A Fun-Filled and Adventurous Trip to Punta Cana

On the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic lies beautiful Punta Cana, which is a resort town made popular for its Bavaro Beach strip. In today’s time, it is home to over 500,000 hotel rooms, 32 kilometers of white,sandy beaches and nightclubs for you to dance away the night. A Punta Cana tour is all you need to rejuvenate your senses and feel alive. 


About Your Trip:

For all those seeking to leave their all-inclusive resorts so as to do some exploration, there are some amazing things to do in the area - from a chocolate museum to national parks and even a natural theme park.   

This traveler’s heaven is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches, its tropical vibe and luxurious resorts. Tourists can scuba dive, swim with dolphins, go deep sea fishing, or go horseback riding in Punta Cana, all surrounded by glittering blue waters and under a cloudless sky. There are also a number of cultural options in the Dominican Republic, where tourists can try traditional food or drinks, tour classic Dominican homes or some of the production facilities where products such as cigars, cocoa, coffee and rum are made.  This 12-days Punta Cana tour is going to be an adventurous treat for your spirits.


Tour Highlights:

  • Discover wildlife, from birds to a beach loaded with starfish at Saona Island. 

  • Enjoy the twelve freshwater lagoons at Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park.

  • Get in the turquoise waters of Hoyo Azul, a natural phenomenon which is filled with crystal-clear water.

  • Relax under the palms with a glass of pina colada and lobster at Capri Beach House.

  • Visit the ‘bean to bar’ factory in ChocoMuseo to know about the process of chocolate-making, beginning from the cacao harvest, along with the chocolate-making history. You’ll also get an opportunity to attend a workshop on chocolate-making. 


Tour At a Glance:

Day 1: Saona Island

Day 2: Scape Park

Day 3: Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park

Day 4: Hoyo Azul

Day 5: Capri Beach House

Day 6: Macao Beach

Day 7: Coco Bongo

Day 8: ChocoMuseo

Day 9: Bavaro Beach

Day 10: Altos de Chavon

Day 11: Cap Cana

Day 12: Seaquarium Punta Cana


Day 1: Saona Island

Today you’ll visit Saona Island, which is an unperturbed island off the coast of Punta Cana. If you wish to escape the tourist crowds, then this is the paradise you need. Saona Island is a government-protected nature reserve and is part of the East National Park. Throughout the island, you’ll discover wildlife, from birds to a beach loaded with starfish. In case you happen to be lucky enough, you’ll get to witness turtles laying their eggs during the nesting season. 


Day 2: Scape Park

The limestone topography of this natural theme park as well as its pristine jungle offer many splendid views and walks - and there are a number of historical highlights too. 

The Farallon Cliff stretches 800 meters along the coast, while there are also hidden caves, cenote and a zipline.  The purpose of the park was also to embrace the cultural heritage and traditions of the Caribbean and Latin America - with duplicate homes of the ancient Taino Indians, who conquered the land before the Conquistadors appeared.   


Day 3: Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park

This is an ecological park and reserve stretched over 1,500 acres of subtropical forest. Privately, this area is owned, however dedicated to conservation and scientific research. Tourists during their Punta Cana tour can enjoy the twelve freshwater lagoons, out of which five are open for swimming. Guama Lagoon is about 26 feet deep and many like to dive off the platform here - definitely one for the GoPro.   


Day 4: Hoyo Azul

A significant part of Scape Park, this cenote is hidden at the base of a 75-meter cliff. The turquoise waters  attract the crowds in. Hoyo Azul is a natural phenomenon which is filled with crystal-clear water. It is a wise idea to visit early as it can be quite famous, and do not forget to bring a swimming suit so that you can bathe in the waters. 


Day 5: Capri Beach House

A gorgeous beachside restaurant and guesthouse. Unpretentious, casual, and right by the sea, the Capri Beach House carry a laid back feel to it. It is tucked away in a small area the developers haven’t gotten to yet, where there are a number of characterful independent cafes that are frequented by locals, other than stalls selling art and gift shops. Relax under the palms with a glass of pina colada and lobster. 


Day 6: Macao Beach

This one is Punta Cana’s public beach, where you can witness plenty of locals, especially on Sundays. It’s a famous surfing spot and was listed by UNESCO recently as one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, which is mostly down to the clear waters and gorgeous white sand that’s bordered by tall palm trees. 


Day 7: Coco Bongo

It’s a dazzling nightclub with ten shows a night. The club knows exactly how to put on a show - impersonators recreate shows throughout the night from artists including Queen and Michael Jackson. There are also professional singers, dancers and trapeze artists on stage at all times. Moreover, the club also has an open bar, one just need to pay the entrance fee.   


Day 8: ChocoMuseo

This one is a museum about all things chocolate. Other than the fact that it’s a chocolate museum, ChocoMuseo is free of cost and you can also visit the ‘bean to bar’ factory to know about the process, beginning from the cacao harvest, along with the chocolate-making history. You’ll also get an opportunity to attend a workshop on chocolate-making during this amazing Punta Cana tour. 


Day 9: Bavaro Beach

Bavaro beach is a bleach-white sand beach that offers a range of watersports. The crystalline waters of the beach makes it perfect for snorkeling. A number of hotels on the strip also include snorkeling equipment in your stay. For the ones who seek adventure, there are a number of dive spots. You can try out windsurfing, parasailing or simply a dip in the shallow natural pools separated off by reefs. 


Day 10: Altos de Chavon

Making your way to a duplicate Italian-style village situated high above the Chavon River valley is certainly one of the most unexpected things to do in Punta Cana. Altos de Chavon is an arts and culture project including a cultural center, a Roman amphitheater, a renowned design school and an archaeological museum. It’s distinctive brick-and-coral architecture makes it ideal for some easy walk through the gardens and archways, and the views of the river valley in itself is worth all the journey. 

Since Altos de Chavon is home to design students,   you’ll also get to find art galleries and artisan workshops. Classic live music and dancers in vibrant skirts also mill about the highlight, and big-name acts from Gloria Estefan to Frank Sinatra have played concerts at the amphitheater.


Day 11: Cap Cana

If you are someone who is seeking a more relaxed and shorter excursion as compared to these day-long adventures, one not much known area of the Dominican Republic that’s quite nearby to Punta Cana is ideal for getting off the resort. Cap Cana is a residential as well as hotel area adjacent to Scape Park. It is home to some of the biggest celebrities of the world including former Yankee Alex Rodriguez, Red Sox player David Ortiz, and superstars Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few.

Scape Park offers boat cruises as an add-on to admission, however there are also other charters to take you out on the water. Most beaches such as Juanillo Beach are open to the public. Other than that, you can also check-out the Marina at Cap Cana.

Cap Cana is also famous for its golf courses, where you might run into some friendly retired MLB players.


Day 12: Seaquarium Punta Cana

This one is an astonishing underwater adventure. The experience begins with an open-top bus that picks up passengers at their hotel and escort them to the wharf, where you’ll find a modern catamaran waiting. Passengers while on the catamaran, can enjoy an onboard party with fresh fruits, drinks, snacks, live entertainment and music. On reaching the quarf, they’ll get the opportunity to walk underwater, snorkel with sharks, fish, and manta rays, and even receive a kiss from the sea lion. In the Caribbean Sea, the party continues in the warm waters of a natural sea pool.


Most tours are customized for private travel according to your preferences and dates. Click below to tell us what you're looking for:


Most tours are customized for private travel according to your preferences and dates. Click below to tell us what you're looking for:

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