay near the waterfront. It is the center of many hotels. From here, you can take the ferry to Harbourfront Centre, Toronto Islands, and more. 


4. Things to Do on Toronto Vacations


On Toronto vacations, you will not have to search too much to find out what to do. Toronto is full of art galleries and museums of all sizes. People who want to spend some time outdoors can enjoy High Park. It is Toronto’s biggest park. They can also do paddling and hiking in the Rouge National Urban Park. The park houses one of the biggest marshes in the region. It has several hiking trails, the only campground of the city, and gorgeous beaches. Travelers looking for great food will be satisfied by the city’s diverse and vibrant culinary delights. Beer enthusiasts will enjoy Toronto’s craft beer services, which are booming right now. The city also provides activities for kids of all ages and some shopping charm in vintage and high-end shops.


- Get a Dose of Art & Culture


The largest museum in Canada is the Royal Ontario Museum. It has thirty galleries that have natural sciences, archaeology, art, and more. The city also has one of North America’s biggest art museums in the Art Gallery of Ontario. It has a collection of nearly a hundred thousand works of art.


- Take in the Views From the CN Tower


A great option to explore is the popular CN Tower which gives excellent panoramic views of Toronto. There are high-speed elevators that take tourists to the top level of the tower in under a minute. But you may be wanting even more thrill than that. Then you can go to the tower’s Glass Floor or LookOut Level. You can try EdgeWalk there. You may also try to have a hands-free walk around the tower’s main pod. It is 116 floors from the ground level.


- Spend a Day in the Distillery District


The historic Distillery District gives tourists the chance to walk among Victorian-era buildings. The cobblestone paths are filled with restaurants, cafes, and shops. The location also houses numerous artist workshops, theaters, and art galleries.


- Hang out at Harbourfront Centre


There are nearly 30 spots to explore in the Harbourfront. It has restaurants, parks, art galleries, theaters, and more. In the summer, there are numerous events and festivals. In the winter, the people enjoy the services of a skating rink.


5. Where to Eat and Drink During Toronto Vacations



The city is made for foodies. Toronto has many dining options for every budget and taste. There are cocktail bars with premium tapas fare, small burger joints, and high-end establishments. Toronto has a multicultural population. Due to this, travelers find a wide variety of cuisines here. The city provides Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, and everything else you can think of. The city also houses St. Lawrence Market. It is Toronto’s biggest market. Here, more than a hundred specialty food vendors peddle their wares. They sell a wide variety of food items, including seafood, meat, dairy, prepared foods, and fresh produce. Thus, there are ample chances to enjoy Toronto’s great food scene and enjoy the numerous cuisines the city has to offer. Many of the vendors also provide snacks and full menus. Some even provide dog-friendly food.


6. Money-Saving Tips


There are free museum nights in the city at the Art Gallery of Ontario. On Wednesday nights, it gives free admission from 6 PM to 9 PM. Further, the Bata Shoe Museum gives access based on a pay what you can between 5 PM and 8 PM on Thursdays.

Try to skip the car rental if you can. Instead, do your best to take public transportation. This will save you considerable money on parking. Usually, parking in Toronto is a pricey affair. 

Try to take a tour of the Allan Gardens Conservatory if you are a plant lover. It is an indoor botanical garden. The conservatory has diverse varieties of gorgeous flowers and plants. Further, the entire conservatory is completely free to access the entire year.

There are numerous walking tours throughout the city of Toronto. You should try to take one of them during Toronto vacations. A knowledgeable guide will give you a great introduction to the city of Toronto.

You may be taking Toronto vacations during the summer. Then the city has more than 60 outdoor pools for some very leisurely summer swimming.




Toronto is a city with a diverse and vibrant culture. You will find everything from the natural beauty of beaches to the bustling nightlife of the city. We hope our guide helps you to plan and enjoy your vacation to Toronto.




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