This Is How You Can Save Money While Traveling To New Destinations

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 07,2021

Traveling to a new destination can appear like a challenge. Because if you haven’t ever visited the place, how will you plan your budget in the first place?  You can research all over the internet, but sometimes you learn that things differ from what you read. So, we at have compiled a list of how to save money while traveling when you have opted for leisure travel packages. 





Just because things may differ on your leisure travel packages tour doesn’t mean you don’t research at all. Research is the foundation when you are traveling.

Researching can give you a budget frame and help you allocate your money as per your fiscal estimate. It will help you figure out which places you wish to visit, the entrance fees, get the area’s map, check out the public transportation system, etc. These are some of the best ways to save money while traveling because when you visit a new destination, you need to spend money to tour around.




When visiting a new destination, do not visit during the festival season. Festival seasons, on the one hand, are beautiful and spectacular, but when visiting a new place, it is not suggested. Like half the time, you will be fighting your way through a crowd, trying to navigate through streets, trying to get into the popular attractions. The other half of the time, you will be overcharged for everything you buy and do because festival season means business. If you wish to save money while traveling to a new destination, go off-season.

Even the flights included in your leisure travel packages tour will be cheaper and so will be the accommodation. To save money while traveling to a new destination is the first step.





When you have an ATM that allows you to give in to the temptation of buying an extra souvenir, what do you do?

You keep another ATM for travel purposes with your budgeted amount of money added to it. Keep your first ATM card for emergency purposes. When you use your travel ATM, you are bound to be more conscious and save money while traveling.




If you plan recreational activities like diving lessons, golfing, kayaking, cruising, etc., book ahead before your arrival. Do not pick up a shady deal that appears to be way cheaper just because you wish to save money while traveling. You might end up losing some. Instead, go for certified institutions that offer the activities and book from there. They might charge a little more, but you will have the guarantee that it will be there when you arrive. Also, when you book ahead of time, you are liable for discounts. Many companies that offer leisure travel packages provide discounts for booking ahead of time.  




Do not buy things you do not need. And even in souvenirs, go after the ones that you cannot buy on Amazon or the ones that are cheaper there than on Amazon. For example, when visiting Switzerland do not spend your money on buying clothes, shoes, winter gear, etc. Instead, indulge yourself and buy yourself some chocolate and sip a coffee at a quaint café.

Buy things that are authentic to the location, meaning they are only found there. Whilst you save money while traveling, you can use the saved-up cash stash to buy some stuff that is available only at one place.




If you do not plan to stay at the hotel for a more extended period, do not splurge too much money on the hotel room. You can use that money for other activities. No point in paying for things you are not going to use.

Get a room with basic amenities like Wi-Fi, an ensuite bathroom, a bed, geyser/ Air conditioning, etc. Often, you will find it beneficial to book a hostel instead of a hotel. Hostels are the best way to save money while traveling. They are cheap, equipped with basic functions and also, they have kitchen rooms.

In these kitchen rooms, you can cook your food. Even if you do not wish to make your food, you can always buy extras during lunch and heat them during dinner. Get the extra lunch packed and eat it later. You are saving your dinner cost, plus the additional taxes that come with every meal. To save money while traveling, you cannot precisely cut out eating from your budget. But you can always manage it accordingly.

Food costs can add up pretty fast, and there is no way to cut down. When traveling to any new destination, it is a rule to try out the local taste delights. And while trying regional cuisines at a new destination, opt for street food instead. They capture the essence of authentic cuisines and have a lower price. Swanky restaurants charge double with taxes added. This is one of the easiest ways to save money while traveling.





Public transport can save you a fortune if you know your way around it. Just because you are traveling to a new destination does not mean you cannot plan. You can read the subway charts, download maps that have the bus, tram, and subway train timings with prices on them. Additionally, many of these apps offer a guest/ tourist pass just for travelers. This will allow you to save money while traveling.

Travelers can get this pass to use for a limited number of days at the new destination. Hiring cabs can be an expensive matter, especially in places where they do not have a meter fitted.

Walk around and use public transport to get around the new town. Ask the locals about how to get to a destination and what else is worth trying out. To save money while traveling, opt for a leisure travel package tour that takes you to a place located nearby you.

If you wish to travel far off, opt for public transport or book ahead of a shuttle bus. Even cabs like Uber and Lyft can offer you some steal deals.




Drinking can cost you more than you realize. You think you will slip in an ounce of beer at the bar, but it can add up more than you planned for. To save money while traveling, cut back your drinking.

Instead of picking up expensive foods and snacks, shop locally like supermarkets and farmer markets. It is one of the best ways to save money while traveling. Farmer’s markets are an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about the locals and their lives. Here you can interact with them and learn more about the new destination you are visiting.




Free activities like visiting the beach, popping over the local museums, stopping by the architectural sights, breezing past the river barges, etc., are some of the examples. Learn more about the history and culture as well as the cuisines of the place.  


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