Explore Unexplored Vietnam On Your Next Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 26,2020

Vietnam is shaped like an 'S' and is best explored on the road. It is the Southeast Asian country which is located near the South China Sea. Vietnam is popular for its beaches, rivers and the hustle-bustle of the city. There are many amazing things that you can do in Vietnam. However, it is best explored when you ride a bike over this city. There is around 90 plus million population out of which 37 million prefers to ride a motorbike. Vietnamese have a special addiction for coffee and the coffee is amongst the best serve coffees in the entire world. You can find it as a refreshing drink for cooling yourself down during the warm and humid weather. There are many unexplored places which are very less crowded and give you a real feel of the country on your next Vietnam vacation packages. 

Your vacation spree could include the following places for a special staycation:

  • Explore the last town of the North Cao B?ng 

  • Taste the coffee at ??k L?k 

  • Enjoy the seas side charm of Quy Nh?n 

  • Get into the mysteries of the caves in Phong Nha

  • Mekong Delta gives you the taste of much colorful life

  • Amazing coastlines await you at Côn ??o

  • Travel to Ba B? for a mesmerizing view of the largest natural lake

  • Pù Luông is a hub of cozy homestays

Travel opens your horizons and Vietnam is just the right place for you. If you love clicking amazing pictures and want to have a staycation which has very less crowd then you must visit this country. It is a beautiful landscape that has many places that are still undiscovered and keeps you closer to nature. These habitats are yet to be touched by modernization.


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Detailed Itinerary

The last town of the North- Cao B?ng 

North Vietnam is all about breathtaking landscapes and passages for your motorcycle rides. you may come across many tribes that are very less known to the travelers. It is the last town in Vietnam and is situated at the northernmost tip. As you reach here you can find the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia and spend a quiet time here. You can also spend a lethargic day by tasting some local delicacies or just by taking a walk around the riverside. This is a very natural town and has a historical influence, it has some of the mysterious NGAO Caves and a futuristic lake system. It is mostly famous for the epic Ban Gioc waterfall on your next Vietnam vacation.

Coffee heaven ??k L?k 

To experience the best coffee in the world you must visit this place. It is one of the largest coffee-growing regions of Vietnam. Not just coffee but there are many tribes such as Mnong and the Ede that still live like the ancient people and modernization is yet to touch this town. You can spend 2-3 days in the cool cafes here or by checking out the museums. You can also take a walk to the lake and set up a camp along the water’s edge. It has many impressive waterfalls also the coffee plantation here is worth visiting. You can also visit its national park for an ethical Elephant tour.

Seas side charm of Quy Nh?n

It is a very quiet coastal area in central Vietnam. This town still has seaside charm intact. There are very few high-end hotels and resort meant for the Travellers. However, there are campaigns at the beachside and the small resorts remain the priority of the explorers. There are many fishermen that reside here and while they go fishing they light up the Horizon at night. It has one of the most peaceful beach areas and you can also spend some ideal time relaxing at one of the beaches. You can also hire a motorbike and explore the champions nearby also dive into a luxurious Spa Day at AVANI. You may find many Turquoise beaches here and this might make your day.

Get into the caves in Phong Nha

It is a house to one of the world's largest Caves Phong Nha which is yet to be mentioned in the travel itineraries. It is one of the best caves for adventure seekers. However, due to its unpopularity, many don’t know about this peaceful and wonderful cave. It is yet to be touched by human beings and hence is in the unspoiled wonder of nature. There are many farm stays which offer you residence in bungalows and when you stay with them you can go to pools, rice fields, and many other family traditions. You can also take a tour of the city on cycle or go exploring the wildlife in the National Park.

Mekong Delta for a colorful life

It is one of the best regions in Vietnam. Travelers love to visit here because of its welcoming nature. The best way to explore this town is on wheels, you can start your excursion by visiting the riverside and spend a few days residing in the homestays on your next Vietnam vacation packages. When you stay with the families you get to eat fresh fruits, river fish and have few of the local lore which is not known to the world.

Coastlines await you at Côn ??o

You can take a flight from Ho Chi Minh City for scenic beauty. It is a series of 15 islands and has lush green jungles with secluded coastlines. It is a remote area and in history, it was used to keep the prisoners of French and American regimes.

Travel to Ba B? for the largest natural lake

Ba Be means ‘three lands’ it is home to the largest natural lake and has a national park that is quite secluded. You can enjoy some leisure time by fishing, walking or boating or can simply book a Homestay at the water’s edge

Pù Luông for cozy homestays

Nothing can give you a taste of cultural and local dialects then homestays. This town has one of the most ethnic and cozy homestays. You can experience the rural life of Vietnam, while you stay here you can go for the trek or swimming holes or dine with the locals here on your Vietnam vacation.

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