Bhutan Vacations Package: A guide to the land of thunder dragons!

Bhutan is truly a unique travel destination in all of Asia. The country has a vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, and happy faces all around. Did you know that Bhutan is one of the happiest countries in Asia?


The government of Bhutan is a constitutional monarchy since 2008, and its leaders adopt a peculiar policy for making their political decisions. The government of Bhutan bases its decisions on the Gross Domestic Happiness (GDH) of its people instead of Gross Domestic Product, giving the welfare of the citizens and the environment more important than economic growth.


Tourism in Bhutan only began in the year 1974 to promote Bhutanese cultural and traditional values and help the country’s economy with its stunning landscapes. Before the year 1974, the country was closed off to tourists from the rest of the world, and commercial tourism didn’t exist. Even today, Bhutan closely monitors its tourism activities to preserve its culture and traditions. Tourists from around the world plan for months and sometimes years for their expedition and to get a visa for their Bhutan vacation package at the right tie of the year.


Leisure travel guides bring you all the information you need to plan your Bhutan vacation package and have one of the most wonderful holidays of your life.



What you should know!


Before you begin your Bhutan excursion, there are few things that you should know in order to prepare for your Bhutan vacation package.



1. Visa Requirements



1. Tourists from countries other than India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives, are required to apply for a visa to visit Bhutan.


2. You can apply for a visa directly through the government or your travel agency as part of your Bhutan Vacations Package.


3. Bhutan only offers a limited number of visas every year to ensure a ‘unique and exclusive’ experience


4. Getting a visa to Bhutan will cost you $250 per day, which also serves as an all-inclusive Bhutan vacation package.


5. The $250 per day visa includes 3-star accommodations, tour guides, a Private vehicle with a driver for Transportation, Meals, Packaged water, and tickets for places you visit.


6. $65 from this visa charge goes directly to the government.


7. Tourists can alter their visa package by opting for better accommodation at any other hotel of their choice. However, only $50 is allotted to accommodations from the visa.


8. Tourists have to pay the difference if the cost of the hotel goes above $50.



2. Getting to the country


Tourists can travel to Bhutan in two ways, either by flight or by road through their neighboring country India. This is because Bhutan has only one international airport in the country, located in Paro city. The Paro International Airport is the first destination you will visit if you’re traveling by air.


The airport is nestled in the mountains and offers the most amazing views during the flight. On a clear day, you can even catch a glimpse of Mount Everest from your flight. 


However, the flight to Bhutan is almost an adventure in itself because the airstrip is quite small, and mostly chartered planes are allowed. In addition, the mountain weather can cause some turbulence.


Another way of getting to Bhutan is by reaching its neighboring country, India, through the ‘Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati, India. Tourists can then reach Bhutan by road in approximately 13 hours.



3. Getting around in Bhutan


Once you are in Bhutan, there is one important thing that you must keep in mind. Tourists are only allowed to travel in Bhutan if an authorized tour guide accompanies them. Traveling between different cities in Bhutan is not permitted without a guide.


Having a guide in a culturally unique destination such as Bhutan is also quite important. A guide will help you learn about the culture, history, and traditions of different places you visit on your Bhutan vacation package. They will also help you in overcoming the language barrier and understanding the local regulations.


Travel by car is the most favorable option to get around in Bhutan since most cities can be reached within a few hours by road. There are various local airports to travel within the country, but that might come in the way of exploring the country to the fullest.


There are various unique traditions in Bhutan that will surprise you and numerous guidelines and regulations that you will need to keep in mind. Check out this article on 11 Things you must know before going on your Bhutan vacation package.



Where to go on Bhutan Vacations Package!



There is an endless number of places in the country where you can spend an amazing time on your Bhutan vacation package. Bhutan is dubbed as the Last Shangri- La because of its raw natural beauty. From majestic Himalayan Mountains, clear rivers, lakes, subtropical plains, and mind-blowing architecture to luxury hotels with the most amazing views and elegant temples, monasteries, and dzongs, located at the most serene places. You will never get enough of the country on your Bhutan Vacations Package.


Bhutan is also the last kingdom on the Himalayan range. It is full of breathtaking mountains and valleys all around. Another reason why Bhutan is great for outdoor adventure travelers because Bhutan is almost 70% forest land and is one of the greenest places I have ever been. The lush green meadows, colorful flowers, misty clouds, and snow-capped mountains make Bhutan a real-life utopia. 


There are plenty of trekking trails in the country of varying difficulty levels that can challenge even the most seasoned mountain climbers. The Snowman Trek is a 27-day trek that takes you to some beautiful mountains, valleys, and rhododendron forests. The Snowman trek is one of the hardest treks in the world.


Other popular treks in Bhutan include:


- Owl Trek (3 Days)

- Druk Path Trek (5 Days)

- Jhomolhari Trek (6- Days)

- Laya Gasa Trek (12 days)


There are various other attractions in the country as well that don’t involve climbing to remote locations. The most popular tourist attraction that you will probably find in most Bhutan vacation packages is the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The monastery is one of the most unique and popular monasteries in the world, which attracts thousands of devotees and tourists from around the world.


Other important places and cities in Bhutan that you must visits are:


- Thimphu Valley

- Paro Valley

- Punakha Valley

- Trongsa

- Jakar Valley

- Phobjikha Valley

- Mount Jomolhari

- Wangdue Phodrang

- Jigme Dorji National Park

- Chele La Pass


Check out our article on 6 Places you must include in your Bhutan Vacation Packages!


Where to Stay in Bhutan



Even though Bhutan is considered to be an isolated country on the Himalayan range, there are plenty of luxurious hotels and lodges to relax in at the end of an exhausting hike. All the hotels and resorts in Bhutan offer amazing views of the mountain and a peaceful vibe that is unparalleled. Here are our picks for the best luxury hotels in Bhutan:


1. Gangtey Lodge at Phobjikha Valley

2. Amankora Lodges at Paro, Thimphu, Gangtey, Bumthang, and Punakha

3. Le Meridien by Marriot, at Thimphu, Paro

4. Taj Tashi at Thimphu

5. Dhensa Boutique Resort at Punakha Valley

6. Como Uma at Paro and Punakha



What to do on Bhutan Vacations Package!



Bhutan offers cultural diversity and natural beauty like no other place on earth, which even makes doing nothing at all, so much fun. However, though sitting in the lap of mountains surrounded by nature and warm locals sounds like a lot of fun, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the amazing adventures and cultural enlightenment Bhutan offers. 


1. Learn about the history, culture, and traditions of Bhutan

2. Explore the unique Monasteries in the country

3. Visit the Buddha Dordenma Statue- One of the biggest Buddha statues in the world.

4. Try the authentic Bhutanese cuisine (A little heads up It’s spicy as hell!)

5. Explore the valleys and local attractions in the city.

6. Take a day’s hike and go camping in the woods.

7. Visit the holy dzongs and learn about its secrets.

8. Try your hand at Archery (It is the national sport of Bhutan)

9. Paddle down the Pho chhu river in a Kayak

10. Go white water rafting in Mo Chhu river at crazy fast speeds

11. Explore the mountains on a bicycle

12. Go off-roading in your 4x4s.


When in Bhutan, you are never too far from adventure and exploration. If you see a stream follow it, and if you see a mountain, climb it, and you’ll find some breathtaking views and stunning places in Bhutan.


Bhutan offers something for everyone. Whether you want to experience luxury in your hotel room while looking at the gorgeous view outside, or if you want to lay in the lap of nature and camp through the night, or learn everything you can about the place you’re at. You can do it by altering your Bhutan vacation package on the go.


Check out this detailed article on top things you should do in Bhutan to explore the happiest country in the world properly.


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