Top 8 Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations for your European Vacation

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 24,2021

We all love traveling, don’t we? But when we look at the stats, our heart trembles with pain. According to a recent report by sustainable travel, tourism contributes to about 8% of the total carbon emission. And, this comes from what we do on our vacation— from souvenirs to accommodation, activities, air travel, and boat rides. 


If you are an eco-friendly traveler, you will understand the state of paradox you are in every time you try to plan a vacation. You want to travel because you are an explorer at heart, but you don’t want to hurt the environment because you are a nurturer by nature. 


So, is there a way to book leisure travel deals as many times as you can without worrying about affecting the environment? Indeed, there are many today! Today, travelers and the tourism industry as a whole have become way more informed, and there are plenty of ways when your leisure travel deals do not coincide with your love for the planet. And, fortunately, there are not only ways, but there are many eco-friendly green destinations where you will see excellent climate & environment management policies in place. 


Europe is one part of the world where eco-friendly travelers have plenty of choices. It's time to visit numerous eco-friendly travel destinations. You can easily see some gorgeous waterfalls, dense forests, green palm trees, and many aesthetically pleasing islands— without affecting the environment. Eco-friendly tourism is becoming popular rapidly in different parts of the world. Many countries are stepping up with improved tourism policies to preserve and protect the environment — and save it for the next generations. 


Let’s take a look at some of the top eco-friendly travel destinations that will help you book your leisure travel deals in Europe. Here we go:



1. Denmark



Denmark is one of the top destinations for booking your green leisure travel deals. The country boasts green credentials & rightly so. Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, aims to become carbon-neutral by 2025 & utterly independent of fossil fuel by 2050. The country runs on electric buses and clean waters. Every part of the country’s architecture is designed to be green with solar panels & green roofs all through. Denmark indeed is an environmentally friendly and forward-thinking country. 


Denmark is a nation that feeds your soul with some great visuals of its eco-friendly ways. If you plan a vacation to Denmark anytime soon, you’ll be treated to nature, architecture, the Natural History Museum, and gorgeous botanical gardens. From the organic farm-to-fork restaurants to the cycling “superhighways,” — the country is a soulful travel destination for people keen to save the planet. 


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2. Barcelona



Barcelona, over the years, has become one of the top sustainable travel destinations in Europe, and it has been constantly working out ways to encourage locals & tourists to travel in a way to maintain balance in the environment. So, if you are looking for environmentally-friendly destinations & leisure travel deals in Spain, this is the right place. Barcelona’s tourism model is based on a concept that takes care of its social, economic & environmental needs with love. Using the cross-cutting strategy, Barcelona today has become one of the most popular destinations among eco-friendly travelers. It is one travel destination that is contributing heavily to reducing the carbon footprints caused by tourism. Spain is one of the leading eco-friendly travel destinations in Europe. 


You can easily explore Barcelona on foot without worrying about causing any harm to its beautiful green environment. The city’s architectural gems & the verdant parks will leave you speechless. And, eating sustainably sourced seafood at one of the beach restaurants with amazing views will bring you some moment of relaxation & relief. And, most boutique hotels are built using environmentally-friendly concepts— so Barcelona keeps all eco-friendly travelers away from the guilt of ruining the environment. 



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3. Iceland



Iceland is one of the cleanest consumers of energy globally, where 75% of its total energy comes from renewable sources, including geothermal & hydroelectric power. In addition, Iceland offers some of the most exciting natural, green landscapes, wildlife, and whale watching. This heavenly volcanic island is located at the juncture of the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic in Northern Europe. Iceland is all about geothermal lagoons, cinematic landscapes, poetic legends, the glittering Northern Lights, and fascinating creatures. It will fill your soul with peace, power, love, and so much more. The warmhearted & industrious people are seriously taking care of the environment, and you can watch out for how skillfully they follow the sustainability policies. 


Eco-friendly travel is one reason that Iceland today stands as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Today, Iceland tourism has accepted the challenge of finding different ways to promote sustainable travel. Besides using natural geothermal resources for electricity & heat production, the country is also looking for ways to fight oceanic pollution & enforce sustainable fishing practices. Don’t give it a second thought; start looking for the best leisure travel deals to Iceland today.


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4. Amsterdam



The best thing about green travel in Amsterdam is that it makes environment-friendly travel look cool. Amsterdam is among the top green cities to visit in Europe, and if you are looking for leisure travel deals anytime soon, you’re at the best place. This gorgeous city in the Netherlands is committed to making sustainable travel an intrinsic part of its development policy. In fact, in Amsterdam, eco-friendly living is a part of the policy and quite fashionable to the natives. 


Amsterdam is often referred to as the “Bike Capital of the World,” and there are more bikes than people — almost everyone uses a bicycle to commute around the city. This is one example of how consciously the town is making choices to keep its feet on eco-friendly tourism and make it a green destination in every aspect possible. The bicycle is the primary mode of exploring. But those who are more interested in cars would prefer electric vehicles— that’s how Amsterdam keeps everything clean & green. 


5. Bristol



In 2015, Bristol was named one of the Green capitals of Europe & deservedly so! The city in the UK takes care of the environment without making any compromises— Bristol has strong credentials for protecting and preserving the environment. The city has achieved a zero waste to landfill status. Can you believe it? It runs buses that function on poo, and the natives make sure they use less energy & save the environment as much as possible. Bristol talks about the concept of an “alternative” vibe that implies they enjoy street art, eat only in a restaurant that makes use of the previously discarded food and other items & so on. 


Bristol has a long association with the green movement, and today it enjoys the status of a green capital. Bristol houses the Soil Association and Sustrans, which is majorly responsible for the National Cycle Network. For green travelers, Bristol is heaven with several activities & family-friendly attractions. Seize this opportunity— find the best leisure travel deals in Bristol today.


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6. Luxembourg



Luxembourg is a tiny country in Europe bordering Germany, France & Belgium. In Luxembourg, over 60% of household waste is collected, managed, and recycled— making a lot of difference. And, when you are traveling to the country, you cannot get around just like that— you are expected to explore responsibly. 


You would see many bicycles on the streets, and you can’t even imagine how many cars they have had taken off the streets. Most people use bicycles, and anyone who is not using a bicycle will be either walking or using a tram. If you are looking for leisure travel deals in Luxembourg for the first time, you can always rent a bike or use public transport. 20% of the city of Luxembourg is covered in lush green forest. The pollution level is relatively low, water quality is high, and the locals take sustainability very seriously in Luxembourg.


7. Finland



As per the research done by Yale and Columbia University, Finland is on top of the list of the cleanest countries & has a high score on the Environmental Performance Index. From the dense, beautiful forests to its drinking water & the lakes — everything maintains high standards for cleanliness. With 70% of the country's land covered by forests, it's one of the most forested areas in the world. So if you are preparing for a vacation or have just started looking for leisure travel deals in Finland— this is the place to be. 


Not only is Finland situated far away from most sources of emissions, but it has also managed its emissions well to protect the environment. As per a report by the World Health Organization, Finland is among the top countries in terms of the cleanliness of the air in the European Union. Finland is one of the best countries for a European vacation, and summer is an excellent time for your getaway.


8. Stockholm



Eco-friendly travelers love the capital city of Stockholm! Sweden is such an immensely inspiring country when it comes to managing and recycling waste material. And, it has fared so well that the country now runs out of waste & helping other countries to recycle. Sweden has been continuously named as one of the most environmentally friendly travel destinations in the world. The eco-friendly country is often rated best for three important reasons — the dining experience, the outdoor spaces & the transportation system. And, if you have any plans for a European vacation, look for the best leisure travel deals to this tiny piece of heaven— and it will keep you away from the guilt of negatively impacting the environment. 


Stockholm, the Swedish capital, has set high standards regarding air & gas pollution. Stockholm was named the greenest country, according to a report in 2010. Most taxis & buses are run by biofuel in Stockholm. The exclusive use of electricity is covered through renewable energy. Stockholm plans to become entirely fossil-free by 2040. 




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