Best Ways to Find Cheap Electric Car Rentals in Las Vegas

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Mar 07,2021

Find a cheap car rental in Los Vegas for eco-friendly travel— drive through the beautiful city built in the middle of the Mojave Desert, where you get an opportunity to explore the Grand Canyon of Colorado via a cheap car rental for a rejuvenating ride through the legendary Route 66. There’s no better way to discover some great things about Las Vegas than on foot but if the plan is to explore some amazing destinations like Zion National Park & the Grand Canyon, you would want to hire a car rental either part-way or for a day-long trip. 


And, if you are planning for eco-friendly travel and looking for smart ways to reduce carbon footprints on your leisure vacation then you can obviously help yourself by picking a cheap electric car rental option. If it’s about zipping around in a rental car, there are truly a plethora of environmentally-friendly options. Pledge it like Great Thunberg to be gentler with the planet by choosing an eco-friendly car rental. Head over to to learn more about car rental options in Los Vegas and in other parts of the USA. 


Today many car rental companies are coming up with CLASSY & COMFORTABLE options, so give it a shot & see how you are contributing to eco-friendly travel. Let’s read to find how electric cars save the environment & also save money while you travel. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can find cheap electric car rentals for eco-friendly travel. Let’s get started:


Top Tips on Renting a car in Las Vegas:


Not only you can help nurture nature but you can save your money from flowing out just like that by learning some useful saving tips for finding cheap electric cars in Las Vegas. In this section, we’re going to introduce some handy tips on how to find cheap electric cars on your Las Vegas vacation. 


1. The credit card offers: Before getting the deal done with a car rental company make sure you have checked if your credit card is offering any discount on the Loss/Damage Waiver coverage on making the car rental payment using the credit card. 



2. Valid driver's license: The first thing you must do, when the idea of contacting a car rental company pops up— is making sure that you have a valid driver’s license to be able to drive around Las Vegas. 



3. Prefer trunk rather than a hatchback: You don’t want anyone to peek into your personal belongings— and thieves can make their way if you are not alert. So, look for car trunks rather than a hatchback.


4. Check for any Existing Damage: So before you board a rental car to begin your journey make sure you have checked the car for any existing damage. Point them out if there are any before you pull out the car space. 



5. Know about the operation of the car: Before you start driving your way through the busy streets of Las Vegas make sure if you are acquainted with how the car operates. Know about the wipers, gas tank, gear shift, and the direction signals— checkout if you can easily operate them and are not faulty. 



6. Book a rental car in advance: Booking a rental car much in advance is another trick. But the idea is that— two weeks before your arrival, make sure you have checked with all the reputed car rental companies if they are offering the service at any discounted rates. Keep doing that until the day you are actually using the car. 



7. Check for Las Vegas car rental coupons: So, you must also check the in-flight magazines to find any car rental coupons — you can also get r recommendations and the latest updates on coupons by calling the airlines toll-free number. 



8. Be a bit firm with the car rental agents: Don’t act in front of the car rental agents like you were born yesterday. Keep your body language in a way that they don’t trap you into their sleazy tactics. Be firm about getting the car at the promised quoted rate. 



5 Important Question You Must Ask the Car rental agent


You can’t plan any luxury travel without having enough money and you want to save on everything possible to be able to plan your next vacation. We’ve talked about some tips which can save you some extra bucks, let’s not shy away from asking a few important questions to your car rental agent. Here you go:


1. What is the limit to how far you can travel in the rental car?

2. Is there any exclusive discount scheme available at the time of booking?

3. What are the drop-off charges, if there are any?

4. Would you be getting unlimited mileage?

5. What are the surcharges for additional drivers, if any?


How Cheap Electric Car Rentals in Las Vegas can make it for eco-friendly travel?


According to a recent study on electric cars in Germany, the emissions from EVs are around 43% lower than those from diesel vehicles and they have lower lifetime climate impacts. Electric cars are appealing for the climatic concerns the world is going through — in a world where reducing pollution & emission has become essential. Electric car rentals are fun — they not only reduce emission but they also save money while traveling. Let’s talk more about how an electric car rental is an exciting option: 


1. They are a better option for the environment


The most exciting benefit of using electric cars is that they help in improving the quality of air. An electric car produces no carbon dioxide emissions and it has a considerable impact on the reduction of pollution. In simple terms, electric cars can help keep the streets, cities & towns cleaner. According to a study, one electric car running around for over a year can save up to 1.5 million grams of CO2 on average, which is equal to about two flights from New York to Los Vegas. 


2. Electric Cars also Reduce Noise Pollution


Not only do electric cars work well in reducing air pollution but they also help with reducing air pollution particularly in cities where speeds are low. Driving electric cars produces much lesser noise than conventional cars and so they also help in reducing the noise population. No wonder governments are looking out for options where we can see more and more electric cars on the roads. In fact,  a lot of car rental companies in the US have also started trying their hands at this option & many countries have set a target to ban diesel cars in the upcoming years. There are many cheap electric car rentals in Los Vegas that can get you around without causing harm to the environment. 


3. Electric Car Rentals will Save You Money


So, you can save some serious money by charging your car instead of fueling. A hybrid car uses gasoline, they also have a battery that is used to generate much of the power consumed by the car. But, the good thing about EVs is that — they take it one step further as they run entirely on electricity. If you have decided to hire eco-friendly electric cars, they are going to save you a lot of money — as you do not have to refuel them often. 


Drive Cleaner on Your Las Vegas Vacation: Enjoy the Perks!


Around the world, there are a number of places where you get some kind of VIP treatment while driving EVs — Norway is one of those places where you would find a charging station at every other turn. But you cannot enjoy that perk everywhere— while you are driving a car rental in Los Vegas, it is always good to know in advance about the location of your charging station along the routes you are going to take. There are a lot of top hotels in Los Vegas that have charging stations on their premises— so ask the staff if your hotel has one or not. Stay calm and drive your way!!


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