Top Travel Guides - 8 Essential Things To Do Before Every Vacation

Author: Saumya Khanduja on Dec 27,2021

This article is dedicated to people who always end up forgetting to do something important before their vacation. 


So, you have your flights and hotels booked, you have packed almost everything you will need, even those extra dresses you know you will not wear. You are just counting the days until you voyage out on your next adventure. You feel this excitement building up inside you, butterflies moving around in your belly, and those pre-traveling jitters are setting in. 


We, at Leisure, can understand the feeling. 


However, do not just throw away your checklist just yet. Multiple other things might not be on your checklist. These are the things that you should do before you start vacationing. And if not done, your vacation plans will be ruined. 


Things still need to be taken care of, like your visa requirements, travel insurance, carry-on luggage, and whatnot! Our top travel guides list the eight essential things you should focus on before going on a vacation.  


1. Get Travel Insurance 



Travel insurance should be your priority before a vacation, as per top travel guides. It is one of those things you do not realize you need until you actually do. There will always be a chance that you might have to cut your vacation short or cancel it entirely. And you know what happens when you do these things: you have to pay enormous amounts of money. So, if you do not want to spend any outrageous cancellation charges, get travel insurance. 


Travel insurance comes in handy, especially during times like these. Covid-19 has ruined many people's vacation plans around the globe. Moreover, it has left millions sick globally. So, when it comes to any unpredictable medical emergencies, travel insurance has your back. Many health insurances do not cover any form of treatment outside your country. Therefore it becomes extremely vital that you get travel insurance to cover all your health issues, no matter how big or small. 


Apart from medical emergencies, travel insurance also comes in handy in multiple other cases. Some being lost passports, stolen phones/laptops, lost or misplaced prescriptions, canceled or delayed flights, and other scary situations that can ruin your vacation plans. 


Having the right kind of insurance can make a big difference when it comes to any type of inconveniences pushing you into debt-like situations. 


So, get travel insurance to cover it all the next time you make your payments towards anything related to your vacation, be it a non-refundable airline ticket or a hotel deposit. You might not use it, but it is going to be a lifesaver, just in case! 


2. Figure out your Visa requirements


The sooner you get your visa, the better it would be. No matter how sweet your smile is or how pleasing your personality is, you just cannot cross any borders or gates without the necessary documents. You will need your documents. 


You must research your destination clearly. You should be 100 percent sure that you have everything you will need. 


You may contact the embassies, the consulates, visa agencies, but please get your visa in advance. Never leave your visa documents to the last minute. Paperwork delays are the worst, and they can pop up at any given time. Do not get yourself sent home because you did not focus on your visa in time. Save yourself from all the stress. 


3. Figure out your expenses 


Depending on where you are going, ensure that your credit card has an electronic chip. Many locations in the world do not accept credit cards with just a strip. Figure out your mode of payment beforehand, or you could get stuck. 


If your credit card does not have an electronic chip, ask your bank to issue one card with the chip for you. However, it should be noted that today almost all major credit cards do come with electronic chips. They are a standard practice today. 


Also, tell your bank where you are headed for your vacation and when you are leaving. This will help you set a "travel notice" status. If you do not inform them, the bank might flag your credit card when trying to use it and shall deactivate it while you are overseas. You can get it activated while you are traveling as well, but who wants all of that hassle, right? 


Another thing to know about your expenditure: You should not exchange your money. 


Currency exchange centers charge a hefty fee for conversion. Instead, you should use an ATM when you reach your destination. If you do not want to do that as well, just get a card. Now, here is the catch, most cards that work outside your country can charge a certain fee known as the foreign transaction fee. Avoid using such cards. Use the cards that have a 0 % foreign transaction fee. This will help you in cutting down costs for a more extended period. 


Also, try to get a travel reward credit card before you start your vacation. This will help you rack up points for your future travel bookings and for the shopping you want to do during your vacation. Most travel reward credit cards offer a 0% fee on various international purchases. This way, you can earn extra points while traveling and book free flights and hotels in the future. 


4. Make copies of all your documents. 



Top travel guides by Leisure suggest you make at least two copies of all the documents for yourself. Keep at least one copy during your vacation, and leave the other set of copies with your trusted friend or family member back home. Make a specific folder in your email or Google docs to store all of this information. 


Make copies of all your travel documents, such as your itinerary, passport, travel insurance policy, emergency contacts, and other tour-related booking documents. 


Even if it might not be used during your trip, it is always great to have a backup, just in case you lose official documents or your gadgets. 


5. Do your research right. 


Before you step out of your house for your travel destination, do your research right. Read up everything you can on the destination you are traveling to. Look out for all the top places to visit, local cuisines, historical attractions, walking tours or day tours, everyday words in the language, and the exchange rates. 


Figure these crucial things out before you head out to your vacation destination. You should be somewhat familiar with the city layout and the status of public transportation as well. Knowing all this stuff beforehand can reduce the overall stress of being lost in a new place. You will not be focused on the map. Instead, you will be focused on soaking in the beauty of your travel destination. 


Our top travel guides expert suggests that you should make a list of all the must-see locations during your research. Plot them out on your map to have a fair idea of how far you have to go and where everything is in relation to other places. This will increase your overall efficiency during your travel. 


6. Book your accommodation


Our top travel guides experts have seen so many whimsical dream vacations turn into nightmares when such an important task is not completed. 


Yes, it is a great idea to see where your destinations will take you, but it is essential to know where you lay and rest your head during the night. 


There are innumerable things that can affect the overall ability to get a room, like a local holiday, a sporting event, concert, business conference, and others. So, if you are okay with taking up just whatever is available, you will end up paying more than required and will have to stay at a place you might not like. 


So, book your accommodations.


7. Get a VPN 



Having a Virtual Private Network is more important than you think it is. Especially if you are out vacationing. Get a VPN before traveling abroad if you want access to uncensored internet and keep your data safe. 


By setting up a VPN, you will be able to encrypt your data. This encryption will come in handy when accessing public or semi-public WiFi networks, whether in an airport, a cafe, or your hotel. Without the added layer of encryption, you will be leaving your usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers at risk.


Moreover, there are many countries where sites like Facebook, Instagram, BBC, Netflix are blocked. Getting a VPN will also allow you to stay connected with your family and friends while living your dream. 


8. Prepare your carry-on 


It can be very easy to procrastinate packing, but you should start packing at least your carry-on, just to save yourself the stress.


Read all the regulations at your airports and in your airlines while you are packing for your trip. Multiple items are prohibited, and you do not want your brand new face cream to go inside a trash can.  


One final thing - 

Check the CDC website for any required or recommended vaccinations or other necessities for your travel destination!


Final Words:

Planning out things in life and during your vacation is not a heavy-duty task. All you need is a little guidance and patience, and you can do it right. Sometimes it is great to be spontaneous. However, in those other times, a little planning can do wonders you would not have imagined. These eight essential things to do before your vacation were brought to you by our top travel guides at Leisure. If you find the post useful, bookmark it and share it with someone who could benefit from this. 


Happy vacationing to you! 


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