8 Fun Things To Do In Denver For $10 Or Less

Summer is here! It means it is now time to go out and have some fun in the sun! Summers in Denver call for some eccentric, lively, and carefree days. However, balancing fun and finance can be tricky if you are on a tight budget. 


Leisure offers you this fool-proof guide for fun things to do in Denver with $10 or less. Yes, you can have fun affordably and conquer all the summer humdrum without sacrificing all of your life savings. 


Top Fun Things To Do In Denver


1. Visit The Museum of Contemporary Art 



The Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver offers you the ultimate chance to know and understand the culture of this city for just under $10. Every year, at least three to four times, you will witness some really interesting exhibitions. Once you come here, you are only shelling just $8 for a lifetime of fun memories. However, if you visit this museum on weekdays, from Tuesday through Friday, the cost of a ticket drops further to $5. 


Want to know something more interesting? Visit the museum after 5:00 PM, and your entry will be free. Plus, if you are interested in taking your children along, the entry is free again. 


2. Learn How Candy Is Made 


Learning how candy is made at Hammond’s Candies Factory is one of the most fun things to do in Denver under $10. The famous tour starts every weekday at 9:00 AM and goes on through 3:00 PM. While on Saturdays, the tour starts at 10 in the morning and ends at the same time. 


Learn how candy is made and how it manages to really satisfy your sweet tooth up close and personally. On this trip, you will see how candies are really pulled, shaped, twisted, and packed by hand, in the same way since 1920. 


Hammond’s Candies states that people can also learn about the history of candy in Denver and anecdotes about everyone’s favorite sugary product!


3. Learn How Beer Is Made



When in Denver, you should be taking beer seriously, just like the locals do. You can learn more about this hoppy drink on a brewery tour. Take a tour of the Coors Brewery, one of the world's largest single-site brewery locations. This experience is comprehensive, in which you can learn the process of malting, brewing, and the process of packaging. 


The tour is an amazing opportunity to get a sneak peek at the history, photos, and all of the memorabilia. It ends with a fantastic sample of beer, all for free! 


4. Watch a drive-in movie 


Drive up to the Denver Mart Drive-in center, located at 59th Avenue, at 7 PM to watch your favorite movies right from your vehicle. The gates are open from Friday through Sunday, where most movies start at sundown, from 8:15 PM to 8:45 PM. Ticket prices for this experience start at $10 for a person, and kids aged 6 and under can enter for free. 


Double feature movies have never been better, anywhere! The Denver March drive-in theater features an 80x40 foot screen, which can display any movie for as many as 275 cars. You can even go to the Mart cafe, grab a bucket of your favorite butter popcorn, and just settle in your cozy vehicle. 


5. Take a fun trip to Boulder 



You can take a quick road trip to Boulder for just $7 on the Flatiron Flyer. Boulder is the rightful home to the famous Colorado University and the stunning Flat Iron Mountains. Boulder also boasts some of the best outdoor adventures, along with giving us all some really quaint mountain town vibes. It is truly one of the most fun things to do in Denver!


Leisure travel guides suggest you hike up the Chautauqua Park or even the Boulder Creek Canyon Trail for some awe-inspiring views. If you are not the adventurous soul, you can simply stroll down the cobblestone streets that are pedestrian-friendly and take delight in Boulder’s most refreshing breweries and the most infamous food spots in the United States. 


Have as much fun as you can! You are going to be sleeping your way back anyway on public transport! 


6. Enjoy Your Heart Out At 1-Up Arcade & Bar


Have some fun in a more adult setting at the 1-Up Arcade & Bar with some whiskey and pinball. Visit this arcade-style bar right on Colfax Street and the Lower Downtown area in Denver. You will witness the amazing world of Contra, Donkey Kong, Wizard of Oz come alive right before your eyes. Want more? 


Play a long session of PacMan on huge screens. Just pick your friends and play your favorite childhood games! 


7. Ride Up The Lakeside Roller Coaster 



At the Lakeside Roller Coaster, there is a cyclone waiting for you! Well, not a literal one, but one made of wood. This is only for people whose nerves are made of steel! 


Check out and ride up the Cyclone at this fascinating amusement park. Here, you will also find thousands of other thrilling adventures waiting for you, along with fair food, funnel cakes, and corn dogs. 


This amusement park opened in 1908 and has seen Denver grow up since over a century. The landscape of Denver around the amusement park has certainly changed a lot. The entry tickets will cost you just $4, and almost all the rides here will cost you 50 cents or over. 


8. Tour The Capitol 


The Capitol building is the one spot where you should have a selfie for your ‘gram! Yes, click a selfie on the steps that stand one mile high or at least 5,280 feet. That’s one of the most popular things to do here! 


The building is open for everyone from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays. Meanwhile, the Capitol is closed during weekends and major holidays. When it is open, free tours are happening every day from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 


While you are here, it is important to learn some more facts! The Colorado State Capitol building sees over 300,000 visitors every year. Almost 70,000 visitors take tours of this historical wonder. The Capitol building is a must-visit whenever you are in Denver. 


Follow the Leisure blog for more such trip suggestions and information! Happy vacation to you! 

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