Find Out Some Good Reasons To Visit Fiji

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 24,2020

The tropical paradise in the south pacific is the perfect destination for culture, adventure, and food; altogether. The Fijians are very welcoming and happy to help you explore their beautiful and exotic locations, thereby making your trip the most memorable one. The stunning soft corals and marine life of Fiji make you fall head over heels for the place. With a choice of abundant curries, there is no way you are coming back anytime soon. Whereas, the blood pumping activities make you want to go on an endless number of adventures.

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Let’s take a glance over the reasons which will compel you to travel the exotic South Pacific paradise through Fiji vacation:  

  1. Beqa Lagoon, Viti Levu-One Day

The stunning place is known for its shark dive experience; in this breathtaking experience, you will encounter many shark species including tiger sharks, bull sharks, black-tip reef sharks, and even white-tip reef sharks. The lagoon has more than a hundred diving spots which include soft coral bookies, wrecks and even pinnacles. Most of the spots are shallow and close to the share which makes it easy to see the tropical fishes. Beqa Island is even culturally rich since you can actually see the old traditions of the Sawau tribe who stay at the island itself. 

  1. Sleeping giant garden and hot springs, Viti Levu-Half a Day

At the foothills of the stunning mountain, lies a garden of the Sleeping Giants. The breathtaking gardens have a variety of over two thousand exotic species of orchids. The lily pond at the place is an abode to a variety of frogs and tadpoles. The gardens and lawns cover an area of twenty hectares. The beautiful hammocks nailed at the stunning place compel you to enjoy your share of peace amid the green serene foothills. Furthermore, guides are available who will brief you about the history of the gorgeous gardens. After gazing at the botanical beauties you can visit the Sabeto Hot Spring which makes you feel at your best self, the therapeutic natural pools take away all your stress and relax your body on the Fiji vacation.

  1. Great Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu- One Day

The beautiful reef is literally the fourth largest in the world. The underwater paradise of soft corals, tropical fishes, pinnacles, caverns, drop-offs, and even tunnels is what the tourists come for. Most of the dive spots are accessible through boat while the others are hardly ten to forty meters from the shore. The ones who are not a great fan of diving with the equipment and gear can always go snorkeling to enjoy the marine wonderland and swim with the beautiful manta rays. The Great Astrolabe Reef is well known for the rare billfish species and even the giant trevally, tuna, and Mahi-mahi. 

  1. Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni Island- One Day

The heritage park is the best-suited place for nature enthusiasts, hikers, trekkers and bird lovers who can have the best time of their lives in nature's lap. The rainforest is home to rare and rich flora and fauna species. The marine park located at Waitabu at all times welcomes you to experience snorkeling whereas hiking near Vidhwa gives you an insight into the ancient and historical ruins. The main highlight of the national park is the Tavora Waterfalls where you can actually manage swimming in the volcanic pool which is cool in nature. 

  1. Navua River, Viti Levu-One Day

The river is well recognized for its scenic beauty, lush rainforests, and waterfalls. If you love paddling then you can enjoy it on the Upper riverside. You can even do canoeing and float on the bamboo raft. On your nature’s journey, you will encounter native parrots, fruit bats, and even herons. In order to observe the rich culture of Fiji, you can also visit the local villages and participate in their cultural -traditional ceremonies. The river and its beautiful journey actually offer you the real taste of the Fiji culture and beauty that can be experienced during Fiji vacation vacation. 

  1. Sawa-i-Lau Caves, Yasawa Islands-One Day

The mythical caves of Fiji have been sculpted merely by winds and waves over a period of thousand years. The initial site of the limestone cave is very easy to access and you and your loved ones can swim in the blue cool pristine waters and close at the limestone closely. However, to reach the innermost cave you need to swim through the tunnel.  The traditional locals believe it to be the heart of Yasawas and the safe caves were the resting abode of the gods. 

  1. Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park, Viti Levu-One Day

This was the first national park of the country which was built to protect the rich biodiversity of Fiji. The dunes in the national park range from 20-60 meters in height which promise breathtaking views from the top. In order to explore the gorgeous park, you can choose to either walk one hour through the forest or walk the ridgeline for about two hours. Some of the archaeological sites can be visited to see the stone tools and burial tools. 

  1. Kula Eco Park-One Day

The beautiful native birds of Fiji can be seen in the ecological park, the twelve acres of the forest promise you stunning trees, plants, flowers, wild fruits, snakes, lizards and birds such as beautiful water birds, doves, and parrots. The marine life of the ecological park includes sea turtles, tropical fishes, and colored corals. The place is an attraction to both young bubbling children and adults.

  1. Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple- Half a Day

The rainbow-hued temple is considered to be one of the largest temples in the Southern part of the globe. The Dravidian architecture is worshipped by a long line of devotees. The temple has been painted by artists who traveled all the way from India and the grandeur temple is dedicated to lord Mungan. However, a strict dress code must be followed to enter the temple. 

Thus, the Fijian islands, paradise landscapes, and natural beauty of the tropical paradise would want you to take a break from your monotonous life and relax with your pack of loved ones while on Fiji vacation. 



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