Ultimate Guide To Choose Your Travel Destination Successfully

Author: Saumya Khanduja on Mar 09,2022

Choosing your next big travel destination is one of the most eccentric challenges. If you really cannot decide where you want to travel next, everything will stir for your next trip. Trust us; we've all been there in that process! But do you need a little extra help to manage things better? We're here for you. Choosing your travel destination is no longer a hassle. Just follow through with what we're trying to explain to you! You will find your next dream vacation destination in an instant. 


Why should you be traveling?


Before we delve right into choosing your dream travel destination, you should be asking a critical question to yourself - "Why do you want to travel?" Needing a small break from your work or regular life, exploring an entirely different culture. There are multiple reasons why one needs to travel, and they vary for each person. 


So, before you start planning your dream vacation, ask yourself why you want to travel? What do you want from your vacation? For example, traveling all the way to Japan or Dubai makes absolutely no sense to people who are already terrified of flying. 


Your choices, your fears, your moods, everything has a lot to do with choosing the right travel destination for you. The general idea is to choose an option that will suit you the best, as per your personal preferences, personality, and circumstances. If you really get the gist of what we are trying to tell you so far, you are all set to consider other factors and decide where you want to go this year! 


Choosing Your Travel Destination


Starting with the basics 


1. Are you traveling as your hobby? 


Do you like to indulge in a hobby that can also be a part of your vacation plans? An old colleague of mine loves a holiday full of adventure, going for yoga sessions globally, scuba diving, and snorkeling all around the world! Bali was the ideal choice for such a person.  


You could have different hobbies, upon which shall rely your vacation plans:


1. Cycling 

2. Skiing 

3. Fishing 

4. Sailing 

5. Writing 

6. Photography

7. Golfing 

8. Squash 


You get the drift. For me, it would be shopping! 


Shopping, if it were considered a real hobby, I would love to go around the planet like Anna Delvy, shop till I drop and disappear out of thin air! (Just kidding, we don't want to create any mess, right?)


2. Are you traveling to enjoy some of the top festivals? 


If you've always wanted to travel just to enjoy the top festivals of that specific country, make sure this is the year you get to do that! But, as far as traveling to attend the top festivals is concerned, you should be getting a quick headstart for your flights and accommodations. You should book as early as possible, especially if it is a popular event. 


You could want to travel to India to celebrate Holi or Spain for La Tomatina, or Germany for Oktoberfest! 


3. Are you traveling with someone?


Who are you really traveling with? Are you going to travel with your special someone? Your children? Entire clan? Taking a solo adventure? 


People traveling with you might require certain specific experiences and places that might not be on your priority list. But, we have to respect them and their choices too. A common ground must be found here, so everyone on vacation can enjoy it. 


However, if you are traveling solo, ensure you are well-prepared and comfortable with amenities at your disposal. It would help if you kept things really easy for yourself, especially when you are the manager of your own adventure. 


4. Are you comfortable with the weather of your travel destination? 


Are you really the kind of person who can go sightseeing when it's warm outside, or would you really love just to lay back and relax and have your vacation mimosas? Are you the person who loves vacationing in colder temperatures, skiing down a hill? 


Your weather preferences will determine a lot about your future travel destination. Narrow down the preferable destination depending on the kind of weather you are comfortable in. Another thing to consider here is that when you love particular weather, it could be regarded as peak season in that destination. The costs are going to go higher! 


5. Do you have a budget in mind? 


Of course, you don't have to be rich to travel, but you should be feeling comfortable at your destination. Comfort comes with money! 


The kind of class you choose for your flight, the type of accommodation you choose, the places you visit, everything will be determined by a set budget! 


So, before you make any plans, ask yourself a few questions:

1. Are you a luxury traveler or a budget traveler?

2. Are you willing to fly coach or first class?

3. Are you comfortable staying in a budget hotel, or do you really need a fancy luxurious hotel?

4. What do you think about a vacation rental? 

5. What do you think about Inns, BnBs, and boutique hotels?

6. Do you need travel gear for your travel destination? 

7. Do you have miles and loyalty points to use? 

8. Do you have an idea about the affordable countries in terms of traveling, exploration, and exchange rate?


If you are any bit of a financially savvy traveler, you will have your answers in your mind as soon as you've read them! Once you have all your answers ready, you can actually start to consider your next travel destination. 


6. Deciding your travel style, journey, and experiences



Another obvious factor that needs to be decided before you finalize your travel destination is your style, experiences, and the journey you're willing to take! 


Do you prefer mountains? Do you prefer beaches? Do you want to go sightseeing? Or a hiking, outdoorsy adventure? You could even love a holiday focused on cuisines and traditional flavors. 


Beyond this, getting your travel plans sorted is about crafting the perfect journey for you that suits your personality. You would want to have some cozy downtime with your special someone, and a mountain retreat might be just that for you. But, if you or your beau don't fancy the cold, beachside it is! 


Understanding the kind of journey or experiences you are looking for forms the foundation of choosing the right destination. Most people find it overwhelming to spend vacation days, often so, they even end up saying, "We need a vacation from our vacation." It shouldn't be like this. 


Travel should be a fulfilling experience for everyone. It should be meaningful. It should meet your hopes and dreams. So, the next time you choose your travel destination, consider relaxation time in between. If you are constantly moving around with your travel companions, family, or kids, you are going to really let the lackluster of this hectic vacation take over your mental health too. 


7. Start Getting Recommendations!


Get your recommendations straight from your well-traveled friends or acquaintances. You might have hundreds of destinations on your bucket list; yes, it can get tricky and messy! 


You might want to speak with some people you know, the ones who have traveled extensively. Here are a few questions you can actually ask some of your friends, family, and acquaintances about choosing your travel destination:


1. Where did they travel recently, and why did they decide to travel there?

2. What are the must-see sites on potential travel destinations?

3. Are there any recommendations on places and sites?

4. Do they have any advice for you? 

5. What's their favorite place to relax and travel? 

6. Where would they love to go back again if they could?

7. What inspires them the most while traveling? 

8. Is it essential to learn the local language of your travel destination? 

9. What's the scariest experience they suffered during a vacation? 

10. How long should you be traveling to a destination? 


If you're not well acquainted with people who travel a lot or love traveling, you can still travel without any doubts by following your favorite YouTube travel vloggers, the best travel blogs on the internet, and online advice. People are all out there, sharing their personal experiences and tips, tricks, and hacks about their travel plans. You can get your share of recommendations from Instagrammers, bloggers, and vloggers. 


Most of these travelers are experienced and will give you good advice about choosing your travel destination. They will also tell you how to prepare and what you should be expecting. There definitely will be something that will actually excite and interest you. 


Just Be Open-Minded! 

While it sounds extremely tempting to stick around with something you already know and travel to a place that is familiar to you, being open-minded while traveling is the key! 


When choosing your travel destination, you will be presented with some wonderful opportunities and innumerable possibilities. You should be putting in all your efforts, research, and understanding of what you're really getting into. Allow yourself to explore some of the unknown, sometimes. It only helps you grow as a person. Don't dismiss the idea just yet, before even exploring. 


Things that are not your cup of tea might become your favorite flavor sometime in the future! Being open while choosing your travel destination and making new plans can actually lead to an amazing journey and adventure. 


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