Top Things To Do In Armenia For An Exceptional Experience

Author: Shubhankar Sen on May 01,2024
Tatev monastery in the mountains of Armenia

Armenia, a nation in the Caucasus Mountains, has a variety of experiences waiting to be unearthed within its borders. Explore the various things to do in Armenia, including heart-pounding ski adventures, tranquil monastery visits, savoring local delicacies, and exploring hidden natural wonders. Armenia offers an enchanting journey for every traveler. 


Skiing Amidst Armenia's Snowy Splendor

Armenia's winter wonderland, Tsaghkadzor, is just the beginning of the country's ski adventure. While Tsaghkadzor boasts modern facilities and stunning slopes, the adventurous spirit of skiing also extends to other regions. The untouched powder of Jermuk and the challenging terrain of Ashotsk are for thrill-seekers and winter sports enthusiasts alike. For the skier or a novice hitting the slopes for the first time, Armenia's diverse ski resorts offer an exhilarating experience against snow-capped peaks and pristine landscapes.


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Cathedrals Touch the Sky at Echmiadzin

Echmiadzin, often called the Vatican of the Armenian Apostolic Church, offers more than just its iconic cathedral. While the majestic Echmiadzin Cathedral rightfully commands attention as the oldest cathedral in Armenia, the surrounding area holds a wealth of historical and cultural significance. Explore the nearby Zvartnots Cathedral ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and unravel the mysteries of Armenia's architectural past. Explore local markets, where artisans showcase their craftsmanship and the timeless traditions of Armenian hospitality.


Marvels of Temples and Monasteries in Armenian

Armenia's ancient temples and monasteries reflect the country's enduring spiritual heritage. Beyond the well-known sites lie hidden gems waiting to be discovered. The remote Noravank monastery is towering red cliffs in the heart of the Armenian countryside. Marvel at the intricate stone carvings of Geghard Monastery, carved directly into the surrounding rock. Each monastery tells a story of faith, resilience, and artistic achievement.


Thrills and Tranquility Await

Armenia's rugged terrain and diverse landscapes provide the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts. A multi-day trek through the rugged beauty of the Armenian Highlands, camping under the stars and forging unforgettable memories. Test your mettle with rock climbing adventures in the basalt cliffs of Garni Gorge or rappel down cascading waterfalls in the wilds of Lori Province. A more leisurely experience, horseback riding excursions offer a unique opportunity to explore Armenia's wilderness while forging a bond with these magnificent creatures.


Unearthing Armenia's Hidden Treasures

Venture off the beaten path and uncover the hidden treasures of Armenia's northwest region. Traverse the pristine landscapes of Lori Province, where lush forests, meandering rivers, and ancient monasteries await around every bend. Explore the medieval fortress of Lori Berd, perched atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the Debed River Valley, and imagine the stories of knights and kings that once echoed within its walls. Immerse yourself in the region's rich cultural heritage, where traditional crafts and folk music thrive amidst breathtaking natural beauty.


Feast and Fervor of the Armenian Culinary

Armenia's culinary tradition celebrates flavors, textures, and aromas that reflect the country's rich cultural heritage. Indulge your senses with a gastronomic journey through Armenia's diverse culinary landscape, hearty stews, savory kebabs and delicate pastries, sweet preserves. Sample traditional dishes like khash, a hearty soup made from cow's feet, and khorovats, succulent skewers of grilled meat cooked over an open flame. Wash it all down with a glass of locally-produced Armenian wine, renowned for its robust flavors and unique grape varieties, or savor the smooth richness of Armenian brandy, hailed as one of the finest in the world.


Conquering Armenia's Gutanasar Mountain

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Armenia's natural landscapes. Hike through lush forests, alpine meadows, and rugged mountain terrain as you make your way to the summit of Gutanasar Mountain. Along the way, pause to take in panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and marvel at the diversity of flora and fauna that call this pristine wilderness home. At the summit, bask in the sense of accomplishment from conquering a challenging ascent and savor the peace and serenity of the mountain's lofty heights.


Gyumri's Cultural Canvas

Gyumri, Armenia's cultural capital, is a city steeped in history and tradition. Explore its cobblestone streets lined with colorful buildings, where echoes of the past mingle with the vibrant energy of the present. Visit the Dzitoghtsyan Museum of Social Life and Art to learn about Gyumri's rich cultural heritage, from its thriving arts scene to its storied past as a center of trade and commerce. Wander through the city's bustling markets, where artisans showcase their wares and traditional crafts passed down from generation to generation. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience Gyumri's lively festivals and celebrations, where music, dance, and food come together in a joyous celebration of Armenian culture.


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Echoes of Armenia's Ancient Past

Garni temple in Armenia

Journey back to the medieval era with a visit to the ancient Amberd Fortress. Perched atop a rugged cliff overlooking the Aragatsotn Valley, Amberd Fortress offers a glimpse into Armenia's military history and strategic importance. Explore its well-preserved walls, towers, and underground chambers, and imagine life within its imposing walls centuries ago. Marvel at the ingenuity of medieval Armenian architecture as you wander through the fortress's labyrinthine passageways and soak in panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.


Yerevan, Where History Meets Modernity

Yerevan, Armenia's bustling capital, is a city of contrasts and contradictions, where ancient history meets modernity and tradition clashes with innovation. Explore the city's rich architectural heritage, from the ancient ruins of Erebuni Fortress to the majestic splendor of the Republic Square. Stroll through the bustling streets of the city center, where sidewalk cafes and trendy boutiques mingle with centuries-old churches and mosques. Yerevan's vibrant cultural scene has world-class museums, galleries, and theaters showcasing Armenian art and culture. And remember to indulge in the city's thriving culinary scene, where traditional Armenian cuisine meets international flavors in a delicious fusion of tastes and textures.


Horseback Havens, Riding Through Armenia's Wilds

Experience the beauty of Armenia's wilderness from a different perspective with a horseback riding adventure in Lori Province. Traverse rolling hills, verdant forests, and meandering rivers as you explore the pristine landscapes of this picturesque region. Ride through charming villages, where time seems to stand still, and encounter local villagers going about their daily lives. Along the way, watch for native wildlife, majestic eagles soaring overhead, and elusive deer grazing in the meadows. Whether you're an experienced equestrian or a novice rider, Lori Province offers unforgettable horseback riding experiences for all skill levels.


Little Switzerland, Tavush's Natural Paradise

Lost armenian church in Voskepar, frontier area to Azerbaijan

Discover Armenia's own "Little Switzerland" in the breathtaking landscapes of Tavush Province. Known for its lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and pristine alpine meadows, Tavush is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Hike through Dilijan National Park, known as Armenia's "green lungs," and discover hidden gems around every corner, secluded mountain lakes, and ancient monasteries in the wilderness. Explore charming villages like Haghartsin and Gosh, where traditional architecture and warm hospitality await around every corner. And remember to savor the flavors of Tavush's local cuisine, hearty soups, stews, and sweet treats made from fresh ingredients.


Mount Armaghan, Ascending Armenia's Highest Peak

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with a horseback ride to the summit of Mount Armaghan, Armenia's highest peak. Traverse rugged terrain, alpine meadows, and rocky slopes as you go to the top, guided by experienced local horsemen who know the mountain like the back of their hand. Along the way, pause to take in breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, rolling hills and lush valleys, towering peaks and dramatic cliffs. At the summit, savor the sense of accomplishment from conquering a challenging ascent and soak in the peace and tranquility of the mountain's lofty heights.


Khor Virap, Armenia's Spiritual Sanctuary

Drone view of the Khor Virap with Mount Ararat in background

Uncover the secrets of Armenia's spiritual heritage with a visit to Khor Virap Monastery, one of the country's most sacred sites. Nestled against the backdrop of Mount Ararat, Khor Virap holds a special place in the hearts of Armenians as the place where Saint Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for 13 years before converting King Tiridates III to Christianity. Explore the monastery's underground chambers, where Saint Gregory endured his captivity, and soak in the spiritual aura of this sacred site. Then, climb to the top of the monastery's bell tower for panoramic views of Mount Ararat and the surrounding countryside. Then, reflect on the enduring legacy of faith and resilience that defines Armenia's spiritual heritage.


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Do It All In Armenia Vacation

With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, Armenia offers many experiences waiting to be discovered. Whether you're seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures in the great outdoors or the country's cultural heritage, Armenia promises an unforgettable journey. So pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and prepare to embark on the adventure of a lifetime in the land of ancient wonders and timeless traditions. Get ready for your Armenian trip through our Flight Booking Page.


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