The Perfect Beach Vacation Packing List For 2022

Author: Saumya Khanduja on Feb 23,2022

Ready to pack smart for your beach vacation? Here’s my ultimate take on a stress-free and perfect beach vacation packing list!  


At Leisure, we all crave adventure, travel, and all sorts of vacation ideas. We always ensure we go to all terrains at least once every year. However, the past two years have been ruthless and pathetic to us, especially me, who is a die-hard beach bum! 


I love beaches. I know it sounds like a cliche, but I really do love beaches. 


I often wish I were a sea shell or a crab; that way, I could have been closer to waves my entire lifetime. (only if someone did not step on me and crack me open in a hot pot of boiling water!)


But, I do love beaches a lot. I love beaches so much that I collect beach sand from all the beaches I have visited so far in my life and bottle them up in tiny transparent glass bottles with corks and display them around my house. 


So, who better to ask for beach vacation packing tips? 


Beach Vacation Packing - Advice 



Here are some of the essential things and pieces of advice you should know before we dive deep into our luggage and packing bags


Getting started


Before we get started, you should consider a few things so you are piling up and preparing the right items for your vacation. 


Weather conditions 


Yes, you are dreaming of spending your entire day lazing around the sunny beaches sipping on vacation mimosas! 


Personally, I am so happy for you. But is the weather in your control? Are you Thor? 


It could get chilly during the night, even on the sunniest days. So, before heading out to get your luggage, consider the weather forecast and local reports of the beach you are visiting. Check out online sources to get an idea of what the potential weather conditions are going to be like. You can pack accordingly. 


Number of nights 


The entire duration of your vacation will decide the amount of clothing and other things you need to pack. But, as a clear rule, pack enough undergarments to wear every single day you are there. You should have a pair or two extra! 


Themed nights and events 


If the entire purpose of your vacation is to get together with your loved ones for any form of celebration - birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc., you will need to dress at your finest! So, you will require extra storage for the best of your dresses, shoes, accessories, and makeup to go with it. Ensure other items in your luggage are kept at a minimum in such cases because your primary focus would be on the acceptable attire. 


Pro Tip - If you are planning to pack for a wedding or any sort of celebration, ensure you are carrying an extra garment bag or a dressing carrier. Invest in good-quality ones to ensure your finest attire stays protected while traveling. 


Pack a set of spare clothes in your carry-on 


You should always pack a set of spare clothes in your carry-on for just one reason - your suitcases can be loaded on the wrong flight. Just because it has not happened to you does not mean it does not happen to others. It is always worth it to keep a set of spare clothes in cases of emergencies.


Keep your set of clothes at a minimum level. Only pack weather-appropriate garments to keep everything lightweight and compact. A clean t-shirt, some shorts/joggers, clean underwear should be enough to get you through this emergency situation! 


Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing Checklist 



Now that you have my advice, we can move on to discussing the ultimate beach vacation packing list catered to all kinds of travelers. I have covered all bases in this list, even when you think this is too extreme. But remember, you can always pack items as per your needs and requirements and your travel style. You do not necessarily have to pack everything on this list. 


Layout everything together


Get out your most trusted luggage bags. Ideally, you should take one suitcase, a weekender duffle as your carry-on, which you can even slide under the seat on your flight, and a large tote bag with a small waller/sling bag or both inside it to cover all your needs. But, depending on your travel style, you can carry just one of these bags or more, if you like it. 


Start gathering all of your items together and lay them out in front of you before putting them inside your bags. Take a good long look; if it does not fit inside your bag, try to trim it down to take the essential items. You can always leave one-two items at home. Remember, traveling light is the key! 


Before you leave 


1. Arrange for your pets 

2. Change oil and filters in your vehicle (If you are traveling by your car)

3. Check for all kinds of route detours (If you are traveling by your car)

4. Check for your car’s tire pressure (If you are traveling by your car)

5. Check your destination’s weather and temperature. 

6. Get a wheel alignment (If you are traveling by your car)

7. Plan all of your stops - where will you stop for a bite, where can you buy your essentials, etc. This comes in handy, especially for people traveling with kids. 

8. Give your neighbor an extra set of your house keys.

9. Put your house lights on a timer. 

10. Put together an emergency kit for your travel

11. Stop all kinds of mail deliveries or postpone them. 

12. Turn all your electronics and lights off. 

13. Turn your thermostat down.

14. Unplug all your unnecessary items and appliances like your curling wand or toaster. 




1. Your undershirts, bras, and underwear (Do not forget your sports bra) (one for each day)

2. Casual dresses

3. Casual shirts 

4. Casual skirts

5. Dress shirts (1-2)

6. Fancy skirts (1-2)

7. A pair of jeans 

8. A light jacket 

9. 2-3 PJs

10. 3-4 Shorts 

11. Socks (3-4 pairs)

12. Suits (1-2, only if you are attending certain themed events)

13. Stockings (Only if necessary) 

14. Swimsuit (3-4 pairs) 

15. Swimsuit coverups 

16. T-shirts (3-4)

17. Tank tops 

18. Workout clothes (only if you are really willing to hit the gym at your hotel/resort)

19. Flip Flops and sandals (2-3 pairs) 

20. Gym shoes (again, only if you are really keen to hit the gym at your hotel/resort)

21. Heels and dress shoes (2-3 pairs to match your fancy outfits)

22. Leisure shoes (2 pairs) 

23. Slippers




1. A belt (or two belts) (Definitely don’t forget your dressy belts for themed events!)

2. Jewelry to match your outfits 

3. Shady hats (1-2)

4. Your purse or sling bag, or both. 

5. Tie (for your suit and other dressy outfits)

6. Sunglasses 


For the beach 


1. A large, roomy tote/beach bag

2. A beach blanket 

3. Beach chair 

4. Beach towels

5. Beach toys (if traveling with kids) 

6. Beach umbrella (only if feasible to carry)

7. Any flotation devices like water wings, etc. 

8. Snorkeling gear

9. Goggles




1. Any games (board games, card games, etc.)

2. A list of addresses and contact information of your loved ones and emergency contacts

3. Batteries 

4. Binoculars 

5. Magazines and books (2-3)

6. Bottled water 

7. A bottle cooler (only if you can carry it feasibly)

8. Credit cards

9. First Aid kit 

10. Flashlight 

11. A laundry bag or a garbage bag for sandy clothes 

12. Your medication, along with a list. 

13. Sealable plastic bags for carry-on 

14. Travel iron or garment steamer 

15. A multiplug adapter 




1. Your tickets and travel documents

2. Your valuables (if any)

3. Antibacterial wipes 

4. Face masks 

5. Hand sanitizers 

6. Books/magazines 

7. Camera along with batteries or charger 

8. Camera film 

9. Camera memory card 

10. Cash

11. Credit card, ATM card, or traveler’s check 

12. Your smartphone 

13. Your iPad or other tablets 

14. Chargers for your smartphone and iPad 

15. Change of clothes (keep at least one pair of clothing in your carry-on)

16. Emergency contact information

17. An empty water bottle (You can fill it up post-security check)

18. An eye mask 

19. Guidebook 

20. Headphones or Airpods 

21. A healthy snack

22. Your ID 

23. House keys 

24. Travel insurance cards or copies 

25. iPod with charger 

26. Itinerary copies 

27. Valuable jewelry 

28. MacBook or laptop with charger 

29. Lip balm 

30. A pen 

31. Passport (if traveling overseas)

32. Photo of luggage in your phone in case of loss

33. Prescription medication 

34. Tissues 

35. A travel pillow 

36. Travel blanket 

37. Wallet 


Packing for baby 


If you are traveling with a baby, ensure you also pack the following items in a separate bag:


1. Baby food 

2. Baby formula 

3. Lotion 

4. Powder

5. Soaps 

6. Sunscreen for babies 

7. Spoons and cups

8. Bibs 

9. Blanket 

10. Bottle

11. Car seat (if traveling by car)

12. Changing pad 

13. Diapers

14. Diaper bag 

15. Diaper rash cream 

16. High chair (if you can carry it feasibly)

17. Breast pumps and other nursing supplies 

18. Pacifiers 

19. Pediatrician’s number 

20. A portable crib

21. Sippy cups 

22. Stroller 

23. 1-2 stuffed animals 

24. Swim diapers 

25. Teething ointment 

26. Teething toy 

27. 1-2 toys 

28. Wet wipes for babies 




1. Aloe vera gel 

2. Bandages 

3. Body lotion 

4. Perfume/cologne 

5. Comb

6. Conditioner 

7. Contact lenses with solutions/glasses 

8. Cotton balls 

9. Facial wipes

10. Dental floss

11. Deodorant 

12. Face cleanser 

13. Feminine hygiene products

14. First aid ointment 

15. An extra pair of glasses

16. Hair accessories

17. Hairstyling appliances 

18. Hairstyling products 

19. Insect repellent

20. Makeup 

21. Makeup remover 

22. Moisturizer 

23. Mouthwash 

24. Nail clippers 

25. Nail file 

26. Over the counter medications 

27. Q-tips 

28. Razors 

29. Shampoo 

30. Shaving cream 

31. Shower gel or body wash 

32. Soap

33. Sunscreen 

34. Toothbrush 

35. Toothpaste

36. Tweezers

37. Vitamins 


So, there you go! This is your ultimate beach vacation packing list to cover all kinds of needs for all types of travelers. Be sure to follow our blog for more such savvy travel tips and hacks. Bookmark this blog for further use, or share it with someone who needs this! 


Happy vacationing to you! 


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