10 Amazing Places To Visit In Bali For Your Next Getaway

Author: Shubhankar Sen on Jul 12,2022
Leisure 10 Amazing Places To Visit In Bali

If you are tired from touring the west, it's time to visit an exotic destination. The best option for it will be an offbeat vacation to a tropical place in the lap of Asia like the Bali island of Indonesia. The popular destination of Bali has been a favorite choice for a relaxing and adventurous trip. This Indonesian archipelago is a famous island for mesmerizing gifts from nature. This place, with an ancient culture, historic temples, palaces, and authentic cuisine, makes it a must-visit destination. At the same time, it offers an excellent chance to watch some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets and get some ideal nightclubbing experiences. You won't be disappointed with the long list of unique places to visit in Bali. 

The high volcanoes and beautiful jungles offer a complete package in this 'Land of Gods.' Its natural beauty won't let you get enough of this place. To ensure that the tourists get a comfortable experience, there are luxurious resorts in Bali with colorful celebrations, fun nightlife, and serene peace. This blog will tell you why you should visit Bali and the top 10 unique places to visit in Bali. 


Why visit Bali for your next holiday?


Indonesia houses some of the best pristine Islands, and Bali is the most popular one for tourism. Let's tell you why you should visit Bali for your next holiday:


1. Stunning beaches- Bali is a beach paradise for sports, fun, and leisure purposes. Every beach has beautiful white sand, clear water, and blue skies isolated from crowded places. These remote beaches are a popular attraction in Bali. 


2. Ancient religious places- Balinese and other spiritual people, including Hindus, live on the island. So, the majority of them have a small temple in their house. There are ancient religious temples and worshipping sights for aesthetic and spiritual pleasure in Bali that tells a lot about its culture. These grand temples with the backdrop of natural beauty make a perfect sight to behold. 


3. Natural beauty- The most peculiar quality of Bali is its natural beauty. The pristine beaches, and ancient temples, are all a part of this serene beauty in Bali. There are lush green mountains, rolling hills, gorgeous rice fields, flower gardens, holy rivers, never-ending valleys, and much more to this natural wonder. 


4. Delicious cuisine- Every trip is incomplete without some delicious food. Even Bali's fertile soil has been the birthplace of some of its most delicious traditional cuisine. Whether you have a street food experience or fine dining time, you would have the best time in this place. 


5. Perfect shopping Destination- You will get countless places worldwide for branded shopping. But Bali has some of the best traditional markets for homemade products. The handicrafts from Bali are worth the hype, like paintings, furniture, textiles, homewares, etc.  


Top 10 unique places to visit in Bali


From the countless places to visit in Bali, we have listed the best ones for a fantastic trip. 


1. Mount Batur


The best place to visit in the early dark hours of the morning is Mount Batur in Bali. The visitors make sure to trek up the 1,700-meter. It offers a mesmerizing sight of the sunrise with beautiful mountains, creating the perfect romantic destination. An active volcano is easy to hike with a nearly 3-hour trail. Some treks have breakfast facilities with them for an ideal morning in Bali. Most of the time, travelers visit Pura Ulun Danu Batur temple with this volcano near the lake. 


2. Ubud Monkey Forest


Bali has a unique sacred monkey forest sanctuary that is a must-visit place for animal lovers. It is home to grey long-tailed macaques. The monkeys roam free in this thick forest with giant trees and ancient temples. This jungle is the best example of coexistence between humans and nature, where tourists enjoy clicking photos and monkeys jumping between the trees. 


3. Nusa Dua Beach


Looking for something more peaceful and serene than the busy urban spots? Nusa Dua Beach is the best place to recline and relax in the peace of Bali under the laps of bright blue skies. This shore has multiple luxury beach resorts with clean white sand. It offers a good place for adventures like swimming, surfing, parasailing, and sunbathing. The Nusa Dua Beach will be a go-to pampering place in Bali. 


4. Lempuyang Temple Complex


Do you know about the Gates of Heaven? This iconic picture-worthy place is Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang, also known as Lempuyang Temple Complex. It's a renowned structure with a series of temples where tourists make sure to get a click. This Pura Luhur Lempuyang is a sacred temple at a hike up 1,700 steps in a steamy jungle that is difficult to access. 


5. Tirta Empul Temple


The Trita Empul temple dates back to 960 CE in the list of tropical green forests of Bali. This national cultural heritage site gives a sacred purification ritual option. Some important rules are followed at the temple with mountain springs and holy waters. This busy water temple is a sacred place for the Hindu Balinese community. Several areas and other historical sites in this region are linked with local myths and legend tales. 


6. Tegallalang Rice Terraces


An iconic choice of attraction in Bali is its rice fields. One such great place to explore the rice fields are rice terraces of Tegallalang. Along the main road, stalls and art spots are selling different food items, relishing food with the backdrop of green valleys. These rice fields offer beautiful sights of nature for a fulfilling stroll. They are located in the villages of Tegallalang near the main Ubud center.


7. Ubud Art Market


The Ubud Art Market is a must-visit place for some shopping in Bali. There are multiple small shops run by local vendors. You can purchase numerous goods like beautiful silk scarves, lightweight shirts, handmade woven bags, baskets and hats, statues, kites, and many other locally sourced and handcrafted goods.


8. Kintamani


This scenic mountain outlook is even home to Mount Batur. This popular place for sightseeing is a tourist favorite to get fantastic scenic views. You can see the breathtaking views of dark lava slopes and the black molten rocks of Mount Batur. Mount Batur is an active volcano that erupted 24 times after 1800. After every eruption, it changes the landscape of the place. 


9. Bali Safari and Marine Park


You cannot miss going on a safari in this nature's paradise. The Bali safari and marine park is the largest theme park in the area. It has over 60 species that roam freely in it. This enclosed place serves as a natural habitat for them. A bus safari and animal talent show are held in the park. Apart from the jungle, there is a separate side for the aquatic animals and exotic fish specimens. This place is a great family destination where you can later enjoy the amusement park rides and Bali theater. 


10. Goa Gajah


Goa Gajah is a famous archeological site in Bali. It is believed to be a former hermitage. There is a stone relic courtyard with a central meditational cave. Also, the Goa Gajah courtyard has some bathing pools and fountains. The word 'Goa Gajah' translates to 'Elephant cave,' but this name is misleading. In its southern part are some stunning rice fields and small streams. Also, a river has been a part of the local legends. 


Summing up


These countless attractions in Bali make it a must-visit place once in your lifetime. The never-ending list of unique places to visit in Bali will not let you get enough of it. It is a peaceful and gorgeous place with welcoming and cultured people. Bali will take you on a memorable adventure and cultural exploration. We all look for a means to break the monotony of life, and what better than Bali? It won't fail to amaze you with its natural beauty away from the urban buzz. Also, due to the low cost of living, you can have a pocket-friendly trip to this island destination. Countless tourists visit this place, but this island gives a chance for privacy to couples and families from the complex modern life in the shadows of nature for a relaxing and fulfilling trip. 

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