Top 16 Best Hiking Places In Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

Did you know you can visit three exciting experiences of snow-clad peaks, rising forests, and a natural recreational region in one place?

The Olympic National Park in Washington, with a beautiful coastline, mesmerizing lakes, enchanting mountains, and an unmatched temperate rainforest, brings visitors closer to Mother Nature. The stunning park is named after the renowned Olympic mountains. Also, it was named by President Franklin Delano on June 29, 1938, to preserve the charming natural beauty, landscape, and wildlife of the park. There is so much to see in the park, from whales in the ocean to goats in the mountains and the best hiking places. You will find only some rare National parks with diverse landscapes that can be an excellent place for a memorable and adventurous trip. 

This article will tell you why you must visit Olympic National Park and the best hiking places. 


Why should you visit Olympic National Park? 


The Olympic National Park in the Olympic peninsula in the state of Washington is an ideal definition of adventure and natural wonder. It matches your calendar's mesmerizing scenery images that come straight out of a fairytale. This fantastic attraction deserves a visit at least once in your lifetime. Its mountain views have multiple trails of different lengths that go into the unique landscape of the forests. Also, it forms the perfect place to get some panoramic views from its elevated peaks. Another attraction is the wild coast with beaches for a stunning hike. Lastly, the alpine forests will never fail to charm your mind and make you decide on a quick return on the next trip. 


The 16 best hiking places in the Olympic national park


Hiking is the most popular activity in the Olympic National Park, with countless diverse and unique trails. Some of them are:


1. Hurricane ridge- 


Hurricane ridge


Looking to capture the best views of the park? Hurricane Ridge offers the ideal place to get some magical views of the park and nearby places. You can see the entire road from the parking lot to the mountains. You can even see the Olympic Mountains, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and even far up to a few parts of Canada. On some excellent hikes, there are some short and long walks. You need to check its current conditions for a beautiful trip to ensure no restrictions. In winter, one can even go skiing and snowboarding.


2. Third Beach to Strawberry Beach, Mora- 


A renowned destination in Olympic National Park is the way from Third Beach to Strawberry Point for a perfect backpack trip. You can reach there from La Push and Rialto Beach. The beach is a 1.3-mile trek from the forest. Within two miles, you will see some beautiful parts of the shoreline with unique ladders and ropes on a steep trail. 


3. Hall of moss trail- 


How about a path through the rainforest? The hike of the moss trail through the rainforest is a must-visit. Just like its name, it's a stunning location to get the sight of some great moss in the forest. At the same time, it has a complex ecosystem that is easy to access. But, you need to be careful about the crowd visiting the place. 


4. Sol Duc falls natural trail- 


This is one of the most renowned waterfalls in the park, with captivating scenery seeming like a fairytale. It is an easy and comfortable trail with enchanting beauty and four different waterfalls. Take your cameras to capture its unmatched beauty at the miniature initial course and the big main track. 


5. Staircase rapid loop- 


Staircase rapid


The rapid staircase loop has waterfalls and dense forests. Also, it has extensive moss vegetation that is an easy trail for everyone to visit. But, the forest is closed from November-May. So, keep that in mind while planning your next trip to Olympic National Park. 


6. Quinault loop trail- 


The Quinault loop trail is easy for hikers. It has a distance of 3.8 miles with a slight elevation. The trail has dense forests and attractive greenery. You will find some signboards that will tell you more about the local vegetation throughout the course. 


7. Lover's lane loop- 


The Lover's Lane loop is an extension of the Sol Duc falls natural trail. So, to come to this trail, you need to go ahead of the Sol Duc falls with a campground trail. It has a distance of 6.1 miles that forms a moderate path. It has an elevation of 590 ft. Its little elevation makes it easy for different levels of hikers to visit. 


8. Ozette triangle trail- 


The Ozette triangle trail has a distance of 9.4 miles and an elevation of 538 ft. This moderate trail is suitable for a day with its small height. With this trek, you can visit the local wilderness and the coastal beauty of the park. Also, it takes you through the wetlands, lush forests, and rustic beachscapes. 


9. Sunrise ridge trail to mount Angeles- 


This 5.5-mile trek is challenging in the Olympic National Park. It has an elevation of 2017 ft. You can get more superb views from the hurricane ridge with this trail. But, it is a little challenging to hike through the Klahhane Ridge towards Mount Angeles. 


10. Enchanted valley chalet via the east fork of the Quinault river trail- 


enchanted vally


This trail has a distance of 30.6 miles with an elevation of 4,642 ft. It is difficult to trek. But, it goes through the stunning old-growth forests across the rustic bridges. It has a striking wide open valley. It is just like it's enchanting. Moreover, you can see some wildlife like the black bears and elk, making a beautiful multi-day hike.


11. Hole in the wall- 


The hole-in-the-wall trail has a 3.3 miles distance with a 108 feet trek. It has a difficulty level of easy to moderate. It has a simple path from the parking lot to Rialto Beach. On the way, you will find bleached pieces of driftwood and mesmerizing views of craggy sea stacks. Also, there are Olympic's best tidepools, teeming with sea stars, wolf eels, and anemones.


12. The Spruce Railroad trail- 


The trek has a distance of 11 miles and forms an accessible route. It is a flat trail with the shores of Lake Crescent where you can go with families. Even though it's easy, it is fascinating with tunnels, scenic beaches, and a devil punch bowl. The place is a perfect summer trail popular for mountain biking and horse riding. 


13. Ruby Beach- 


The Ruby Beach has a 6 miles trail with an easy round-up. It's situated at the meeting point of the Hoh River and the Pacific Ocean. It's ideal for a day trail from the parking lot to Ruby Beach with a small trail. You will get to see some giant and intriguing driftwood. Also, there are tidal pools with rugged sea stacks. 


14. Marymere Falls-


The Marymere Falls is an accessible yet more challenging trek than Mount Storm King. It is a 1.8-mile trek with an easy round-trip. You can get to see the rich forest, cascading waterfalls, and much more. However, be careful as it can be highly crowded sometimes.


15. High Divide Seven Lakes Basin Loop- 


seven lake


An arduous trek on the list is the high divide seven lakes basin loop with a distance of 19 miles that makes a challenging round-trip. This is a must-visit for experienced hikers, and its long-distance might require an overnight stay. But it has unrivaled tranquillity, gorgeous scenery, and plenty of wildlife. An overnight hike will be a fantastic experience at the Olympic National Park. 


16.  Mount Storm King - 


Mount Storm King has a 4-mile round-trip for an enjoyable hike. However, you need to be careful about its steep slope. The walk can start from the Storm King Ranger Station to the Mountain. But, its end is not adequately maintained and is a little raw that makes you reach the climbing ropes. So, try to be careful and avoid going there in stormy weather. 


Wrapping Up

Hiking helps to improve muscle strength and stamina and relieve stress. It is a good break from the complex modern life for some time with nature, and Olympic National Park is one of the best hiking places offering that opportunity. So, visit the place with your family for some fun hikes together. 

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