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Tighten your seat belt for the adventurous Punta Cana vacation! Punta Cana, the dream destination location is known for its pristine Caribbean beaches, classy golf courses and dreamy resorts to make your travel holiday one of its kind. Nature’s paradise is not only known for its beach sands, clean waters, and clean air but also for adventurous outdoor activities. The never-ending activities offered by the sun-soaked Dominion Republic land are at your service to fulfill your dream of the perfect holiday. Come let’s explore the land of crazy breathtaking adventures.

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Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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  1. The Scape Park: Don’t you ever feel the urge to get lost in jarring escapades to embrace your senses and feel nature breathe? Well, Scape Park located in the heart of the Cap Cana Resort is offering you the same. The natural theme park is filled with adventurous activities to cause you an adrenaline rush. The limestone topography of the park is definitely a treat to you and your family. The Farallon in the park is a 100-meter high cliff extending its coast to 800 meters, which gives you a beautiful picture of the theme park. The zip lines and antiqued caves make you fall in love with nature. Swimming in the caves and riding in slash hammocks is one of the greatest distractions of the enchanting place. Travel the rocky paths with a durable Jeep surrounded by exotic garden beds. Feel the long lost tranquility and peace in the lap of the Scape Park.

  1. Marinarium Snorkeling Cruise: The glass-bottom boat welcomes you to experience the colorful life inside the pristine waters along the coastline of Punta Cana. The “Marinarium” is a lively oasis in the heart of the ocean where you will find the golden opportunity to swim with exotic water creatures including nurse sharks and stingrays. The dream boats will take you to the “Toro” part which has an open bar and savories served on board. In the end, the boat will take you to the natural swimming pool to release all your stress while sipping your favorite cocktail.

  1. Cave Exploration: Beautiful horses will take you to the cave entrance, along with your personal guide and needed equipment. The cave requires patience since you will have to explore the natural caves with your hands, knees and at times would also demand swimming through the rivers. More the patience, the more the tourists will be able to enjoy the long yet memorable journey. The beautiful natural cave is located inside the Haitises National park, which is an extension of knitted mangrove forests, ancient hideouts and even the home of the Taino Indians. The dark corridors enable you to see the surfaces carved by the Taino Indians whereas, the large corridors promise a marvelous sight. 

  1. Catalina Fieston Snorkeling: The beautiful island in the Dominion Republic is known for its snorkeling experience. A dreamy boat will cruise you to the uninhabited island through the millionaire mansions which are constructed on the coastline of Casa De Campo. The snorkeling gear will be provided to explore the beautiful creation underwater. If one is seeking more adventures, the banana boat ride is also available. Nearby the island is located, which is the home to some of the most prestigious art forms that are ever made. 

  1. Coco Bongo: It is very well known for its nightlife, which hosts approximately 12 shows every night featuring aerobics, high octane electro, and even classy DJ shows. The club is very famous all across the dominion Republic and people travel miles just to spend an amazing night at the club. After all, sipping cocktails and dancing till our feet hurt is not such a bad idea. 

  1. Macao Surf Camp: Basically, it prepares you for the iconic surfing along the stretches of Puerto Rico. The camp is known for hosting all levels of surfing. So not only the amateurs but even the beginners can have a lovely time surfing. 

  1. ChocoMuseo Punta Cana: The main aim of the ChocoMuseo is to educate all the tourists about its long process of chocolate making. The area is located in Bavaro. The attractive activities include a briefing about the history of chocolate making, museum visits to the factory, chance to taste several chocolate bars, a beautiful gift shop and even having the chance to attend the amazing chocolate workshop. The visit to ChocoMuseo is absolutely free and the tourists can even know more about the cocoa harvest!

  1. Canopy Adventures: It is for those who absolutely love risking their lives for adventures will love the zip line adventures. The zip lines allow you to enjoy the scenic beauty from a unique angle. The participants can be seen flying from one tree to another. The 4,300 feet adventure is very time taking so that one is allowed to patiently enjoy the bird-view. 

  1. Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park: The private natural reserve gives the tourists an opportunity to enjoy ecological excursions. The activities include an iguana habitat, sugarcane exhibit, and five swimming holes. Furthermore, seeing exotic animals and birds gives satisfaction to their racing hearts.

  1. Hoyo Azul: The natural landscapes of Punta Cana are a treasure trove for the tourists and the Hoyo Azul is the best example of that. The sinkhole is filled with clear pristine water in which you can take a cool dip in the sweltering heat.  

  1. Isla Soana: is one of the untouched beaches of the Dominion Republic. The island has reserved beauty because it is protected by the government. The beautiful palm trees and white sands of the beach are the greatest attraction and are perfect for tourist season all year round. Authentic Dominion lunch on the beachside and Latin music to enjoy your hearts out is a cherry on the top. 

All the highlights make it so clear, that why having a beautiful vacation to Punta Cana is worth it. Let’s just mark the place on our bucket list and have the time of our lives.  

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