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Ancient forest straddles the northern border, underground cities are carved out of rock salt, all while traditional villages glisten against fabled rolling hills. History, both old and modern, blends into a colorful world that has polished Poland, turning its wonders into treasured gems. Medieval luxury and a storied history are captivating and enriching jewels of Poland.

Know Everything About Luxury Poland Tours In 2022

Poland is that incredible chunk of Earth, which will definitely make any traveler fall in love with the place. From its spectacular history to the breathtakingly beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the fabulously wonderful home cooking everything is wonderful here. But, it’s regretful that travelers often do not pay heed to this gigantic European beauty. Those who just brush the surface and don’t dive deeper; they are absolutely missing significant things on their wanderlust. When planning Poland tours know that there’s much more than the grand Warsaw streets and the beauty of Krakow. Explore all of it! Let’s find out some important things about Poland tours!

Think Beyond Warsaw & Krakow

Don’t just limit to Warsaw & Krakow! Unparalleled beauty is just waiting to be discovered that’s still hidden to most visitors. There are many amazing cities in Poland that are worth exploring and there’s one or more thing for every type of customer. Some of those places include Wroclaw and Gdansk. The grand streets of Gdansk and the panoramic waterfront can sweep anyone off their feet. And, the medieval gems that can be found in the heart of Wroclaw are must-see spectacles on Poland tours.

Traveling through Poland

Traveling around Poland is not that tough! There are easy and hassle-free transportation services that make it simple. There are modern well-connected train and bus network to help travel seamlessly around the country. There’s nothing like centralization and that makes out that one will not need to travel to a different city. This kind of transport system in the country saves a considerable part of the trip time. Accompanying experienced Poland tour agents and experts makes it way easier to understand it. For those on a budget holiday, intercity buses are the perfect options as they are cheap.

Poland's Historical Galore

Be it the good or bad, Poland's historical galore that defines the country. Those who have studied the history of Poland must be aware of the tragic event that took place during WWII. While these events were not committed by Poland, but they were committed on the Polish land and so they have significance in terms of the country's history. While in Warsaw and Krakow one can get to see many of the museums and ghettos that have a wide display of the tragic Polish events. For those who want more information on the same must not forget visiting Auschwitz's concentration camps in Krakow.

The Great Polish Food

It would be an absolute hard time to be in Poland for those who are on a diet. Every dish on the menu looks so tempting that one can't resist. The complete Polish menu includes everything including sausages, pierogi dumplings, and soups. Pierogi filled with different mouth-watering stuffing and particularly with sour cream. They are so tempting that one can feel like eating them with every meal. Cabbage and potato are the ingredients that are common in almost every dish that is made here. Apart from this, sweet dishes are surprisingly yummy including St Martin's Croissant and a doughnut. Relax, it's not bad to dump the diet for a few days.

The Polish Language - Communicate with Care

Polish is not an easy language. It’s normal for anyone when the language sends them scary vibes because that’s how it looks to outsiders. The close cousins of this Slavic language include Slovak and Czech. Thankfully, English is also spoken in most parts of the country or it would have been too tough to communicate here. The Polish language has its own alphabets and letters. Experienced tourists and Poland tour agents say that it’s great to learn a few of the important words and phrases that can help on the trip. Some of these phrases include Cześć meaning ‘Hello’, ProszÄ™ meaning ‘Please’, Tak meaning ‘Yes', Nie meaning ‘No’, and DziÄ™kujÄ™ meaning ‘Thank you’.

Females are Greeted by a Kiss on the Hand by Elder Population

Females in Poland are often greeted by a kiss on the hand by the elderly people.  For the world, it may be an old school way of greeting, but Poland elder population still follows the old school tradition. The younger ones prefer greeting a new friend or acquaintance by a warm handshake. In family gatherings where they know each other mostly they prefer kissing on the cheek. Hire skilled Poland tour agents, they have all the required knowledge to guide.

Don’t Drink in the Streets in Poland

It can create trouble for those who have ever thought of drinking on the streets. There could be many legends about drinking culture in Poland. But, don't ever think that it's allowed to drink here on the streets. It can be big trouble! It is illegal to open a beer bottle in an open space like a park. Those who are caught doing this will have to pay a fine. Hire experts and Poland tour agents to know the basic etiquette and rules of traveling in Poland and be safe. 

Interesting things to Experience in Poland Tour!

It’s pleasantly surprising to witness certain unique things in Poland! This hidden treasure of Europe might not be known much to the tourists, but it really deserves a place in the travel Bucket List. Let’s find out some interesting facts about Poland!

No Euro in Poland

One of the important and quirky things about this place is that the Euro is not valid in Poland. Despite being an EU Nation, the Euro is not used in Poland. Its currency is złoty. A few of the odd restaurants and hotels may accept euros. It's easy to find exchange counters and ATMs all through the country and there won't be a problem exchanging any currency.

Central Krakow: Old Charm Town Charm

The Old Town of Krakow is one of the prime reasons that make Poland must-see destinations. The Old Town is a UNESCO enlisted site. It has a huge number of quirky buildings that are a hundred years old. Some of these buildings include Wawel Castle, St. Mary's Basilica, and Cloth Hal.; all of these sites belong to the 14th century. Apart from that, the entire Krakow is all full of fancy clubs and fabulous jazz bars. Krakow has often been referred to as “the next Prague” and that goes to its lively bar culture, cheap prices, and millennium-old architecture.

The Polish vodka: Å»ubrówka Vodka

Å»ubrówka Bison Grass is the most popular vodka in Poland. It's completely banned and illegal in the United States. For those traveling from the United States to Poland, it's an added advantage that they can savor the taste of Å»ubrówka Vodka. Hire experienced Poland travel agents and they will guide on every little detail on this must experience flavor. One can drink it directly from the bottle or it can also be mixed with ginger ale, apple juice, and cocktails. This magical drink can only be experienced in Poland so don't miss it.

The Wieliczka Salt Mines

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is the Chapel of St. Kinga, which has been transformed into a museum. It is built to commemorate people who used to dig for salt here. It's one of the places in Poland located just at a small distance from Krakow. There's an admission ticket for entering the salt mines. Then, one can get access to underground Krakow Saltworks Museum. With this, there's much scope to dig deeper into the history and tradition of Poland and to explore the spectacular Chamber. The Miner Rute expedition is for those who want to discover more. In this expedition, visitors who are participating will be playing the roles of an authentic worker.

Visit Sand Dunes

In north Poland at Słowiński National Park, it gives the feel of being in the Sahara. This is where one can get time to make their friends feel jealous. Take pictures that look like being on the beaches. Even in Poland, sand dunes are going to bring about a feeling of being on a beach. Apart from that, there are forests and walking trails that directly lead to the parks. Hire reliable Poland travel agents who will guide through other such places in the country.

Hiking along Bieszczady

For those who want to get a relaxing and chilling experience, this is the perfect site. Nothing can be as perfect as walking through the tranquil mountains and contemplating. The Bieszczady Mountains is one of those mountains that give all such experiences. Running from Poland’s extreme south-east to Slovakia’s north-east and western Ukraine, it makes for one of the chilling tourist sites in Poland. Perfect view and an amazing atmosphere to commune with nature, the journey to this place always comes up with something

Surfing in the Hel’s Peninsula

On the map of Poland, the Hel Peninsula is one of the most wonderful tourist attractions in Poland. The wall of Hel is formed by the wind and the currents of the Baltic sea. It has become an important part of the Coastal Marine Reserve and has become a popular tourist attraction. At the tip of the Peninsula, there is the Hel city and there's plenty of things to admire here including the Kashubian fishermen hut and the St. Peter and Paul Church. And, amazingly, Poland is the perfect surfing spot. Surf from morning until night for a perfect experience!

Beautiful Polish Cities

At every corner of the country, there's something great to experience! So don't miss visiting the unique and interesting cities in Poland. A few of them that must be there on the bucket lists include Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw. Other than this there are many other smaller and bigger cities which should not be missed at all. The best way that can act as a savior, in this case, would be hiring intelligent and experienced Poland Travel agents who can give best tips.

Best time to Plan Poland Tours

This is one of those countries where it’s going to be a blast no matter what part of the year one chooses to plan a vacation. However, it’s perfect to choose a particular month of the year as per the specific requirements. This time can be decided on certain criteria including the things that one wants to do, the budget one has and alike. It’s great discussing these things with experienced Luxury tour agents who can guide perfectly.

Best Month to Visit Poland: March to May & September to November

The weather is almost similar to that in other parts of Europe. However, it has been divided into different tourist seasons. Let's check them out one by one:

The Low Tourist Season - November to February

This is the winter season and it's very cold here in Poland. But, it's perfect for voracious skiers and also for those who want to enjoy the crowd gathering of New Year & Christmas. One thing is worth observing here is that, during this season, the smaller towns almost get closed.

Mid Tourist Season - March to April & October

This time of the year is perfect for diving deeper and exploring some of the best cities in the country and there's less crowd. However, many of the tourist attractions are closed during the season, it's just for a few hours. So, those who are planning their Poland vacation in this season should confirm this beforehand.

High tourist Season - May to September

Particularly during June and Jule, Poland is all packed with tourists. This is because the sun is quite active during the season. But, those who are traveling during this season should also pack some rain resistant clothes.

Best place to stay on Poland Tours

There is definitely an assortment of accommodations for travelers in Poland. One can choose from a luxury hotel to a hostel to camping. Apart from this, there are many other options and it’s not a problem here.

  1. According to many experienced Luxury Poland tour agents, it is important to do away with the bookings much before the trip particularly when someone is traveling during the high tourist season.

  2. There are many online hotel booking sites that are trustworthy. The best and the easiest way is to do the bookings from these online sites.

  3. The hostel is particularly common in the major cities of the country including Krakow and Warsaw.

  4. But, remember getting that overwhelming welcome from the family accommodations is incomparable. So, it’s best to stay in family accommodation during the trip. This will also help in knowing the country from a little more closely. The local family can also guide the best places to visit in Poland.

  5. People of Poland are one of the most welcoming and their hospitality is excellent. They meet people with a superbly mesmerizing charm on their face. So, if possible choose a family accommodation. It’s going to be really fun!

Important Things to Know Before Planning Poland Tours

Visa Requirements

  1. Poland is a Schengen Zone country and therefore US, Australia, and Canadian citizens can plan visa-free travel to the country for 90 days.

  2. Countries belonging to the European can enjoy an unlimited visa-free stay in Poland.

  3. However, if an EU citizen wants to stay for more than 90 days, be it for business or travel, they will need to register with the local authorities in advance.

Money in Poland

  1. In comparison to some Western European nations, Poland tours can be pocket-friendly. One of the reasons is their old currency, the Zloty.

  2. Transportation is quite reasonable here. An hour of train journey would cost 10€ and dinner can be done by paying 10€ in most of the places.

  3. However, accommodations can cost the same as it will cost in other parts of western Europe like Spain or Italy tours.

  4. It will also depend on the city. If you are lucky you can find affordable accommodation in some of the biggest cities in the countries including Warsaw and Krakow.

Safe & healthy Travel Experience!


  1. In most cases, tap water in Poland is safe to drink. But make sure that no one is seeing you drinking tap water.

  2. The European Union laws say that drinking tap water is perfectly safe. But, still, much older generation people still doubt this fact.

  3. You may be given a strange glance if you are asking for tap water in restaurants and hotel.

  4. The health system in Poland is of great standard and particularly in the big cities of the country. Get in touch with experienced Luxury Poland tour agents and they will guide the best way in case of an emergency.


  1. It’s very safe to travel in Poland. It’s just that one has to be a little careful and be vigilant and choose the right time to go out.

  2. The most serious kind of threats one can encounter on Poland tours is pickpocketing and other scams.

  3. But, if someone is aware and vigilant while walking through the crowds, such things are not possible.

  4. Rate of crime in the country is very low as compared to other Western countries. But, that does not mean to behave very casually.

  5. While traveling in trains during the night, use only the sleeper. There have been reports of robberies in other coaches. Be vigilant be safe!

People & Customs on Poland Tour

Language in Poland

  1. English one of the very common languages spoken in the country, even though it is not an official language. Around 37% of Poland's population speaks the language.

  2. However, since the official language of the country is Polish it's always a great idea to learn a few of the common words spoken in the country.

People in Poland

  1. Polish people do not get offended easily. With so much on their part, they have become quite tough from inside.

  2. But, many Luxury Poland tour agents suggest that one should never start any discussion on WWII, it can cause to bring about a tensed atmosphere.

  3. Luxury Poland tour agents will answer all the questions on the same, but the locals don't really like talking about that part of the country.

  4. Poland is a Catholic nation and churches are quite significant here. Most of the Christian holidays are celebrated with gusto and happiness. Most organizations are closed during the Easter Monday and Good Friday.

  5. It's not allowed to wear inappropriate clothing when visiting a church. Polish people are very particular about this.

  6. Apart from the churches and shrines, one can dress according to their will, there's no restriction beyond that.

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