The best trip of my life - Tanzania is awe-inspiring

I visited Tanzania last month with my wife and here are my experiences from the same. At the start of my trip, I was unsure about my schedule. Since every foreign country looks strange from outside but there are some people in the name of guides who help you make things happen. I was lucky enough to find a really helpful guide by my side through the trip. Right from the beginning till the end, I found my trip running parallel to the itinerary shared earlier with me. It gave me a sigh of relief because every second place was not hitting into my head. The itinerary helped me in getting in sync with the plan which I appreciate a lot. Talking about the attractions I visited during my trip, well, I must say it covered almost every inch of it. I visited Arusha, followed by Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, and many more. The whole trip was full of adventure which somewhat took the chilling form at the end. The visit to the Paje beach was incredible. Relaxing and sunbathing at the beach was the best thing one could expect from an adventure-filled itinerary. Loved it!!


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