8 Of The Best Beaches to Visit In Summer In USA

There are many great beaches in the US with unique attractions.


America's beaches are situated everywhere from Miami to Hawaii. There are several choices along the coasts. So, how to choose which beach to visit?


Leisure.com considered factors such as high-quality attractions, pleasant waters, and clean sands to bring you the best beaches to visit in Summer in USA.


The Best Beaches to Visit in Summer in USA


1. Miami Beach



Miami Beach is where travelers, residents, and cultures get together. A wide variety of tourists enjoy the shores of America's Riviera. These include families, seniors, and models.


You will get the kid-friendly beaches at North Miami beach. It also has very affordable hotels and restaurants. The theaters, museums, and galleries of Greater Miami are less than 10 miles away.


And there is South Beach, too. The southernmost neighborhood shows that Miami Beach is like two different cities. One is a super-chic metropolis at night, and the other is a family-friendly vacation during the day.


There are many activities to do here. You can relax at the art deco-style hotels. You may schmooze at the latest fusion restaurants. You can dance at the exquisite nightclubs or visit the high-end stores.


But the famous and the rich are not the only people who enjoy their time at Miami Beach. More relaxed travelers can rejuvenate along the sands of Lummus Park or Haulover Park. They can try fishing at the South Pointe Pier or learn about architecture on an art deco tour.


Another must-do? Strolling and window-shopping at the Lincoln Road Mall. Having cocktails at a rooftop bar and consuming tasty small plates is a must on Miami Beach.


This is definitely one of the best beaches to visit in Summer in USA.


2. Naples


Do not get confused with the coastal Italian city. This Naples is located in Florida. It is known for its world-class golf, quiet luxury, and laid-back ambiance. Florida's version may not have the artwork, sights, or history of its namesake. But its opulence is similar to European waterholes.


You will find first-class hotels and high-end restaurants waiting for you instead of divine Italian food and archaeological treasures. On Southern Florida's Gulf Coast, you will discover white-sand beaches and gently lapping waves. America's Napoli is one of the best beaches to visit in Summer in USA.


Young couples and party animals will want to find another beach. This is because Naples does not have the attractions they want.


Relaxation is the main attraction here. So leave the keg at the frat house or the tots with your parents. Pick up your partner, and come down to this city of love. 


3. Outer Banks



There is great history to the Outer Banks located in North Carolina. The mysterious Lost Colony was last sighted near Manteo on Roanoke Island. At Ocracoke, the pirate Blackbeard had his last battle. The Aviators Wilbur and Orville Wright took their renowned first flight at Kill Devil Hills. 


But this chain of barrier islands is not only for history buffs. Wildlife watching, windsurfing, and fishing attract many adventurous types as well.


The Outer Banks has nearly 3,000 shipwrecks. They are explorable by scuba diving or snorkeling. It has a reputation as the graveyard of the Atlantic. Families are attracted by the beaches, Roanoke Island's North Carolina Aquarium, and the mini-golf courses.


Each neighborhood has a charm of its own. There are secluded beaches, rugged dunes, and old lighthouses in the south. These are coupled with kitschy beach shops, water sports, and vacation rentals in the north. Together, they create a unique seaside destination.


The beach is ideal for people looking to head to unspoiled beaches and skip overly developed touristy towns. You will get an abundance of natural beauty but will not find big nightlife.


Beaches are more crowded during the summer months. But you are not likely to get unmanageable crowds here because there are so many destinations along with the barrier islands. 


4. Laguna Beach


California dreams are made of things such as Laguna Beach. Tourists are treated to secluded beaches, breathtaking coastal parks, verdant hillsides, and cascading throughout this destination.


All of this, plus its historic arts community and small-town spirit, are just a few of the many factors that make this Californian spot one of the best. 


Laguna Beach is located right along Pacific Coast Highway. It is located between Los Angeles and San Diego. This makes it a perfect stop on any Californian road trip.


Laguna Beach is so beautiful that you have to experience it to believe it. You will be in complete awe of its splendor when you do visit. But there is more to Laguna Beach than just its good looks alone.


The town has a penchant for the arts. It can be found on the streets alongside the insides of many galleries. There are nearly 100 public art pieces throughout town.


There is also a great appreciation for fauna and flora here. The town has many wildflower-filled coastal parks. This includes a preserved coastal canyon in southern California. Orange County coast seal rescue and rehabilitation headquarter is located here. Also, whale watching is a much-loved pastime. 


Soak up the coast to the greatest extent possible in Laguna Beach and immerse yourself in the local culture. Do not forget to click many pictures along the way. 


You will not have trouble remembering the impressive beauty of Laguna Beach. This is considering the unforgettable scenery.


5. Destin



Destin has the nickname of the Planet's Luckiest Fishing Village. Destin is one of the most famous vacation spots on the Florida Panhandle. Destin was founded in the 1850s. It used to be a sleepy fishing town. This was until a bridge connected Florida's mainland with the skinny peninsula.


It has a population of 13,000 residents. The population inflates to 25,000 in the summer. This town has a friendly and intimate atmosphere. Southern and Midwestern families come to Destin's beaches every summer. They love the trademark bright white shores. It is made up of Appalachian quartz.


This unique sand stays cool in the summer heat. It also gives an emerald tint to the water with the sunlight's reflection. Kids splash in the water parks while golfers traverse seaside bunkers.


More adventurous visitors scuba dive and snorkel off the coast. They may even charter a boat to try deep-sea fishing. Casting a line is a crucial element of this peninsular paradise.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the best beaches to visit in Summer in USA.


6. Sanibel Island


This secluded Fort Myers offshoot is very quaint, quiet, and low-key. Even more than its Gulf Coast neighbor. The order of the day is casual on Sanibel Island. A shabby chic vibe can be seen at the shops, restaurants, and the Periwinkle Way galleries. Seashells cover every linoleum and sandy surface.


The abundant seashells are this island's claim to fame. There are always plenty of beachcombers practicing the Sanibel Stoop on a lengthy stretch of sand. This was what locals call shelling.


If the mood strikes you, you may join them for one afternoon of your vacation. The residents of laid-back Sanibel would like it that way.


7. Kauai



Why is Kauai one of the best beaches to visit in Summer in USA?


Kauai is the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain and has mastered seduction. It has blue skies, gorgeous beaches, and excellent sunsets. It caters to a no-fuss type of tourist. It does not involve over-the-top tourist or luxury traps to entice.


The resorts are as tall as a coconut tree. Do you want rural rather than resplendent? Kauai's your island. There are just two major highways. Some areas can be explored only via boat tours or on foot.


Mostly you need just an adventurous spirit, an umbrella, and a good pair of hiking boots. But we should warn you. There might also be a little cash required.


The island has put a premium on its prized hiking trails and natural beauty. During the winter, room rates can touch $500 a night. Consider visiting during the off-season to save the most. 


8. Maui


Maui is just right for many Hawaii vacationers. It provides a taste of everything on offer in the Aloha State. These range from the intriguing culture and history to the impressive wildlife.


You can lounge around the Hawaiian beaches, snorkel in the company of sea turtles, sail down a zip line, golf along coastal fairways, or dance with professional hula dancers.


Maui is one of the most famous tourist spots of the archipelago. It is sandwiched between tiny Molokai and the much larger Big Island.


Maui is segregated into five distinct regions. Many visitors stay along the coasts of South Maui. It is home to the popular Wailea Beach. There is also the option of West Maui. It has Old Lahaina Luau's music and the sands of Kaanapali Beach.


But you should not miss the rest of the island also. Experience East Maui's scenic coastline by traveling on the road to Hana. In the Upcountry, experience Haleakala, the planet's largest dormant volcano. Discover former tribal battlegrounds at Iao Valley State Park in Central Maui.


Get a spot on one of Maui's helicopter tours for a bird's-eye view of it all. All of these features make it one of the best beaches to visit in Summer in USA.




Some blissful stretches sit on a picturesque river or lake. Others are found alongside mountains in the distance or an ocean with striking formations.


Some beaches are surf havens with stellar waves. The others are family-friendly locations with calm water, soft sand, sports rentals, a boardwalk, shops, and restaurants.


Whatever your choice may be, our list of best beaches to visit in Summer in USA covers them all.



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