Planning A Solo Trip? Here Are The Best Places to Travel

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Picking the best place is an important step in learning the art of solo travel. Depending on the destination, you might find it is best for solitude or more likely to meet new people if travelers are naturally thrown together. Traveling solo is easier in some places than others, regardless of whether you are taking a wonderful multi-country tour or just a passionate city trip. 


Exploring the world alone is a great way to discover new places. Take a trip alone to a frenetic new city or a desert island - we've selected a few of the best places to travel.


1. Iceland




It is known that Iceland is an excellent destination for solo travel. Most Icelanders speak English and are warm and friendly, and the company notes that Wi-Fi access and cellphone reception are both excellent. Due to the abundance of glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, and hot springs, the country is often known as the Land of Ice and Fire. Consider a trip during the summer months to explore nearly a day of sunlight while doing outdoor activities like cycling, ice climbing, hiking, and caving. Reykjavik, the national capital and most populous city, is a good home base thanks to its proximity to Iceland's international airport and many shops, cafes, museums, and art galleries.


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2. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


Known for its outstanding cuisine and friendly locals the former of which has led foodies to describe the island as the cuisine paradise of the Caribbean Islands Grand Cayman is affordable and easy to reach. One can get the best airfare discounts between March and June. Moreover, Grand Cayman is easy to hang around using public buses or taxis. Tourists can explore several solitary activities, including Stingray City (where one gets to touch stingrays as they wander for food), scuba diving tours with 40-plus operators, and snorkeling outings.


3. Santa Fe, New Mexico


Solo tourists who desire clear skies should consider visiting Santa Fe. The oldest capital in the southwestern part of the United States is known for its art scene and beautiful surroundings. Visitors can go skiing or hiking (depending on the season) or check out more than a dozen museums, such as the iconic museum of Georgia O'Keeffe. To reach Sante Fe, vacationers can fly into the Regional Airport on American Airlines or United Airlines or travel into Albuquerque International Sunport before getting a shuttle back to the city. Tourists can then hang around on foot via ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft or by bike. The city also offers public buses and a free shuttle system making it one of the best places to travel.


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4. Kenya




With its enchanting ecosystem and reputation for the "Big Five" (black rhino, leopard, elephant, lion, and buffalo), Kenya is the ultimate place for a safari. You can quickly arrange for a guide to take you out into the wilderness alone or join a big group. The country has access to good infrastructure, and it is hassle-free to hang out. Venture to discover the city's burgeoning nightlife scene (though taxis between venues are recommended).


5. East Coast, Australia


The east coast of Australia is a favorite route with backpackers who typically travel overland between Cairns and Melbourne. It's popularly known as the gateway to the Rainforests of Daintree and the Great Barrier Reef. It's easy to meet fellow travelers on this stretch as everyone is in holiday mode, taking time to get around in surf towns, national parks, and hippie retreats. A fabulous way to meet people is to join a sailing trip to the pristine Whitsunday Islands off the Queensland coast.


6. Dubrovnik, Croatia


A historic walled city extended out into the deep blue waters of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik in Croatia has plenty to offer the solo traveler. Try to skip high summers when cruise ships dock and passengers hang out in crowded streets. The best times to tour are September and April when the weather is accomodating, and the restaurants and cafes are open for the public. Visit the islands by ferry, walk the city walls, for some of the best beaches in Croatia and go sea kayaking around the magnificent bay.


7. Rajasthan, India


Rajasthan, India


Rajasthan is a beautiful introduction to India if you're traveling solo. The Royal Land is packed with palaces and forts, some of India's most romantic places. It is easy to commute between the significant sites of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer, and you'll be spoilt for choice for inexpensive and atmospheric places to stay and eat delicious traditional Indian food. Savor time on the back of a camel in the desert, and don't get to miss the annual camel fair in Pushkar (held in October or November).


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8. Hokkaido, Japan


Japan is an amiable country, and outsiders are welcomed warmly, especially those traveling alone. Hokkaido is the least developed and the most northern of the country's four main islands. Although it brews the famous Sapporo beer and Sapporo is indeed a city worth visiting, Hokkaido is better recommended for the exciting outdoors. The Winter Olympic Games of 1972 were held here, and it is one of the best skiing locations in the world. Skiing, birdwatching, and hiking are top activities to explore the elements in an unspoiled and remote landscape. Hokkaido even has lavender fields of the type you might expect to see in Provence.


9. Southern Thailand


Thailand's islands and beaches have a traditional backpacking landscape. Whether you choose the Andaman coast to the west or the Gulf coast to the east, you will find people to chat with over a cold Chang beer if you're traveling solo. The land of smiles also embraces a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine.


10. The Greek Islands


Greek Islands


There are whole coastlines and party islands dedicated to packaging tourism in Greece. Still, it's easy to escape the crowds and find an unspoiled and lonely beach or exotic Hellenic landscape, particularly if you travel off-season and seek to stay with locals. The ferry timetables are easy to work out, so spend time hopping between islands or zones like Crete and exploring every inch.


11. New York City, USA


Embrace the picturesque streets of Manhattan and the outer boroughs in New York City with no arguments over which world-famous museum, an iconic landmark, or cutting-edge art gallery to explore. If you don't want to visit a restaurant solo, there are several gourmet food markets to hang out at the shop. One can also browse a Brooklyn flea market, go rollerblading in Central Park, explore Times Square, or take a sightseeing cruise on the Hudson Bay.


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12. Cuba


Havana, the capital of Cuba, gets you images of 1950s Chevys, colonial architecture, and salsa. With the political scene inside Cuba shifting, small businesses across the country are opening and expanding as private enterprise is being encouraged. Now is the best time to explore those tiny artisan shops and backstreet restaurants. Along with low crime rates, going solo is safe and rewarding. Homestays have always been a means of travel in Cuba.


13. South Island, New Zealand


South Island, New Zealand


New Zealand's beautiful South Island solo activities are endless: horse riding, skiing, hiking, kayaking, bungy jumping, skydiving, jet boating, and whitewater rafting. The small island country is one big outdoor playground with jaw-dropping scenery around every corner. Glaciers, mountains, craggy coastline, and lakes form the backdrop for a place that is regularly voted one of the most beautiful in the world.


14. Nepal


If you're a seasoned altitude trekker, the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal can be tackled independently, but hiring a porter or setting out with an organized group is wise. Hiking this Himalayan circuit usually takes three weeks, and it's a great way to get up close to the Nepalese culture and tribal mountain locals. One needs very little gear as you can stay in comfortable tea houses along the way and buy food.


15. Newfoundland, Canada


Newfoundland has been wild and craggy, jotted with traditional fishing villages for many centuries. A lively port city, St. John's has a vibrant nightlife and is a spectacular place to start any solo tour. Get embraced on George Street, a touristy but fun initiation for all newcomers that involves drinking rum and kissing a cod. But the real reason to tour is to explore peace in the enchanting wilderness or savor time on the whales, coast viewing islands, and seabirds.


16. Botswana, Africa


Botswana, Africa


Want your first solo tour memories to be filled with wild elephants? Botswana is a favorite destination for wildlife fans. Although slightly costlier than other countries in Africa, it's also one of the safest and has decent roads and a fantastic safari lodge system. It is also quite the best place to try out wild glamping since the cost of private stays may not differ much from that of basic dormitories.




There's no shortage of awe-inspiring, fascinating, and unique locations to visit in this world that we live in. The thrill of wanderlust is real. The secret lies in simply choosing one, then working through them all. Get a glimpse of the most spectacular destinations across the globe, and you'll feel a boost of inspiration over you.

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