A Complete List Of Top Festivals, Concerts, & Events Canceled In 2021

“Music Is The Strongest Form Of Magic, And Through Festivals You Can Have A Real Experience Of Magic”


Currently, the entertainment industry is on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. When coronavirus hit upon us last year, all the top festivals, music concerts, and events got postponed. Gradually, things paced up as vaccination news came to the market. Everyone began to get back to their previous life until the world struggles to fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 


Rescheduling of the music festivals, concerts happened in the hope that 2021 would act lighter upon us and would bring new vibes to the brand new year. But the raging of coronavirus worldwide and vaccination shots for the masses are going slower than our anticipation. It stands to reason that rescheduled concerts, shows, festivals, and events got postponed once again. 


In the U.S., Corona cases are on a continual rise which results in the cancellation of events, concerts, and festivals. Just not the celebrations have been postponed, even TV shows and series are on continual delay. Highly anticipated and much-awaited concert tours - Taylor Swift’s Lover Fest, Kenny Chesney’s Chillaxification Tour, and of course, Harry Styles’s Love on Tour got postponed.


Leisure has compiled a complete list of ongoing festivals and concerts that got postponed or canceled due to an ongoing global pandemic. 


The Biggest Concert Tours And Festivals Got Canceled Due To Ongoing Pandemic 


We hate to break it to you that if you are looking forward to packing your bags for big concert tours, and music festivals, then hold on to your plans. However, a sigh of relief for the industry is that film and television production is allowed to resume California. Imagine, now you can see your favorite series coming your way in a brand new way. After a long break, all the celebrities would be back on their feet and shoot impressive seasons for you with safety regulations. Seeing the ongoing pandemic around the country, Broadway theaters will remain closed until May 2021. 


Before you get revealed to a list of concert tours, you must know the breaking news of the biggest Festivals that got canceled lately - Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Stagecoach, and Lollapalooza Chicago


Just not the music lovers, even sports-lovers are facing a bad phase as the Summer Olympics got canceled for the first time in history since World War - II


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- Lincoln Center 



Originally scheduled to start on January 19, the performance of the New City Ballet got canceled for spring 2021. Lincoln Center has canceled all its upcoming performances for spring 2021, including the significant events David Rubenstein Atrium Season and the annual American Songbook series. 


- Harry Styles 



The most-awaited concert tour of the year, Harry Styles’ Love on Tour, was initially rescheduled to begin in the Summer around April. However, it got postponed for August 2021  in Tacoma, Washington, to support its second associated album, Fine Line, released on 13 December 2019.


- Bon Jovi



The Bon Jovi band was all set to put the stage on fire with Byan Adams in 2020; due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the concert tour got canceled. The announcement was made on 20 April 2020, revealing the summer tour won’t be happening due to the ongoing pandemic. This year 2021, has not brought any luck to the event. 


- Dead & Company



The jam-rock band Dead & Company was last performed on stage in the "Playing in the Sand" event in Cancún, Mexico, in Jan 2020. The COVID-19 restrictions ruined the plan for the summer tour in New Orleans that happened on April 21, 2020.


- Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer


All trio American rock bands Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer announced that their "The Hella Mega Tour” was canceled due to unforeseen conditions. The cancelation announcement was made on 24 April 2020 and said to be rescheduled in 2021 still; the situation is the same.  


- Hayley Williams


Hayley Nichole Williams’ tour supporting “Petals and Armor” was initially scheduled to start in May 2020. Still, due to the pandemic, it got postponed until May 2021 across North America and Europe. The situation is still the same, and no sign of the event happening yet detected. 


- Guns N’ Roses


Guns N' Roses, the rock band, has pushed their European tour to summer 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic. The rescheduled event happened in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on June 18 and June 19, 2021. Axl Rose and Co. would perform on June 1 and June 2, 2022.


- Justin Bieber



Amid the public health crisis, Justin Bieber announced to pull back all the world tour’s dates scheduled for 2020, and now as the new dates are out, it expects the event will take place in June 2021. And if not, then the tour might occur in 2022, hopefully. 


- Kenny Chesney



Much awaited Kenny Chesney’s Chillaxification Tour got postponed. The news got out when he officially announced it by tweeting for his fans. As per the current situation, the tour is scheduled for 2022 now. 


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