Top 9 Things To Do At The Zion National Park In Utah

Zion National Park

Looking to spend your weekends or holidays on a quick trip? Zion National Park offers you everything from sightseeing to trekking and hiking! Whether you want to spend a few hours at the canyon or spend a few nights camping with your friends over some outdoor barbeque, there are many fun and exciting things to do in Zion national park. Located in Utah, the Zion national park is known for its natural reserve, canyons, steeps, trails, and rocky mountains. After a hectic schedule, the place offers some majestic sights and drives to unravel. If you are confused about where to begin, we have compiled our list of the top 9 things to do at Zion National Park! 


1. East Rim Trails



At the east entrance of the famous Weeping Rock lies the gorgeous 11-mile-long East Rim Trail for all those visitors who love to photograph and hike. The lower section of the trail is the frequently visited spot that leads to the Hidden Canyon and the Observation Spot, which gives an extensive view of the landscape surrounded by plateaus and rocks. East Rims are great to spend a day-hike for scenic beauties like the Echo Canyon and the Weeping Rock. 


2. The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive


Want to experience the entire Zion Canyon in one go? The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is an in-and-out long road that takes you on a trip down the entirety of the canyon for a blissful experience. The road is surrounded by tall cliffs and overhangs. It offers some exclusive viewing sites to Angel's landings, another popular tourist spot, the Zion Canyon, and ends at another signature spot called the Narrows. The drive spans 20.3km and is an easy route that takes about 4 hours to cover. It is favorable for bikers, shuttles, and cars to enjoy the beauty offered but is also great for some solitude times during the day. 


3. Visit The Narrows



At the end of the Canyon drive, you will be greeted by the narrowest canyon section known as The Narrows. It is one of the most popular spots for tourism due to the tall walls surrounding the narrow gorge where one can enter and walk the trail. The Narrows are easily accessible through the Riverside Walk. If you want to delve more, a small trek through the Virgin river will give you better access to the Narrows. Going on a trail walk through the Narrows is recommended when the water levels are low or during early summers and spring to have the whole adventure of this scenic spot. 


4. The Emerald Pools


The park is split into three sections due to its size- the lower, middle, and upper. The division also offers some tremendous visiting spots called the Emerald pools. The desert oasis is directly accessible from the Zion Lodge. It is a hotspot for crowds and tourists to spend their time camping and hiking. With that, visitors can easily choose between the three pools from any division they wish to go on a trip. The shorter ones offer 1.5 miles of trekking; the middle and upper about 2 miles, and the entire round-trip will span 2.5 miles of trail. 


Emerald pools offer a great walking and hiking experience and for you to enjoy the spaces filled with water trickling from the steep rocks to form pools. It is a great spot to lounge and relax with your friends and family. 


5. Riverside Walk



At the heart of the Zion Canyon, you will be greeted by the beautiful Riverside walk trail. The trail offers an impressive view of the Virginia river and the lush gardens adorning your path from the steep rocks on either side. The hike is age-friendly and wheelchair accessible, which spans a distance of 2 miles and takes about an hour or two to complete. It is a great little trip for your family and children for some leisure sports and splashing water on each other from the riverine that flows in the middle of your trail! The Riverside walk is the last stop on the shuttle bus, accompanied by a visit to the Temple of Sinawava. It is an excellent place to admire the riverbed's wildlife and ecology. 


6. The Weeping Rock


One of the famous landmarks of the Zion National Park is the Weeping Rock which is quickly flocked by tourists and visitors for its unique structure and shape. The Weeping Rock is a large bowl-shaped overhang of sandstone eroded away from the bottom, giving it a concave shape. The water drips down the sunken space during the rains, giving it the 'weeping' effect. The structure is also known for its hanging garden and riverine formation, making it a popular site to visit inside the park. The place offers a 10-minute walk or access via the shuttle bus. 


7. Checkerboard Mesa



Zion National Park houses this iconic peak with a 6000+ ft elevation and the unique checkerboard pattern which swirls around this geographical creation. The Checkerboard Mesa lies right at the southwest of the East Entrance and is notable for its geographical significance. With a lot of attention from the tourists, camping in your vehicle might be challenging. 

The pattern of this summit is caused due to the contraction and expansion of the sandstone under varied temperatures and pressure, giving it vertical and sub-vertical linings. You will find yourself drowned in the park's greenery and rock walls ahead of the Mesa.


8. Zion Mt-Carmel Highway


For every fan of long drives and enjoying the cool breeze of the summits, another great spot is the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway. Providing tourists with the scenic beauty of valleys and nature gives you a completely different perspective on the Zion Canyon. The highway starts at Springdale and cuts through the entire Zion National Park. It passes through the beautiful 1.1 miles long Zion tunnel and stretches across a 25-mile-long roadway to give you that good joyride across the park

At the end of the tunnel is the parking lot for the Overlook trail to get a one-way hiking trip towards the deep valleys and the landscapes. The part of the highway is comfortable and relaxing due to the high altitude that provides a breezy and cool temperature.


9. The Subway hiking 


Suppose you are a fan of canyoneering and underground beauties. In that case, The Subway is an excellent pick for a leisure day trip to the Zion Canyon. The Subway route is the best way to hike the Left Fork of the Northern Creek and is one of the most beautiful places you can visit at the National Park. The route is quite rigorous on the body and mind, so one needs to come prepared for a full day of hiking at the Subway. Surrounded by weeping rocks and a narrow stream, the place invites you to visit the wonders of nature and its creations. 

The top-down Subway takes you through a 10-mile trip down some rigged terrains, narrow creeks, some down-climbs, and cold swims for an entirely new experience and exploration. If that is not your cup of tea, you can opt for the bottom-up hiking route, avoiding swimmings and canyoneering. The hike gives you sightings of the gorgeous waterfalls and cascades and the Subway formations to make your visit memorable and worthy.




Utah is famous for various places. One of them is its famous Zion National Park which gives you a good trip for a relaxing outing. With plenty of things to do in Zion national park, admire the geographical sprinkles in the forms of summits, valleys, and rocks, and unwind with your friends and family. Hope this article helped you discover all the hidden gems Zion National Park offers. Plan to visit the park the next time you decide on an extended holiday! Visit for more information, advice, and ideas for your next vacation!

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