What Are The Fun Things To Do In Armenia Vacation?

Armenia Vacation

You will feel at home with a lot to see, taste and experience once in Armenia. The size of the country is trivial as Armenia offers aesthetics and beauty in its compactness. This small country is full of wonders for you to be amazed at and contains the ability to lace your vacation with comfort and relaxation. 

Now you must be wondering what makes Armenia so unique. This country has a long history and a culture that is vivid and rich in colors. The country is gradually getting the recognition it deserves from tourists. So, let us find out the fun things to do in Armenia on your vacation ahead!

Explore your Inner peace in Armenia's best Monasteries


best Monasteries


Sometimes we feel vague in our spirit. Perhaps, we have lost our connection to that high being who governs the world. Our concrete surrounded lives have no place for the Holy, the one who is the Father of all the beings. That's why even after having enough, we feel like empty pots. This is the time to refill ourselves with divinity, purity, and religious thoughts. Then why not reconnect with the ruler of the world by visiting some of the most famous monasteries in Armenia. It's one of the things you must do in Armenia because Armenia is full of religious places, so don't let this great opportunity slip from your hands. 


1. Khor Virap Monastery 


Khor Virap is a monastery that is prominent for the history it carries within itself. It's such a site that you will not be able to control yourself from snapping the beauty of this monastery with your cameras. In this monastery, Mt. Aharat can be seen on clear days. One of Armenian history's most significant events also occurred here. Gregory, the Illuminator, the Father of Armenian Christianity, was imprisoned for 13 years in a pit full of snakes. After Gregory healed the Armenian king, known for persecuting Christians, Tiridates the third, Armenia became the world's first Christian country. 


2. Geghard Monastery


Marked as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, this monastery is an excellent specimen of architecture from the medieval era in Armenia. The monastery is made into a mountain by cutting through it. Originally named Aryivank, which translates into the "Monastery of the Cave." But the name was changed and became Geghard because the spear that pierced the side of Christ was brought here by Apostle Thaddeus. It has some of the best acoustics.  And the founder of this monastery was none other than Gregory the Illuminator. 


Taste the flavors of Armenia


It would be a shame if you visit a country like Armenia and don't let your tongue taste the flavors they have. Do not just explore the places but taste them as well. Because knowing the taste of a country means uniquely knowing a country's character. 


1. Dolma


Dolmas are usually served with Matsun, a type of milk yogurt. It's a spicy dish. It contains minced meat and spiced rice, and then it is wrapped in cabbage leaves or a vine. It's spelled as Dolma in English but pronounced as Tolma in the Armenian language. So, impress Armenians with your pronunciation. 


2. Khorovats


They are a type of Armenian kebab. You will find them nearly everywhere because they are familiar and popular in Armenia. The condiments have no use in Armenia, and onions and peppers are only for their looks. It is wrapped in lavash, Armenia's local flatbread, and accompanied by salad. 


3. Gata


After the spice, let's talk about sweets. Gata goes by many names, such as Kada or Katah. This dish can vary in flavor in different regions because it is one of those dishes everyone loves, and everyone has their recipe for it. It's a break-like cake that goes with Armenian coffee. 


The Armenian Winter life

Armenian Winter life


One can enjoy the cold days in Armenia very well. Armenia is a country that experiences both the heat of summer and the cold of winters. But suppose you plan to visit Armenia in winter. In that case, you don't need to be disappointed because one can take pleasure in Armenia's snow and enjoy its winter life to the fullest.


1. Skiing


Since Armenia is a country with mountains, you will have no hardships finding snow-clad mountains to go skiing. Armenia is an excellent place to enjoy winter sports. The best place to ski is Tsaghkadzor. Here you get to see some of the most fantastic scenery while skiing across the snowy rifts and peaks. It is a unique experience and a fun-filled journey for you and your family. 


2. Winter Cuisine


Armenia serves you with its delicious winter cuisine, which can make your mouth water. Khash should be your first choice if you want to be delighted with Armenia's winter cuisine. It's a soup-type dish made from pig trotters or pig feet. If you are into sweet and savory food, you should go for Ghapama, an Armenian dish consisting of pumpkin stuffed with rice, fruits, and dry fruits. 


3. Santa Charity Marathon


It's a marathon organized by the Yerevan Half Marathon. In this marathon, people dress up as Santa and run a marathon to raise charity money for the needy. There will be entertainment as various artists perform to motivate the marathon participants. There will also be snacks provided to the participants. Simply put, it's a fun event to witness and be a part of. It will not only make you and your family have a great time but also help those in need. 


Dive deep into the Armenian history


When Armenia has so much to offer as its history, people who crave knowledge will love to take advantage of this opportunity. These changes do not come every day and knock on your door for attention. You can get to know a lot through sights, scriptures, architecture, and books you can take back home. 


1. Gyumri


It's the second-largest city in Armenia. This is a city that consists of a very famous monastery which comes to be known as Marmashen Monastery. An earthquake hit Gyumri in 1988 whose trace can still be seen there. Visitors can find many churches in the 18th and 19th centuries at Gyumri. This city has a brewery named after it called Gyumri Brewery. Get the taste of the Armenian beer here. A perfect way to refresh one's mood. 


2. Areni-1 Caves


Areni-1 Caves is a must-visit place if you are especially interested in Armenian history. It's home to one of the oldest wineries in the world. You can glance into the lives of people that belong to the Bronze Age through these caves. Not just that, but archaeologists also found the world's oldest surviving brain in Areni-1 Caves. Another historical place to visit is near Areni-1 Caves, Noravank Monastery. 


3. Tatev Monastery


This University was built in the 9th century and has served both as a University and a Monastery. The Tatev Monastery is located near the Iranian border and has a special significance in Iranian history. There is even a tiny museum for you to visit there, which contains a lot of texts and antiques on display. You can experience Tatev from the sky with the help of Wings of the Tatev, the world's longest reversible ropeway. On a clear day, you can experience the scenic view of waterfalls. 


4. Noratus Cemetery


Noratus is a small village in Armenia that has gained fame for its cemetery. Even Lake Sevan is near the village, where you can spot ducks and birds waddling across the glistening waters. The village is recognized as one of the oldest villages that brilliantly showcases the country's history through the buildings and artwork. Khachkars are a unique attraction for tourists here. They are a type of memorial representing Medieval Christian Armenian Art. 



Embracing and exploring a new culture can pose a problem in front of you, as it's not easy to assimilate into a culture you are unaware of. But it's also an experience that may shock you or amuse you. It's fascinating to know how different people from us are or how similar they can be even after being different. It makes it easy for us to read between the lines and understand a common human essence or emotions. So, don't worry about the trouble you find on your way to enjoy that vacation which helps you embrace the cultures of a new country. For more information on planning your next vacation, visit leisure.com.

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