5 Destinations In and Around New York for Good Weekend Getaways for Couples

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 23,2021

NYC is often termed as one of the greatest cities in the world, filled with cultural diversity, art, and modern-day architecture. NYC has a lot to offer which is why it is one of the most popular tourist attractions. But every once in a while you want to get away from the loud and fast-paced life in the city and get some quality time with your special person. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding good weekend getaways for couples. 

Travel experts at Leisure bring you the top 5 destinations that are just a few hours away from the city. This article covers popular attractions for good weekend getaways for couples of every kind. Spend your day seeking out adventures, or finding new places to eat during your trip, there is something for everyone.


Indulge with your companion at a Romantic Getaway in the Finger Lakes, New York


Time to Reach: 4 Hours



The Finger Lakes gets its name from the 11 finger-like lakes situated close to each other. It is quietly nestled in the lap of nature, with beautiful surroundings which makes it perfect for enjoys good weekend getaways for couples. The finger lakes are a number of wineries that produce some of the best wines you can taste.


Explore the beautiful inns and hotels around the region and try the local wines. Sit around lake Cayuga and enjoy a perfect romantic evening with your partner. Finger likes is also home to many distilleries that produce a variety of craft beers and spirits for your to try, including Whiskey, Gin, and Vodka.


Explore the wilderness, by hiking around Seneca Lake and stumble onto some magnificent waterfalls which make for the perfect backdrop for a serenading afternoon for good weekend getaways for couples. Rainbow Falls, Eagle Cliff Falls, and Montour Falls Waterfall are some of the most popular tourist attractions in the region.


If you still find yourself wishing for more, then you should definitely check out the Corning Museum of Glass. The museum in itself is a work of art, with elegant glass sculptures and demonstrations with intricate details and an amazing level of craftsmanship. You can also make your trip a little more theatrical and romantic by taking a tour of finger lakes from the skies in a seaplane.


Put your muscles to work on an Adventure Getaway at Harriman State Park, New York


Time to Reach: 1.5 Hours



If you are out looking for good weekend getaways for couples where you can have a short adventurous vacation with your partner, then Harriman State Park is the perfect option for you. You can leave early in the morning, to watch the sunrise to its peak while having an amazing picnic by the Hudson River.


With more than 4700 acres of diverse landscape and natural beauty that would blow you away, Harriman State Park is perfectly situated just 48Km from NYC and offers multiple outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, and camping for good weekend getaways for couples.


The park consists of 320Km of hiking trails in some of the most stunning environments, with 40 marked trails and 57 unmarked trails for you to explore with your partner. In addition to the magnificent Hudson River, the park also has 32 lakes and ponds in its vicinity so you can get away from the crowd and be alone with your partner and have a romantic evening after an exciting hike.


If that doesn’t satiate your wanderlust, you can visit any of the 3 secluded beach sites in the Harriman State Park, and surprise your partner with one of the most amazing adventures. Harriman State Park offers good weekend getaways for couples and allows them to come closer in the presence of nature while exploring new trails for hiking, camping in the wilderness, lazing around on a hammock, swimming near a waterfall, or simply enjoying the majestic views of the surrounding hills from the top.


The park has plenty of accommodation options for you to choose from, such as 2 different camping sites, booking a private cabin in the Harriman outdoor center, or enjoying a relaxing day in a private room. Whatever you choose, the calming surroundings and the cool and crisp weather will fill your heart and you’ll come back again for good weekend getaways for couples at Harriman State Park.


Experience the most Scenic Getaway at Hunter, New York


Time to Reach: 2.5 Hours



The Hunter Mountain is one of the best places for good weekend getaways for couples living in and around New York City. It offers some wide-open views from the top of Hunter Mountain. The place can be accessed in all weathers for an amazing time with your partner. Whether you want to spend most of your weekend outdoors participating in any of the variety of exciting activities Hunter has to offer.

In summers the Hunter Mountain offers stunning views of the lush green surroundings and plenty of opportunities to make use of the time you wanted to spend with your favorite person. Enjoy a slow and peaceful day with your partner by going to the fly fishing school and try to catch a fish while sitting beside your other half and just enjoying your time together in the pleasant summer weather while waiting to get some activity on your line.


You can also spend a relaxing day, trying your different beers and other beverages, at the Hunter Mountain Brewery, and have a delectable lunch at the Prospect restaurant with spectacular views of the mountains. The mountain also attracts couples as well as families who wish to have a peaceful getaway, and joy some mini-golf in the mountains. If swinging balls with a stick is not your thing, then you can also enjoy a nice classic movie at the Mountain Cinema, and end your day with a relaxing massage at the Mountain Club Spa.


Everyone has a different idea of having a good time, for some, it’s spending your day sitting around with your partner doing nothing, whereas for some a good time involves treating yourself to a day of leisure activities, and then there those who cannot spend a minute indoors when there’s a whole lot of thrilling opportunities for them to explore.


The Hunter Mountain also offers good weekend getaways for couples who seek some adventure. Put on your hiking shoes and go on some of the most beautiful trails around hunter mountain with your favorite person, and enjoy the feeling of exploration. You can also zip line down some of the steepest and scenic suspension bridges and tree platforms which will give you a bird’s eye view of the region while gaining speeds up to 50 miles per hour.


Take your fours by fours for an off-road adventure, and pushing your vehicles to the limits. The list doesn’t end there, when it comes to good weekend getaways for couples, the hunter mountain doesn’t disappoint anyone. You can also try horseback riding, or if you happen to plan your getaway during winters, then you can take the opportunity of skiing and snowboard down the slopes of Hunter Mountain with your companion.


Enjoy a Beach Getaway at Newport, Rhode Island


Time to Reach: 3.5 Hours



Newport, Rhode Island is situated at a comfortable distance of 3.5 hours from New York City and offers plenty of activities with great weather and open views for couples to enjoy. This town in New England has a number of good weekend getaways for couples to enjoy a lovely day away from the city life that involves more spending a day at the beach.


However, if taking a stroll on the beach is your desired way of spending a quiet evening with your companion with nothing but the sounds of the ocean, then New Port has three different beaches for you to explore. Newport has many historic mansions where you can take a tour and explore its alleyways and massive Halls. Newport also has some of the best and freshest lobsters on other seafood dishes that you must try at the beachside shacks.


Take a tour of Fort Adams with your partner with a guide or explore the 3.5-mile trail along Easton Beach at Cliff Walk. The trail may seem like a simple walk, but soon turns into a challenging path to cover, but the rewarding oceanfront views at the end sure make all the effort worth it.


If you want to make your good weekend getaways for couples at Newport, even more fun and exciting, surprise your partner by taking up in the sky by going on a helicopter tour over the bay. The city looks even more magnificent from the top, as you can see the diversity of the region.

Go wine tasting the Newport vineyards and have a picnic with your favorite person while sipping on delicious local wines, paired with sandwiches of your choice. End your couple’s weekend getaway in Newport, with a relaxing time at the Bodhi Spa. The place has different options for you to choose from, all of them will allow you to get rid of all the stress and pressure of work and life.  


Explore culture and art in Beacon, New York


Time to Reach: 1.5 Hours



Situated in close proximity to New York City, Beacon is an art and culturally vibrant location for short good weekend getaways for couples. Incorporating its industrial heritage and beautiful landscapes, Beacon presents itself to be a perfect destination for couples to enjoy a lovely weekend getaway.


Explore art at every corner of the city along with the fabulous Dia: Beacon museum. Try the amazing food at the Towne Crier Café, while enjoying some smooth jazz and various other genres of music which you bring your evening back to life.


Go for a hike at the Bannerman Islands by the Hudson River and explore the ruins of historic castles along the way. For a more challenging and adventurous trail, hike up Mount Beacon with your special person, find the most spectacular views of the city on the top.


With travel restrictions slowly being lifted, people have started to move out of their homes and try to get back into their old routine in a safe manner. The destinations mentioned above are situated at convenient distances from NYC which makes them great options for having good weekend getaways for couples, with experiences for everyone! 


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