Best Way to Travel Europe: One-Week Poland Travel Itinerary

From the beautiful seaside grace of Gdansk to the amazing architectural prowess of Krakow, Poland definitely has the best selection of urban gems in the whole region. Neither wildly famous nor completely unknown, this central European country of Poland continues to charm its visitors for centuries. This beautiful wide country competes with many more popular European destinations with its wealth of towns, cities, castles and national parks. It’s a country which is very much steeped in turbulent history, both medieval as well as modern, not to mention its pleasant culture and hearty cuisine. Visiting and exploring the wonders of Poland is definitely one of the best ways to travel Europe and witness the beauty in its purest form.


A Brief Look at the Poland Tour

(Day 1): Arrival in Warsaw

(Day 2): Exploring The Wonders of Torun

(Day 3): A Day Tour of Gdansk  

(Day 4): Heading to Wroclaw

(Day 5): Another Day in Wroclaw

(Day 6): Visiting Kraków


Places To Visit

Warsaw, Torun, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Kraków  


Tour Price

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Warsaw

Quite naturally your Poland journey begins with a visit to its capital, Warsaw. This amazing big city posses a bit of everything making it a hard place to figure out quickly. You won’t take much time to realize that the city still carries many hallmarks of the country’s socialist past.

  • The perfect place to begin your day in Warsaw is the towering Palace of Culture and Science with its observation deck. With glorious views out across the city, it helps you get your bearings by recognizing the city’s landmarks and points of interest.

  • From the city center, wander along Nowy Swiat which will take you past plenty of historic palaces and classic buildings including the grand Presidential Palace and many stately churches and monuments.

  • Venture up the street to Warsaw’s Castle Square by the Royal Castle reach the vibrant and scenic Old Town. Meander through this entirely rebuilt old town and its surrounding fortifications. You can do this either on your own or join one of the many free walking tours that start at Castle Square. Make sure to not miss the Old Town Market Square and the Mermaid of Warsaw statue, the symbol of the city.


Day 2: Exploring The Wonders of Torun

Home to celebrated astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, Torun is not distinctly well-known by many tourists, this medium-sized city displays a memorable historic center by the banks of the Vistula River. There may be numerous historical Old Towns in Poland, however, none are quite like Torun.

  • Meander in the Old Town Market Square and absorb each of its splendid brick buildings, from the old post office to the Artus Court. The Town Hall, in the center, hosts an illuminating city museum and its narrow tower offer awe-inspiring city views. Other notable landmarks down the pleasant medieval streets include the Copernicus House where he was born in the year 1473, and also a number of worthy churches and cathedrals.

  • Chase the remnant of the town walls south from the Luk Cezara Gate and you’ll come across the Leaning Tower of Torun (Yes, Pisa isn’t the only one indeed with a leaning tower)!

  • Stroll by the riverfront and witness the calm sunset. It’s also worth exploring in the evening as the historic buildings illuminate under the street lights. Later, return back to the city center and indulge in some delicious pierogi (Polish dumplings) at Pierogarnia Stary Torun.


Day 3: A Day Tour of Gdansk

The beautiful city of Gdansk lies up by the Baltic coast. Unlike many other European destinations, the most wonderful part of this city isn’t its oldest district. Rather, visitors flock to this heavily rebuilt city center that had to be reconstructed after WWII. Still, you would never know by simply looking at it.

  • The perfect place to begin your visit to Gdansk is the scenic Long Lane spanning the city center. As you wander along, the street will present you with a number of picturesque landmarks.

  • Meander northward and you’ll be treated with the charming Ulica Piwna or Beer Street which is absolutely perfect for a break, and Ulica Mariacka or Amber Street having numerous amber jewelers. You’ll also find the Basilica of St. Mary, whose majestic tower offers unmatched views of Gdansk.

  • Stroll along the city’s canals and admire the Gdansk Crane that has become a city icon. You’ll find the modern Amber Sky Wheel across the canal offering a view without all those stairs.

  • Delve into everything potato at Pyra Bar for dinner, with its range of potato-centric dishes.


Day 4: Heading to Wroclaw

Today, wave farewell to the north with a significant car or train ride down to the beautiful city of Wroclaw. Pronounced as “Vroczwav”, the city’s name is just one of many challenges that the tourists have with the Polish language. Nevertheless, Wroclaw is home to some scenic and beautifully kitsch attractions.

  • The best place to begin is the city’s Market Square that centers on the intricate, gothic Town Hall.

  • Head out south to take in magnificent landmarks such as the Royal Palace of Wroclaw, the Corpus Christi Church, and the Opera House.

  • Later, stroll along the southern part of the canal stretching around the city’s old town if you wish. Otherwise, you can also spend some fun time at the laid-back Bulka z Maslem pub.


Day 5: Another Day in Wroclaw

A walking tour is an amazing way to learn about the history of Wroclaw and know more about the sites you visited the day before. This tour will also take you through other parts of the city center, such as the grand old buildings of the city’s university as well as the local delights of the Fair Market.

Apart from the town center, make your way across the Oder River to Ostrow Tumski and also its wealth of churches and cathedrals.

While walking around the city, you must have observed small bronze gnomes here and there. Your guide will explain you the story behind these “dwarfs” or krasnal and also tell you how they have become a symbol of the city.


Day 6: Visiting Kraków

Finally, you reached the darling city of Poland, the exquisite Kraków. It is absolutely rare to hear anything bad about this delightful, historic city. Unharmed physically through WWII, the beautiful is an authentic, yet an often troubled slice of history.

  • The city’s Main Square is the true highlight of Kraków. It is located at the heart of the wonderfully preserved Old Town. Here you’ll be introduced to some of the city’s most outstanding icons including the grand Cloth Hall and uneven St Mary’s Basilica with its hourly trumpet call. There is also an underground museum beneath the Main Square for all those people who aren’t claustrophobic.

  • Wander the Old Town on foot, and find your way to St. Florian’s Gate and the Kraków Barbican, the remnants of the city’s walls. While Crossing the Old Town via the Grodzka pedestrian street or the park encircling the historic center, you’ll reach the mighty Wawel Castle, an absolute beauty.

  • Delve into a hearty Polish traditional meal at the Pod Wawelem Kompania Kuflowa or head to the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz.

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