10 Romantic Staycation Date Ideas to Enjoy Fall with your SO while Staying at Home!

Author: Vineet

There is no season more romantic than fall! The crisp winter wind, the blushing skin, and the ever-changing colors of the leaves make this season a perfect time to enjoy some quality time exploring the fall foliage with your loved one.


However, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic all over the world, it is not the wisest decision to step out of your homes for a romantic vacation. But that doesn't mean you cannot make the best of the fall season while staying at home! Here are some of the best vacation ideas for enjoying a romantic staycation in the fall with your significant other without ever leaving your home state.


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1.    Take a Hike Nearby



Hiking is not exactly an activity that you can do while staying at home. However, it is still one of the best vacation ideas that don’t expose you to huge crowds or get you in contact with other people. Taking a day’s hike nearby to explore the wilderness and spending some time with your partner soaking up nature is an amazing way to start off your staycation.


Go online and pick a trail that is not crowded and offers amazing views and attractions on the way. Pack some lunch, a blanket, and a bottle of champagne, and drive to your trial. Park your car somewhere safe and begin your hike. It is better to start your hike early and do all the prep work the night before, to enjoy the lovely fall sunrise shine over vibrant leaves. Reach the end of your hike, and pick a safe and romantic where you can lay down your sheets and a picnic with your SO and some spectacular views.


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2.    Camping in the BackYard



While going a day’s hike is a great way to enjoy the fall season outdoors while staying away from people, going camping for a day or two is not. Since most places have a common camping ground where they pitch their tents, it may get you in contact with other people one way or another.


Pitching a tent in your backyard and turning it into a fall staycation is still one of the best vacation ideas you can come up with. Pitch your tent, build a fire, put on some soothing music on your speakers, and just watch the sun go down and spend the night stargazing. It doesn’t content with the views you get on a mountain, but it is still a great way to keep the kids happy and make the best of spending your days locked up in your home.


3.    Go to a Drive-in Theatre



Movie theatres might not be a good place to social distance, but going to a drive-in theatre is! A drive-in theatre is one of the best vacation ideas to watch a movie without coming in contact with anyone and avoiding the spread of infection. Drive-In theatres gained back their popularity since 2020 when the pandemic broke out. There are a few places in almost every state where you can book your tickets online and bring your car with you and enjoy the same movie experience from the confines of your vehicle. Just remember to clean your windshield properly!


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4.    Take a break from all electronics



While spending almost a whole year at home, I have realized that we are a lot more tied up to our electronics than we may have initially thought of. It has come to a point where it has become a habit to just casually check your phone for notifications every 10 minutes. This affects our concentration levels and increases stress levels.


This fall, spending a day with your loved ones, with a total boycott from your smartphones, tablets, TV, and watches might turn out one of the best vacation ideas for you. Pick a weekend when you won’t have to attend work-related calls or online meetings and set your phone aside for the whole day. Unplug your TV, and put away all your electronic entertainment devices. Taking a break from the online world, and spending time with just your beloved and family will help you in bringing down stress levels and increasing your productivity in the long run.


5.    Build a fort in your living room



You are never too old to build a fort! Remember the time during your childhood when you used to grab all the pillows in the house and set up your own castle? It may seem too cheesy in the beginning but, trust me, it is a lot of fun to do something childish and cheesy for your partner every once in a while. Plus with the lovely fall weather outside you wouldn’t want to come out of your palace for days. It is a great idea to turn a boring weekend being stuck at your home, into one of the best vacation ideas to have a romantic fall staycation.


You can still add a few grown-up touches to it, and make it suitable for your needs, such as adding in a mini-fridge, bringing the TV a little closer, making your setup a lot bigger and of course, ordering pizza, and binging on your favorite movies.


6.    A good old movie marathon



Nothing beats a good old movie marathon! On the days when you have very little energy left after finishing your office work and completing the household chores, you can still enjoy an amazing staycation, without effort. A movie marathon with your partner, watching all your favorite films is one of the simplest and best vacation ideas for spending a romantic fall evening at home.


7.    Have a Game Night



Having a game night, playing some board games can be a fun way to liven everyone’s mood while staying locked up at home. You can play standard games like, monopoly, or UNO if you are playing with your kids, or if it is just you and your partner you can turn it into a drinking game to make things more exciting. Sometimes the most basic things turn into the best vacation ideas when you don’t have the luxury of going outdoors.


8.    Have a candlelight dinner on the terrace



One of the best vacation ideas to surprise your partner is to plan a romantic candlelight dinner under the stars on your terrace or backyard. Don’t let the pandemic deprive you of having a great date with your beloved. The fall season is one of the most romantic seasons as it is, and you can make the best of it, by planning a dinner date with nothing but candles lighting up the whole room, or fairy lights, and cooking a nice steak dinner with some wine to wash it down. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to set it up and it can give you some great memories to be cherished.


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9.    Cuddle up in front of the fire



The fall season is the season when it starts to get chilly, and depending on your home state it might even be chilly enough for you to enjoy some backyard bonfire and s’mores. It is another one of the simple yet best vacation ideas to enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other without leaving the comfort of your home. Get a fire going, get some food and drinks going, and wrap yourselves under a blanket. When it comes to a romantic staycation, cuddling up in front is up there on most people’s lists.


10.   Get a projector and enjoy your favorite movies on the big screen



And lastly, if your LCD doesn’t do it for you or if you want to surprise your partner with something grand and get yourself a projector, a white bed sheet, some good quality speakers, and build a theatre of your own. You can never go wrong with just a movie and some pizza, it is without a doubt one of the best vacation ideas to have amazingly romantic dates from the comfort of your home.


Enjoy all of these activities one at a time, or plan yourself the ultimate romantic fall staycation package full of your favorite things and the best vacation ideas for you and yours! Take a couple of days off work, pick the most exciting activities from this list and prepare for the best romantic leisure staycation of your life!


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