Ultimate Travel Guide to Picking Sustainable Slovenia Vacation Packages

Eco-friendly travel is not just a fad; it’s becoming an intrinsic part of vacationing. With the ongoing source of the environment haphazard as responsible travelers, we need to think before even starting it off. We have GOOD news for you if you’re looking for Slovenia vacation packages & planning to book one for your next vacation. It might be relieving to know (specifically, the impact on the environment tourism has had in the last few years) — Slovenia is one of the globally recognized eco-friendly travel destinations. Hurrah! This information would save you from the guilt of affecting environmental balance in the want of satiating your soul.


Slovenia is a step ahead of a lot of eco-friendly travel destinations. For all the apparent reasons, National Geographic’s World Legacy Award named Slovenia the world’s most sustainable country in 2016. And, the capital city Ljubljana was awarded the crown of the European Green Capital. In addition to that, for all the work that the European country has done, Netherland’s Green Destinations Organisation named Slovenia “A Green Destination.


Slovenia has actively taken steps to protect and preserve the environment from the haphazard caused due to tourism. Data says that — about 5% of the total carbon emission of the world comes from tourism. So while we cannot stop tourism that adds a significant number to the GDP of a country, we can always switch to Slovenia vacation packages that adhere to Eco-friendly travel guidelines — and conserve both the natural & cultural heritage of the destination.


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In this leisure luxury travel guide, we’ll talk about Slovenia’s steps towards making the country an Eco-friendly travel destination. Read and book the best Slovenia vacation packages for traveling responsibly. 


1. Slovenia Promotes Green Travel



Slovenia tourism always acts green and promotes green travel. The nation works on a meticulously planned natural resource management system, making Slovenia one of the greenest destinations. Most Slovenia vacation packages adhere to the eco-friendly travel guidelines— so if you are booking one, double-check how you can add more value. 


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2. The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (GSST)


Today, Slovenia stands among the eco-friendly destinations globally, not just because travelers are more aware. The Slovenian government & the Slovenian tourism board has been making constant efforts to make it happen. It has been taking initiatives for the last many years— in 2009, the government launched a strategic initiative to promote eco-friendly travel in Slovenia. 


Later, it took the form of “The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism,” a certification program today. The scheme provides a blueprint of the guidelines— travelers, services providers, and other associated authorities & individuals must follow. Currently, the project includes 48 destinations with the official “The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism” certification. Sustainable travelers can book their Slovenia vacation packages without worrying.


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3. Slovenia’s level of destinations



There are typically two levels of destinations, including the fundamental unit service providers. And the whole level destinations. This destination’s primary goal is to motivate service providers in the tourism industry to function more sustainably. The Slovenian Tourist Board formulates all these eco-friendly travel rules & regulations, and— all the ‘Slovenia Green’ certified members get benefitted from this. The service providers belonging to the tourism industry get extra perks when they switch to eco-friendly travel, promoting more. Sustainable traveling remains at the heart of the Slovenian Tourist Board’s mission. The GSST supports the task to keep helping the country grow. If you wish to understand thoroughly how this European nation is doing it, look for the best Slovenia vacation packages.


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4. Ljubljana, the pioneer of Eco-friendly travel



For a pretty long time, Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia has been one of the top eco-friendly travel destinations. The city has taken up many projects in the direction — one of the most recognizable projects in 2007, to make the city center a pedestrianized zone and keep it close to the constant traffic.  The project banned the movement of vehicles across the central square. It was just the start; over the years, the number of pedestrianized zones increased, which went to 30 (including streets & squares) by 2014. You’ll be amazed to know and get more excited to book Slovenia vacation packages— that the banks of the Ljubljanica river are traffic-free. You don’t even need leisure luxury travel guides as everything looks so clear & calm, and you can explore it at your own pace. A lot of the old bridges are either moved or renovated to make it more open & spacious. 


The pedestrianized zone is not just along the riverbank; even some of the outer-lying squares have also been made traffic-free. Slovenska Cesta, the main street, does not allow any public buses; the pavements along the roads are wide for outdoor space for bars & cafes. And, most of the public areas are laden with plenty of trees & plants for purification of the air around. The city has seen an increase in pedestrianized zones by 620% in the last few years-- which is unquestionably a massive jump. If you want to enjoy a vacation in the lap of nature, fresh & open-air— booking Slovenia vacation packages would be a great idea.


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5. Green Transport



Another addition that Slovenia has made in its crusade towards becoming an ‘eco-friendly travel’ destination is the introduction of its Green transportation. Many areas have already introduced green vehicles, and a lot of them are working towards it. According to a report, out of the 280 buses running in Ljubljana, 132 are running on CNG (methane). Most major destinations along the Ljubljana center are accessible by electric mini buses of the city called “Kavalier.” And, the best thing is that this green transportation is free, and you can call them any time anywhere for pickup. Another green transport is Bicikelj, a public bike share scheme under which you can pick one at any of the self-service terminals and drop it off at another. If you are looking for Slovenia vacation packages, ask your leisure luxury travel guides, everything about the bike rides. Bike rides can be a fantastic way of exploring tourist spots and strolling through the locals.


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6. Slovenia’s Secret Formula to Eco-friendly Travel


The Slovenian Tourism Board quite actively works towards making a difference in the reduction of carbon footprints. From setting up green business models (as we also discussed in the last section) to encouraging tourism services providers and sustainable development models— it does everything to ensure that traveling does not cause any harm to the environment. Different organizations are working to spread awareness & suggesting lifestyle changes for eco-friendly travel. Many organizations based on sustainable tourism offer unspoiled nature experiences, local culinary specialties, and relaxing thermal spas, adding to the country’s well-being as a whole. And Slovenia has a special place in the list of top green destinations for its array of high-quality, sustainable tourism products— and if you are looking for Slovenia vacation packages, you are doing it right.


7. Slovenia is also a SAFE Travel Destination.



Slovenia is among some of the safest countries in the world. In the latest Global Peace Index for 2020, Slovenia was at the eleventh position. The nation as a whole (including the government & non-government organizations, people & travelers) has constantly been making efforts to improve, preserve health & natural resources at the locals and national levels. For all these efforts, the European Best Destination named Bohinj is among the 20 safest European tourist destinations after COVID-19. So if you are planning to book Slovenia vacation packages any time soon— this is going to be the right place. 


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