The Top 10 Hiking Destinations In The US

Hiking Destinations In The US

Hiking is adventurous and healthy for the mind and body. The hiking destinations in the US are a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. The United States has all kinds of hiking destinations for hikers to have an adventurous time. From the lush green forest hikes to amazing beach hikes, one can never have enough hiking in the US.

Hikers worldwide visit the US to have the hiking experience of a lifetime. From California to Hawaii, hiking trails are spread all over the US. A hiker should travel to all these hiking destinations for an adventurous experience. Hiking in the US can be a euphoric experience. 


The Many Benefits of Hiking 


There are many benefits to hiking. Hiking can be adventurous, good for health and fitness, and blissfully relaxing. Hiking also lowers the risk of depression and anxiety and can boost mental health. Here are a few hiking benefits to know before you set off to hike around the US

  • Hiking involves exercising, which boosts physical health leading to solid muscles, and a healthy gut. 
  • Research studies have shown that going out and hiking in the open air is healthy for mental health. 
  • Hiking with a group of friends or family can enhance relationships in the group. 
  • Hiking is good for the heart and reduces the risk of diabetes, and also controls blood pressure.
  • Overall, hiking regularly can lead to a healthy and happy life.


Top 10 Adventurous Hiking Destinations to Explore in the US


The United States is the land of hikers. Around 57 million people went hiking in the US in 2020 alone. With numerous hiking locations, it can be overwhelming for a hiker to decide which destinations to visit for a hike in the US

Here is our guide to the top 10 hiking destinations in the US for a memorable hiking experience.  


1. Grand Canyon National Park 



The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, US, is one of the most sought-after hiking destinations in the US. Grand Canyon attracts hikers worldwide. This destination offers beautiful scenery and long hiking trails. Hiking in the Grand Canyon can be strenuous, and hikers should ensure physical fitness before they start their journey. 

Bright Angel trail is the most famous among many hikers. Grand Canyon offers many ecosystems, from lakes to rugged terrains for hiking. It is adventurous but equally challenging to hike in the Grand Canyon. Hikers are often amazed by its beauty while hiking deep into the Canyon national park. 

The best time to visit Grand Canyon National Park is spring or fall for a complete hiking experience. Many hikers gather during these seasons at Grand Canyon to compete in a friendly hike.


2. Sedona 


Located in Arizona, Sedona is famous for its red rocks and beautiful Sedona desert trails. Sedona is a perfect location for winter hiking in the desert. The hike in Sedona trails is easy, and any enthusiastic hiker can go for an adventurous hike in Sedona deserts. 

Hikers start their journey from the beautiful Devil's Bridge trailhead or Broken arrow trailhead and experience hiking in the scenic red deserts of Sedona. The best part about hiking in Sedona is that it offers easy hiking trails for beginners and difficult ones for hikers looking for challenges. Hiking in Sedona can be anywhere between easy to moderate. The best time to visit Sedona is in winter, as it's great for a desert hike. 


3. Yosemite National Park, California


Yosemite National Park in California is famous among hikers for the variety of hiking trails that the park offers. There are forest trails, mountain hikes, river trails, and meadow trails. Hence, Yosemite is a favorite destination for every hiker. Yosemite is a natural beauty with giant sequoia trees and half dome cables. 

The footfall increases during summer, spring, or fall are perfect for hiking as the crowds are minimal during these seasons. Yosemite has day hikes for beginners and multi-week or weekly hiking trails for advanced hikers. Hiking enthusiasts can visit Yosemite to experience its beauty and adventure. 


4. Lake Tahoe


Located on the California-Nevada border, Lake Tahoe is a beautiful hiking and tourist destination. The lake has scenic hiking trails such as Bayview trailhead, Cascade falls, and many more trails. Hiking around Lake Tahoe is a fantastic experience, with the presence of beautiful falls and terrains. It is very famous among family hikers. 

The best time to hike around Lake Tahoe is summer because the temperature is optimal and best for the hiking enthusiast. Lake Tahoe is one of the best hiking destinations in the US.


5. Appalachian Hiking trails



The Appalachian Trail runs along the Appalachian mountains. It is one of the most marked hiking trails in the US. It runs through 14 US states, and the most famous trail is 'The Crown.' Hikers can participate in the day, week, or month trails.

Appalachian is suitable for hiking in most seasons, and it offers different hiking trails, depending on the region of hiking. Most of the trail is occupied by lush green forests. It is a must-hike destination in the US for hiking enthusiasts worldwide. 


6. Yellowstone National Park 


Yellowstone National park is known for its geologic features. Most of the park is in Wyoming, and part of it is spread in Montana and Idaho. The park offers the hiking experience of a lifetime with its beautiful terrains and vast area. 

The park offers a variety of hiking trails with its meadow trails, forest hikes, mountain peaks, hot springs, canyons, waterfalls, etc. The park has more than 900 miles of hiking trails spread across 2.2 million acres of land. Hikers should come prepared in Yellowstone with all hiking essentials for a better experience. The park has easy hikes for beginners and challenging ones for advanced hikers. It takes 4-5 days to cover the Yellowstone park trail for hikers.


7. Zion National Park


The Zion National Park hiking trails in Utah are a challenging and breathtaking hiking destination in the US. From amazing canyons and angel landing to peaceful riverside walks, Zion National park has a lot to offer to the hikers.

Zion National park is known for its diverse landscape, canyons, emerald waters, etc. Hikers can choose a day hike or 5-7 days of the hike for a complete hiking experience. The best time to hike in Zion national park is spring or early summer for a memorable hike in Utah's landscape. 


8. Kalalau Trail, Hawaii


Kalalau Trails are one of the finest beach hikes in the US. The trail can be challenging in Hawaiian weather and the humidity, but the experience is adventurous. This Hawaiian trail combines beach hikes, soaring cliffs, and hiking through rocks. 

The journey starts from Ke'e beach, and as hikers continue their journey, they come across beautiful flora, oceanic views, and much more on their trail. The hiking trail stops at Kalalau beach after an 11-mile journey, where hikers set up camps and have fun before continuing with their trail.

The Kalalau trails are a part of every hiker's bucket list. It's beginner-friendly and suitable for advanced hikers alike. 


9. Mount Rogers, Virginia


The Mount Rogers trail in Virginia is one of the most challenging and fun hiking destinations in the US. This 9-mile-long trail takes around 7 hours to complete. Mount Rogers is part of the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. It is a perfect hiking destination for a day-long hike. 

It is the highest peak in Virginia, with a beautiful natural landscape and mountain scenes. Hikers can enjoy solitude as it's perfect for solo hikers and adventurers. A day out in Mount Rogers is a part of every hiker's checklist. 


10. Olympic National Park 


The Olympic peninsula is a stunning hiking destination for all-season hikers. The park has numerous hiking trails and offers a terrific experience to every hiker. 

The Olympic National Park has a diverse set of trails to hike. The giant trees, impressive cliffs, rain forests, mountain peaks, and sandy beaches make for a perfect hiking experience in Washington. 

The best time to hike in the Olympic National Park is from June to August because warmer temperatures add to the scenic beauty. 


To Conclude

Hiking around the US is every hiker's dream. The top hiking destination in the US offers diverse landscapes, natural beauty, challenging trails, and much more. While advanced and regular hikers go hiking all the time, the destinations are perfect for beginner hikers alike. Hiking is a thrilling activity that boosts our mental energy, and regular hiking contributes immensely to a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about hiking destinations and recreational spots at

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