Top Festivals - The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Your First Coachella

Author: Megha Agarwal on Dec 27,2021

Come April, and people on Instagram go crazy. Pictures, stories, reels, Instagram is flooded with posts about Coachella, one of the top festivals across the country. 


Considering the two-year hiatus, Coachella is now going to make a triumphant comeback in 2022. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the top festivals known for its celebration of music. Coachella is one of the earliest live music festivals, held over two weekends in Indigo, east of Palm Springs. 


If this is going to be your first time at Coachella, ensure you are well prepared. At Leisure, we are here to show you how to survive Coachella for the first time, how you can be ready for the same, and what things you should be focusing on. Everything you wanted to know about Coachella is here, right in this article! 


How to reach Coachella?



This is probably the point where we tell you that Coachella happens in the middle of a desert. So, when you get there, do not be surprised. It is also not a very easy location to spot. There are multiple ways to reach one of the top festivals in the USA


Now, since most people are going to this festival around April, they require flights, which is why you will see some teen crowd at this time. You can fly to Palm Springs airport or simply go to the LA Airport, a more accessible and direct approach. From there, you can find various options to reach Palm Springs. 


Coachella has buses that can help you reach places. However, those options are a little on the expensive side. You can also use public transportation or find a ride-sharing service. 


We recommend that you visit the Coachella forum on Reddit since there will always be people on that forum looking for ride-sharing partners. 


What about accommodations?


There are plenty of accommodation options available at Coachella. However, they are all going to burn a hole in your pockets. The most popular choice that almost everyone has made is camping onsite. 


Yes, this is one of the top festivals we are talking about, and camping is allowed. It is like a rite of passage for the first-timers around here. 


It could cost around $100, which is way above your ticket price to camp, either in a tent or in your car. There are, of course, going to be some fights over getting the best spot to camp, but it is all worth it as this is one of the top festivals you would not want to miss. 


Is it worth it?


The answer to your question is yes! There is a reason why you see everyone rushing to the music festival every single time it happens. There are millions of posts about it on Instagram alone. So, of course, it is worth it. 


The festival draws in thousands of people every time to witness the magic of the biggest artists, DJs, and bands of the year. 


There are magnificent art installments that are strewn about the desert-turned musical paradise. The massive stages, the happy vibes, the tents and camping, the bohemian culture, you can find almost everything here at this house of madness. It is something you need to experience once before you understand everything. 


Guide To Surviving Your First Coachella


Here are a few tips curated by our very own Leisure Travel Guide experts to help you survive one of the top festivals in the country. Trust us, and you will have the best weekend experience of your life!


Come along with your friends. 


Coachella serves a healthy dose of adventure, no matter whether you ride solo or with your best friends. This is the case with any music festival, for the matter - you always enjoy it more if you go in a group! 


We do know a few people who have been to the festival in a group of 50. This was done to ensure excellent optimum levels and have the best flash mobs around the camping area. 


No matter what you do, even if you go in larger groups, ensure you break off in between to enjoy the bands you want to see. 


Stay Strong


This is probably your first time going to Coachella, so we will set the initial rules straight. You have to stay strong, no matter what happens. 


People have waited over 365 days for this. In fact, after 2020, this is going to be the first Coachella. So, people are going to let loose. Ensure you are going so too. 


Do not get panicky or feel lost. Let go of your anxiety and your inner fear. Don't let it hold you back. There are going to be some sleepless nights. Do not faint or feel funny in your stomach. Once this is all over, you will know why we are advising you to be strong. This is going to be the best weekend of your life. 


Have some camping experience


Before you go to Coachella, you should know that your previous camping experience will help you in many ways at one of the top festivals in the country. 


Camping around Coachella will test you mentally and physically. However, it is one experience that you cannot miss. 


Having a little bit of camping experience on your hands would work wonders in the case of Coachella. 


Food Situation


We are not going to lie; food is somewhat expensive at Coachella. And to make matters worse, you cannot bring outside food to the music festival premises. If you try to act smart and sneak in some food from KFC or your homemade cookies, you will not be able to do so! Your bags will be searched thoroughly. You could go away with a few protein bars and nuts, but nothing more than that. 


A simple meal like a rice bowl with meat could cost you at least $15. The non-alcoholic drinks could run between $4-$6. If you arrive at the festival from the first set to the last one, your approximate budget would be around $35 a day for two square meals. It could also reach $50 a day if you add up your drinks too. 


Our Top Festivals Pro Tip: Add another $20 as a buffer because there will be Instagrammable items you will not be able to resist. 


Clothing and Accessories



Of course, you came to this article because you want to get your hands on the latest Coachella fashion on a budget. Coachella started as an indie-alternative grunge music festival. It transformed into what it is today; an explosive bomb of expressive clothing. 


To figure out your Coachella look and how much it is going to cost you, consider the following pointers:


What are you aiming for? 


What bands are you looking forward to? What kind of a person are you in some of the top festivals around the world? What do you want out of life? Do you love hard rock or EDM or shuffle through some of the best pop icons? Are you inspired by the bohemian-chic look or the desert that will surround you for the weekend? 


Figure these questions out, and it will become easier to pick your overall look and your outfit. 


Do you have something in your closet?


Look through your closet first. You already know what you are looking for once you have answered the questions above. Pull out every single outfit you think will fit the scene. Go through everything, every shirt, pair of bottoms, shoes, accessories. Take a picture of yourself in front of a mirror wearing that outfit. Pick out a few outfits that you shortlist. 


Unless you are a social media influencer, who will require going to the pool party before Coachella, you will only need one outfit a day. 


You can quickly get through the entire weekend with something from your closet! Don't worry. 


Do you want to shop?


If you are like us and love to shop before you travel, we understand. If you find it challenging to put together that look you want because you are missing that one belt, shop second-hand! 


Go to a Goodwill or a buffalo exchange or your nearby thrift store, and bring out your Pinterest board for your aspiring look. Pick out a few items that resemble your inspiration board the most. Rummage through everything you can find. You will definitely get an outfit put together. 


You can also buy your trendy fashion at a discount from your nearby departmental/clothing store. Try to go as cheap as you can with your Coachella look because you are already going to spend a lot on the actual event. Moreover, there are high chances you might not wear this outfit again in your daily routine. 


Coachella parties 


Now, since this is a first-timer's guide to Coachella, we have to talk about parties. There are tons of Coachella parties that are hosted. These parties are not like your regular late-night parties. They usually start around 9 or 10 AM and go on until 1 PM. These are called the pre-Coachella parties. These pre-parties can range from mini-music festivals or even pool parties. 


Most of these parties are free to attend and only require an RSVP. However, there are a few highly exclusive parties, more exclusive than Coachella itself. 


So, if you are a party animal and are willing to get into all this extra fun, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Here is a list of 2022 Coachella parties to give you an idea of what it will be like next year. 


Don't let yourself be alone. 


It is always going to be extra-crowded at Coachella. And if this is your first time at one of the top festivals in the world, you should know that your phone service might not be super-reliable. It will almost be non-existent. So, this is your warning - keep your friends or your "groupies" as close to you as possible. Periodically establish a meeting point with them to ensure that you are not attending the entire festival like a loner. There should be no one left behind. 


Be comfortable 


Now that most things are done and planned, your luggage is packed, and your accommodations are booked, it is time to head to the comfort zone. 


You should lay out all of your outfits together in your hotel room or wherever you are staying and try everything. Make sure you are comfortable wearing each one of those looks in terms of functionality and style. 


Another thing you need to know is that you must avoid heels at all costs. You are not going there to impress anyone. You are just going there to experience life and music. You are going there to have fun, so wear comfortable shoes or non-slip socks. 


Another thing is to get loads of sunscreen. Carry it with you to the Coachella festival. Do not take any aerosols inside, though! 


Final Words


Yes, Coachella is one of the top festivals and the most incredible festivals around the world. And one weekend is not going to do justice, but don't worry! You are going to love hearing that Coachella happens on two consecutive weekends. Choose one weekend, or both, it's your choice and have the time of your life! 



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