Here Are The Top 7 Places To Stay At Glacier National Park

Author: Shubhankar Sen on May 20,2022
Glacier National Park

To be anywhere near the "Crown of the Continent" will bring you all the peace nature offers. From marvelous forests stretching as far and wide as your view can reach to the tall mountains and ranges tipped with ice and snow. Amongst the Rockies, Glacier National Park, nestled between Montana and Canada, is home to some of the region's most enthralling sights. There are about 700 lakes in the park and sections of two mountain ranges, and over 700 miles of hiking routes. This makes the national park an excellent place for nature lovers to explore and capture. 


With its rising popularity, tourists often find it difficult to select a lodging of their choice and preference. One can expect the national park to house some of the best vintage housing that reflects the early 20th-century heritage. From classic ranches and rustic cottage rentals to luxurious homes fit for a gourmand, you'll be able to lie down comfortably after days spent enjoying Glacier National Park. Our list brings you the top seven picks for places to stay at the Glacier National Park, so let's head straight to it!


1. Many Glacier Hotel: 



Within Glacier National Park, the Many Glacier Hotel is located near the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake. This historic hotel was established in 1915 by the Great Northern Railroad to accommodate the many tourists going through Glacier National Park. The Many Glacier Hotel stands out as the crown gem of the park, which is noted for its turn-of-the-century lodges influenced by Swiss Alps architecture. One can expect a sense of serenity and calm flowing through this hotel due to the vintage attire it wears. This modest hotel offers world-renowned scenery with magnificent views surrounding Grinnell Point and Mt. Henkel. The hotel offers a large and comfortable lobby for reading, sitting, talking, and relaxing. The 214 rooms available offer a more traditional set-up which includes a private toilet, accessible dining choices, and the breath-taking views of the park. The only thing to note is that the hotel does not house modern facilities like a TV or refrigerator. 


2. Whitefish Cabins: 


If you are not a fan of large hotels and lodgings and would instead want a quiet cabin to spend your days staying at the Glacier national park, then the cabins at Whitefish, Montana, are the best picks for your trip. Whitefish Golf Course, Glacier Park, Whitefish Lake, Whitefish Mountain Resort - beach/boat access, cross-country skiing, and more are all within walking distance of this place. It also offers some majestic views, and the quiet neighborhood will bring tranquility to your stay. Each cabin has its feature, whether you'd like a single bedroom or more. All of the cabins share a standard hot tub and gazebo for socializing. These cabins are a perfect choice for families, solo travelers, and groups due to their location within a few miles of the national park and other spots that provide access to playing golf and boat rides. 


3. Lake McDonald Lodge


The beautiful Lake McDonald Lodge, built in the 1900s, gives you the ultimate peace nature offers with its aesthetic build and location. The Lodge sits near the shores of Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park's deepest lake, and offers tourists an easy route to America's most beautiful drive, The Going to the Sun road. The Red Bus Cruises, nightly ranger lectures, and boat tours are available at Lake McDonald Lodge. The Lodge itself is a mini-adventure park for everyone as it provides free access to boating, kayaking, and fishing at the lake. A gift shop is housed inside the Lodge, and a camp store is located about 300 yards away. The gift shop has it all, from postcards to stunning Native American items. The camp store sells food, picnic supplies, and other miscellaneous items for the whole family. The Lake McDonald offers a few dining options at the Lodge, including a bar menu. It also houses a pizzeria and barbeque spot to enjoy and some lavish suites and bedrooms to spend your night comfortably. 


4. The Green O



Connecting with nature is one of the most peaceful and spiritual healing one could attain, and that is what Green O brings to you in the form of treehouses, haus, and cottages surrounded by greenery. Located at the Paws Up ranch, the Green O promises tranquility and serenity to travelers looking for a comfortable stay and experiencing nature to its fullest. Floor-to-ceiling windows, forested hot tubs, cozy fireplaces, and reading nooks are among the luxuries of each of the 12 "Haus accommodations." You can pick your luxury stay according to your liking, ranging from tree haus, light haus, round haus, and many more, each with its own unique style and aesthetic. The Green O may be expensive due to the number of efforts to give you everything you need for the best experience at Glacier National park, but it's an excellent choice for couples and small groups. 


5. Meadowlark Treehouse


Who doesn't love to relive their childhood through treehouses? The Meadowlark treehouse is an excellent location for a magical family vacation for your children. The wooden structure would take you on a fantastic fairyland adventure, and the aesthetics are to live for. The environment is ideal for a peaceful writer's retreat, a romantic break with your forested acreage, or a memorable family trip to Montana. There are currently two treehouses made around a Douglas fir tree for support. The treehouse entrance is through a spiral stairway, giving a complete Hogwarts feel as you descend to the living space that includes a fireplace and a dining corner. This treehouse contains 500 square feet of living space with two outside deck spaces, a second spiral staircase in the main room, a full kitchen, dishwasher, and stove. Three luxurious padded seats to entertain are included (the three benches are each 24 inches by six feet long) that also serve as sleeping accommodations. 


6. Apgar Village Inn


The Village Inn at Apgar is the ideal spot to stay if you want to be comfortable, relaxed, and surrounded by nature's splendor. The Village Inn at Apgar has unparalleled views of Lake McDonald and Glacier National Park's high peaks. The Village Inn at Apgar is situated along the southern shore of Lake McDonald in Apgar Village, just inside the park's west entrance. It offers one of the best getaway places to unwind after a long day and is quite budget-friendly for families to spend their money. The Inn provides various suites and rooms, including family suites, motel rooms with kitchens, standard motels, and family units. Apgar Village Inn will make you feel at home with its artistic features that reflect the architecture of the 1900s and 2015's renovations. All of the rooms are rustic but comfortable, with various sleeping options and a private bathroom. There are no TVs, air conditioning, or telephones in the rooms. Rooms on the second floor are only accessible by steps and enjoy a spectacular lake view. The Inn is wheelchair accessible and follows a strict policy of no smoking in the rooms. 


7. Swiftcurrent Inn and Cabins



Swiftcurrent Motor Inn & Cabins is the ideal lodging option for hikers and guests searching for a place to rest their heads each night after an exciting day in the great outdoors! It offers affordable rooms and cabins in a beautiful setting. Located right next to the Swiftcurrent Lake, the Inn has plenty of hiking trails, making it an ideal location for adventurers and trekkers. Swiftcurrent Motor Inn & Cabins comprises three separate motel-style units, each with its entrance. There are round cabins available, some with individual bathrooms. The cabins without any bathrooms are installed with sinks that run hot water. All of the rooms come with room heaters and the necessities. The Inn also provides laundry facilities at a minimal fee and complies with the no-smoking rule for the habitants. 


Wrapping up


Glacier National Park is known for its beauty and aesthetic, making it a popular coming-of-age tourist spot. In Montana, you can never miss the chance to visit this attraction that offers you scenic views of melting caps, glaciers, lakes, forests, and wildlife. With such adventure trips, one can expect to spend a few nights more to get the best out of the place. Although the national park offers some great lodging sites, finding the right one makes it a tedious task. We hope our top seven picks for the best places to stay at Glacier National Park help you make the best decision for you and your family. Visit for more information on your next trip, advice, and more! 

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