10 Fun And Unique Places In Albania To Visit For Vacation

Albania is a small country in the Balkan Peninsula that borders Greece and North Macedonia. It might not be a typical vacation spot, but it's a hidden beauty in the heart of Europe with natural landscapes, archeological sites, bewitching castles, serene skies, and tranquil beaches. The country has a rich history of Romans and Ottomans and withstood Italian invasion during the second world war. If you are looking for a vacation spot that offers a blend of everything, including national parks, historical sites, time transcending towns, colorful cities, and delicious delicacies, then Albania is for you. The unique Albania vacation spots are appealing to travelers and visitors alike. The numerous vacation spots and tourist places can be overwhelming to visit. We have prepared a perfect Albania traveling guide to ensure visitors do not miss out on these exotic and quaint locations when they travel to the vacation haven of Albania.


The Best time to Plan an Albanian Vacation


Spring is the best time to visit Albania as tourists can avoid scorching coastal heat and chilly mountain winters. So, plan your visit in April-October to enjoy a fulfilling experience. Albania offers recreational activities along with usual tourist sites. Sightseers can enjoy cycling, biking, water sports, hiking, and walking along the beach at sunset. 


There are a few things tourists should know before rejoicing on vacation in Albania.

  • It's a safe and friendly country for vacation goers.
  • While most people speak Albanian as their first language, many people know English and Italian as a second language.
  • It's affordable yet gives a regal travel experience 
  • Carry a lot of cash to pay for your expenses, as digital payments might take time.
  • Albanian cuisine is unique, just like its places, and can leave travelers mouth-watering. 

Remember these tips for a beautiful experience while visiting Albania vacation spots.


Visit these 10 Fun Unique Places in Albania for a Perfect Vacation


1. Berat- the city of thousand windows




Berat is one of the most beautiful locations in Albania. History is still alive in the streets of Berat, and many stories resonate in the Ottoman houses. Berat is popularly known as the city of thousand windows and is an architectural wonder. Tourists can see mountains, rivers, and Berat citadel and experience an adventurous journey.

The city was designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 2008 and is no less than a European town. The river Osum flows through Berat, which is beautifully lined up with the Ethnographic Museum, Berat castles, Onufri national museum, and Red mosque. Visitors can feel the medieval era in every site they see. The city has striking landscapes and overlooks a hilltop. Berat is the pride of Albania and one of the unique places in Albania and the whole of Europe. 


2. Gjirokaster- the pearl of Albania


The city is nature's paradise. Located between two mountains, Gjere and Drino, in a valley, it's one of the favorite vacation spots in Albania. It preserves one of the oldest Ottoman towns and is a designated UNESCO site. 

Tourist spots include the old bazaar, which provides a medieval shopping experience, the Gjirokaster castle, National Archaeological Park, and the Military Museum, which has a U.S Air force plane captured in Tirana. The delectable food delicacies and the city's architectural style are worth visiting Albania.


3. Tirana- the capital of Albania 


The Skanderbeg Square is the heart of Tirana, which depicts the statue of Albanian Skanderbeg, who resisted the ottomans. It's the largest city in Albania with a rich culture and heritage. Visitors should explore the Pyramid of Tirana, a National history museum with artifacts dating back to prehistoric times, the Grand park of Tirana, which is naturally magnificent, the house of leaves, Tanner's bridge, Et'hem Bej Mosque, and the National art gallery. A day is sufficient to explore Tirana and enjoy the youthful nightlife while watching the city's sunset and Ottoman architectural features. 


4. Saranda on the Lonian Sea


Located on the Ionian Sea on the Mediterranean coast, this city is known for its blue waters. The climate in Sarande is sunny and perfect for beach lovers to bask in the sun. The town is famous for its centuries-old synagogue and castle ruins that attract numerous visitors. Tourists should explore the scenic Mango beach, serene Saranda beach, and the monastery of 40 saints that dates back to the Byzantine empire. Watch the sunset at the Lekuresi castle, the colorful Flamingo beach, and wander around the Museum of traditions and Archaeology. Saranda is a coastal picturesque and is at the heart of Albania vacation spots.


5. Shkodra- The Center of Albanian Cultural Heritage




Shkodra is a marvelous city and is perfect for hiking in the Albanian Alps. The city is considered an important center of Albanian Catholicism, culture, and heritage and a symbol of religious tolerance and harmony. It boasts impressive architecture, lakes, and a distinctive museum.


Vacation spots include:

  • The quaint Rozafa Castle.
  • Venice art mask factory.
  • Marubi museum of photography.
  • Kayaking in Shkodra lake.
  • Enjoy the bustling nightlife of this small yet heartwarming city.

It is truly a symbol of a fun, unique place in Albania.


6. Durres- the port city


Located on the Adriatic sea, Durres is famous for its Roman Amphitheater. The city looks modern with an ancient appeal and hosts the most extensive beaches in Albania. Do not forget to explore the Archaeological Museum of Durres, which has artifacts dating back to the Greek and Roman periods, the Venetian tower, the dazzling cape of Rodon, and the stunning coastline of the Beach of Durres. These locations attract numerous visitors and are rich in history like every Albanian city. 


7. The ecological lagoons of Butrint


Butrint National Park has 2,500 years old historical ruins and is a UNESCO world heritage site. It's picturesque and conserves around 1,200 animal and plant species and numerous birds. The park has a hilly terrain and landscapes, including wetlands, lakes, salt marshes, and the island of Ksamil protects the remains of ancient civilizations. The park does not attract high footfall, but it's worth a visit to experience the spectacular nature of Albania. Visitors can roam around the city for 2-3 hours and enjoy some delicacies along the way. 


8. The splendid town of Kruja


Kruja is the hometown of the great Albanian national hero Skanderbeg. The city is near the capital Tirana and hosts the castle of Kruja, dating back to the 5th century. Nearby the historic Skanderbeg museum tells the tale of general Skanderbeg. Visitors should stay a day in Kruja and explore the Kruja ethnographic museum, shop around the bazaars, tour the mountain of Sarisalltik, admire the pristine national park of Qafeshtama, the historic ruins of Zgerdhesh, take a walk around the black river canyon and end your day with the delectable kabuki desert. 


9. Try the coastal hike in Himare town.


The Himare coastal town is one of the pleasant towns of Albania. The Albania riviera flows along with the city. It is just a 90-mile drive from Saranda and takes 4-5 hours to visit the town. Explore the Himare castle and roam around the old city. The ruins of Himara Castle, perched atop the hill, provide stunning views of the surrounding foliage and out to Livadi Beach. It's a perfect spot for history buffs who would love to walk the churches and the historic town. Visitors can also enjoy snorkeling, kayaking along the Adriatic sea, or a boat trip to Himare town, not leaving out the luscious seafood and the hike around Livadi beach.


10. Paragliding in Vlore city


Paragliding in Vlore city


The founder of Albania signed the declaration of Independence in 1912. Thus the city holds an important place in the heart of Albanians. Vlore has numerous things to watch and entertain the visitors, including their famous paragliding activities. Tourists start their day with a visit to the national museum of Independence, the St Mary's monastery, an architectural beauty, and the Muradie mosque. The Bora Bora beach offers many water sports activities for adventure lovers. The city has a great nightlife with pubs and bars and shopping treats. Vlore is a fun and unique place in Albania.




Albania is a beautiful country that never rests for tourists. The blue skyline, the historical sites, and the buzzing nightlife is a thrill to experience here. It's safe and harmonious, and the lovely climate makes you want to visit again. Visit leisure.com to learn about unique locations in Europe and how to plan the ideal vacation trip for yourself.

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